Watch Out for Sneaker Waves

According to the National Weather Service,

There is a high risk of sneaker waves Saturday Night through Sunday Evening due to a large swell arriving to our coast. Sneaker waves are large waves that seem to come out of nowhere and can catch you off guard, resulting in you quickly being pulled into the ocean where survival is unlikely because of strong currents, turbulent surf, and very cold water. Do not be fooled by an ocean that looks calm. There can be 20 minutes of small waves preceding a sneaker wave. Avoid steep beaches, rocks, and jetties. Stay far back from the surf and do not go in after dogs that get pulled into the surf. Dogs almost always get out on their own. (Corrected for threat time period).



  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Dogs shouldn’t be allowed on beaches.

    Think how many people have died trying to save a dog that fell in.

    Dogs belong at your house, not riding in cars, or anywhere else in public.

    • OMG….Sounds like you are the one who belongs at home….So your miserable pets can keep an eye on you and make sure you don’t hurt yourself changing the bleeping channel with the remote!!!!! So please STAY HOME so that me or my dogs don’t have to decide on weather to rescue you or not when your drowning!!! Some of us Love our pets and want them to enjoy life just like we do….Think about it

      • Honeydew Bridge Chump

        Lay with dogs, get fleas.

        Personally, any dog wearing a bandana should be sent to Korea and I don’t like seeing them in cars.

        Every dog owner claims to pick up dog poo, but you never see them do it.

        Opening a fast food restaurant in Korea would go far in making America great again.

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