Man Fleeing From Traffic Stop Has to Be Rescued from Redway Bluffs….

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Southern Humboldt County Technical Rescue

Last night at approximately 1:15 a.m., when the California Highway Patrol (CHP) stopped a vehicle heading between Garberville and Redway near Evergreen Road, a man fled the traffic stop. According to Diana Totten, a spokesperson for Southern Humboldt County Technical Rescue, the man “jumped out of the car and fled south on foot running from the CHP. He then jumped over the guardrail and down the steep bluff.”

According to scanner traffic last night, the young man got stuck about 50 feet down over the side of the cliff. “The subject appears to be uninjured. However, he can not get up,” reported an officer at the scene last night.

Totten said at 1:28 a.m., her crew was called, along with Garberville Fire and Redway Fire, to assist the CHP in the young man’s rescue.

A rescue team member was lowered on a rope to the area of the man who had fled. Totten explained, “The rescue team member then made verbal contact and convinced the male subject to come up to the top.” Using a rope, the crew assisted the man to the road into the arms of the waiting CHP officer.

After being up rescuing the man, Southern Humboldt County Technical Rescue is meeting. “We will be doing rescue training today in the Garberville area,” Totten said. If you see them, let them know you appreciate their hard volunteer work. (If you feel inspired to hand them–or your local fire department–a donation, you’ll be making sure they have the equipment they need if you or someone you love ever need their help.)



  • They should have left him there for a couple of days and nights.

  • What would we ever do without this rescue team.You guys rock.thanks for what you do!!☆☆☆☆☆

  • We have a penalty on the play. Illegal movement by the perp. 12 hour penalty…..will rescue tomorrow after noon.

  • Quick!,…..someone call ‘Josh2.0’. Epic fail.

  • Why are all these reports never complete? Like name etc

    • Theses reports, especially on weekends, can only be gathered from those witnesses and agencies that are available to respond to questions. Rather than wait for every last bit of information to come in, we give you the information we have when we have it rather than wait for days and sometimes weeks for response.

      • Thanks Kim!

        This being a 3-day holiday for most government agencies, it will be late morning Tuesday, at the earliest, before an official press release is issued on this incident.

      • And that’s the way it should be Kym, sometimes you can never get a name..
        I like reading about it when it NEW !!!s

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Yes, we need to know right away. Facts and names can come later, along with the tox report. I thnk we have a runaway winner for the weekly Darwin Sweepstakes. Especially if the Rescue Teamster had to rope down and talk the cretin into being saved.

        Probably wanted to stay on the ledge ’til the alcohol, or whatever cleared out. Couple days might do it. Deal. Serve him right.

        I DO hope this story will not be dropped to into oblivion, Kym.

        Thank you to the rescue team. Love you.

  • They should be able to charge jerks like this with a 5000 dollar bill or more. A fee for pulling resources that shouldnt have to be utilized because of someones stupidity. Thank you to the rescue team for doing what you do.

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      That is likely. Also, a $5k bill from a government or public entity can also become a tax or property lien if left unpaid. Skip out on a county or other bill because you decided to bail and get rescued can keep you from getting a car or selling a house later. It doesn’t have to be property forfeiture. They’ll collect the $$ another way. I know people it’s happened to.

  • Does anyone know what kind of vehicle the guy was driving?

  • That’s funny except you didn’t “seen” it….you saw it. [edit]

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