South Fork Girls Fall to 0-2 in League with Loss to Ferndale

Lady Cubs on defense against Ferndale last Friday night. Pictured left to right: Noelia Alatorre, Kylee Messenger, Regina Salomon [Photo by Janice Coffelt]

South Fork High’s Varsity girls basketball team lost to Ferndale Friday night at home 69-26. The Lady Cubs had defeated Ferndale earlier in the season 45-43, but the Wildcats got their revenge on the South Fork floor with a monster 27-point 3rd quarter from which they never looked back.

The two teams played somewhat evenly through the first half, with the lead trading hands several times during the 2nd quarter. However the Wildcats started to pull away before the halftime buzzer and came out firing on all cylinders in the third quarter.

Senior co-captain Noelia Alatorre said, “We went into the game with a really positive attitude and our intensity was high, but Ferndale got really hungry in the 3rd quarter.” As the Wildcats started pouring in 3-point shots, the Cubs defense became vulnerable to the drive when they attempted to shut down the outside shooting. “We gave up on ourselves a little,” added Alatorre, “and we need to keep up our passion through the whole game, myself included.”

Overwhelmed by the Wildcat attack, the Cubs could only score 5 points in the second half, but Alatorre credits sophomore Regina Salomon with playing tough till the end. “She never gives up and she always follows her shots.”

This week the Lady Cubs will travel to Hoopa on Friday to wrap up the first round of Humboldt Del Norte Little Four Conference play. Tip off will be at 6:00. The Lady Cubs are now 5-10 on the season.



  • Cubs were doing well in the first half but got sloppy with their passes and yielded easy shots in the second half. This team can and will do better.

  • Wow! Do parents let high school students get massive tattoos like that young woman has on her upper arm??? If so, I ain’t ben round enough lately!

    • Lol, that high school student/ my teammate, is 19years old in 2months. She’s an adult and can do what she wants.

      • Yep! She ‘can’. BIG commitment to make at such a young age though! (I know many people who got tattoos when young that they now regret).
        Yet, I wish for her to be ever happy about the art she has adopted!

        • I know many women that got their first tattoo before the age of 18 and now have dozens; full sleeves; full back tats;, some with facial work. They’re all quite happy with themselves and their life choices. None of them care what any critic says about their tattoos.

    • Maybe you’ve been gone a little longer then you thought, Ive had this much for a minute. I progressively got more and more as the year went on last year. I play sports all year round and my name is on here as well as in the paper, quite a bit. You obviously have no idea who I am or know the meaning behind my tattoo because the whole thing is completely for my family, if your wondering!πŸ˜‰ I have my aunts ashes who passed away on my arm because of my tattoo and I wouldn’t change it for the world. My tatto is my motivation. So please if you would like to make any, more comments or have questions, come watch another game and fined me☺

  • I love my Shondra and her tattoos 😍😘

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