[UPDATE 6:33 p.m.] Victim Being Extricated From Traffic Collision on West Avenue in Eureka

Traffic Collision Car AccidentEmergency crews are responding to a traffic accident in the 1500 block of West Avenue in Eureka. The incident occurred about 5:55 p.m.

A silver sedan is on its roof following a collision with another vehicle. Reportedly, one person is trapped and needs extrication.

“We have one patient,” reports the incident commander. “We have made access through the passenger door.”

UPDATE 6:04 p.m.: “The patient has been extricated from the vehicle and is on a backboard awaiting the ambulance,” reports the Incident Commander.

UPDATE 6:14 p.m.: West Avenue has been shut down at 15th.

rollover accident

rollover accidentUPDATE 6:20 p.m.: According to reporter Mark McKenna, the silver sedan appears to have hit a parked truck and flipped over. The driver was a female who was taken from the scene by ambulance. West Avenue is still closed.

UPDATE 6:33 p.m.: West Avenue is now open.



  • 6:27 pm: Gosh! I wonder what was happening to cause the driver to allow their car to run into a parked truck? I hope they aren’t seriously injured.

    • sharpen your pencil

      Hope they are ok, if I had to guess I would say on their phone….. Hopefully just an accident, but hard to believe that since you would have to be drunk and or severely distracted….. But who knows, could be a medical emergency….

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Texting/cell phone is the first guess. Second: cell phone/texting/you name it. Distant third: DUI.

  • Wow! Hope everyone is okay. Must have been going pretty fast to flip!

  • Great pictures. Great photographer. Mark is a neighbor and lives about a block away from accident scene. Unfortunate, but right place, right time. Thanks.

  • Hope she is OK. People need to slow down and stay off the phone. You see them all the time, one hand on the wheel one hand to there ear. Slow down and don’t text or call while driving. As I said I hope she is OK

    • sharpen your pencil

      My personal favorite is the one hand on the wheel one hand floating a foot away from their face as they stare at their phone, slightly tilted, and talk. All the while staring at the phone instead of the road. I once saw a chick driving on 101 with her tablet pinned to the steering wheel, I guess when you/parents have enough money for a brand new Beemer you can afford to drive like an idiot, she was swerving her way from harpers until arcata where I passed her, not wanting to see the chaos she was about to create…..

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