Bag of Tools Stolen: Reward

A bag of tools was stolen out of a back Toyota Tacoma parked on Newton Road in Weott last night. “My son installs solar and all of his tools were stolen out of his truck,” a reader wrote us. “This is the second time it has happened, and we are offering a reward.”

The tool bag was black with yellow handles and there were mostly electrical tools in there, also a lot of pliers, screwdrivers, and a few measuring tapes, according to a family member.

The family is offering $200–“no questions asked.” Please call (707) 223 2084 if you can help.



  • Keep all valuables (or even bags that valuables could be in) hidden out of sight if possible. There’s too many low lifes out there.

  • Weott getting tweaky?

    • Its been tweeky for awhile now. Dealer lives on street back behind the old gas station thats painted with bright colors. Same guy crashed his rv/van into 3 fences in one night bout a year back. Then there’s that tweeker, [edit], he’s been stealing for years around there. When he was caught red handed as a teenager and his family confronted, they played it down and took him to the X games a week later. That young man has never learned any repercussions for his actions. Now he’s a young man and from what i heard recently, is still up to know good. If stuff is missing, that’s where to check first or ask his mom at the grocery store. The other dealer [edit], finally left town but only after he killed his neighbor first. Sad times for Weott. It use to be such a quaint lil town, hopefully someday it will bounce back.

  • Such a sad time were living in.folks stealing everything that’s not nailed down to survive.i hope some how you get those tools back.weve had all our stuff stolen out the back of our locked up truck,with locks on all of our tool it don’t matter were you keep them,if they want them bad enough.take them into the house!at least their safe THERE.GOOD LUCK

  • Hate to say it but, check the pawn shops in Fortuna and Eureka. They are supposed to be picky in what they buy to avoid stolen items, they don’t seem to be in real life. Also Craigslist Humboldt, things have been recovered on there form local burglaries as well..

    • Creeker. Est.1890

      Drive down to project patts above the fire department if he ain’t got em his brother does …it’s always these two or the methfaced brownies

  • If it were a ladies purse that got stolen, everyone would say “You know better than to leave your purse in the car when you are not there.” And then they would roll their eyes.

    This poor guy had his tools stolen once… but he continues to leave his stuff out in his truck. I hate to tell you, but that’s asking for a repeat of the prior situation.

    Next time you get tools take them inside with you when you leave, or buy a locking cap for your truck and an alarm system. Before you say that’s too much work, that’s life everywhere now. If you want your stuff, you have to take care of it. Otherwise the idiots who think they’re entitled to your stuff will come along and take it. That’s just simple “how it is nowdays”. Sorry, it bites, but ever since the governor cleaned out the jails to “save money” it’s reality here like everywhere else.

    Considering your truck is a thief-magnet, how about rigging up a dye pack to a pile of thrift shop rusted metal in a bag just a-laying out there in plain view? You might have some fun watching bright purple splattered thieves try to explain the permanent dye all over their faces and clothes to others. Various types of this material are widely available, here’s a link to one

    • AHAHAHA I Was thinking along the same lines. Maybe a tool bag with a car airbag in it that goes off if opened. Thumb tacks as well.

  • Wow. Great advice Pickachu!!!

  • Ya, good idea…offering “bait.” But I seem to remember something about “Lead us not into temptation.” Just sayin’…

  • Wow! The second time this happened. Guess the first lesson wasn’t learned. I’m wondering if a third time is in this guys future. Hope not. Poor fella! Lock your shit up!

  • I guess this is why our insurance co.has a separate insurance for work tools.we learned that lesson sucks

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