[UPDATE 6:47 p.m.] Man Shot in the Leg

Breaking news graphicA man has been shot on Shoemaker Lane near Hoopa according to reports on the scanner at approximately 5:20 p.m. The report is that the victim was shot in the leg.

Emergency vehicles are responding to the scene.

UPDATE 6:47 p.m.: The victim is being transported to the hospital.





  • It’s just a flesh wound walk it off man just walk it off

  • Hoopa is the wild west. Lots of people getting shot or knifed. People just need to respect each other and stop the violence.

    • Try Redway. Nothing like living in a 24/7/365 drug party to keep everyone safe… Should be a sign in Willits: “Gateway to Disneyland for Druggies!”

  • Is all you post about Hoopa just negative Kym Kemp so far every article you’ve written about Hoopa is nothing but negative we’re really no worse then anyplace else

  • Seldom do I hear or see anything good happening in hoopa. Must be the climate around there. I wonder ?

  • It is the Wild West, I’ve been thru there, people still ride horses to get to town

  • hoopa Is a very beautiful place with many wonderful people.Like everywhere else a few bad apples tend to give the whole place a bad name.
    Like Many other rural places in the north coast meth has taken over being so far out and little law enforcement at night the methheads are free to do whatever they wish and seem to have all the rights .

  • Does anyone know if the NRA’s after-school (or weekend) classes in gun safety still are offered?
    My schooling was in North Dakota, and these very popular Gun Safety classes started in 8th-grade (for long guns. Hand-gun classes were available for students 18 and over with a “C” grade-point average.)
    Both classes included safe practices for the cleaning, oiling and transport of guns.
    The NRA awarded proficiency certificates upon completion of each test level.
    It was a good idea then, and it becomes more and more relevant as our “civilization” carries on.
    And if the classes are no longer offered, I wonder what it would take to fill that deficit. Ideas?

    • Both Ukiah and Fort Bragg have them. They might have web pages, Ukiah Gun Club and Redwood Practical Shooters. The shooting range in downtown Eureka might know about them up north. Sporting goods stores might know of the classes.

      • Thanks. I’m thinking about classes offered via the public schools…extensions like sports, debate teams, etc. If that could happen as a peer-based activity with direct access through the schools, it certainly could be a benefit for all concerned. Thanks again for your information.

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