[ UPDATE 11:18 a.m.] Structure Fire on Old Briceland Road

Fireman entering burning building.

Fireman entering burning building. [Photo provided by Briceland Fire.]

A home is on fire in the 4000 block of Old Briceland Road. “Forward progress has been stopped,” reports Diana Totten, spokesperson for Briceland Fire. “The fire has been contained to the attic space.”

UPDATE 11:18 a.m.: “We saved the main part of the structure,” Totten said. “It has moderate smoke and fire damage to the roof and the interior including attic spaces.
Briceland Fire, Garberville Fire, Cal Fire and Redway Fire all showed up to assist.

“The access roads were steep and muddy,” she said. “Only 4WD could access the fire.”

The cause of the blaze is still being investigated but it looks like it started with a chimney fire.



  • Nice save for such a remote area.

    By the way Kym…. There is no such thing as a fireMAN anymore the term is firefighter. Don’t be such a sexist!
    (I hope you know I’m teasing)
    You would not believe the social faux-pas that I make, having been born an era ago. Okay. Maybe two eras ago.
    I sometimes get annoyed by the youth of today that have all of these rules that they seen to think are inviolable. They were raised with P.C. terms. In their simple lives they don’t make social mistakes.
    I was really surprised one morning when I woke up to find I was a fireFIGHTER and no longer a fireMAN. It felt something like being nutered.

    • Not neutered, Ernie; neutral. Dubbed a battler of blazes, a welcomed warrior, a hero! Gender doesn’t matter when someone is brave enough to FIGHT the flames. Thanks to you and all the other firefighters.

    • I should probably have gone for gender neutral. I just forget sometimes.

  • VERY grateful for the firefighters who saved the day here. Thank you Briceland, Redway, Garberville, and CDF

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