[UPDATE 9:35 p.m.] Accidental Gunshot Victim Headed Towards Garberville Hospital

As of 9 p.m., a victim with an accidental gunshot wound to his/her hand is headed in a pickup towards Jerold Phelps Community Hospital in Garberville from the Telegraph Ridge area west of Redway.

Emergency responders from local fire departments are rushing to meet the pickup. The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department is also responding to the incident.

UPDATE 9:35 p.m.: The ambulance met up with the pickup carrying the wounded man and is now transporting him.



  • Another responsible gun owner.

    • You mean irresponsible gun owner!

      • James Madison, St. George Tucker, and many more discussed this at length in the documents & convention. It was to be understood by all, that proper training & handling of weaponry was to be instilled among families & schools. Elememtary children were taught safety and handling & huge respect.
        The fact that declared war is limited to 2 years, so that no standing army ever take over the country, it was the duty of the people to be in a constant state of readiness to defend against enemies foreign or domestic.
        We now have a perpetual state of non declared wars, for the sole purpose of collecting taxes. (Taxes may be collected during declared wars only. There hasn’t been an officially declared war since WW2).
        In this era, we have heavily weaponized standing armies and minimized standing citizens. The home of the brave & the free has turned into a kingdom ruled by a king, with puppets acting as protectors of the Constitution while working diligently to destroy every last bit of it.
        Without training for all citizens, regardless of standing in the community, frequency of accidents is assured.
        With proper training, a decrease of accidents is assured.
        In essence, whenever legislators push bills limiting the people, if the people go along with it, the guilt falls onto both parties.

        • Voters who allow rights to be infringed are also guilty for sponsoring perpetual war. Let that one sink in.
          If you truly love others & mother earth, stop paying for war. Use your votes constitutionally, not emotionally.

    • Hey, let’s take some drugs and play with guns!

  • Hope they make it in time. Gun safety is number one in handling a firearm and preventing accidents that could saves someone’s life

  • Patient is being transferred to Eureka. Ambulance is arriving soon (11:03 pm).

  • Wow.doesnt sound like they should be handling a gun.my neighbor tried to clean his gun loaded.didnt have good results!!!duh😣

  • Well, if the gunshot wound doesn’t kill you, Jerold Phelps Hospital (AKA as “The Death Zone”) might… Should probably avoid this place if possible!

  • My neighbors (one on each side)tried to clean their guns loaded and blew there hands off…at the same time….Crazy right?

  • Does anyone know what neighborhood this happened in? My neighbor was missing last night, his door wide open, lights on, tv on, no one home. Hmmmmmmm.

  • Why do they always take people to Garberville “hospital”.

    • To justify the $125 tacked onto the tax bill of sohum property owners.

    • It’s not a hospital, and it never has “inpatients”. It hardly has any lab staff, and has nearly no RN’s. It is run by a volunteer fire chief and a CEO from – Nevada? He used to work for the dumpy Fall River Mills facility, which is probably an actual hospital, at least. These guys couldn’t operate a dog grooming shop, much less a medical facility, but the EMT’s try to bring them what they can, since the ER docs at JPH make more than $10,000/week!
      Since the average employee at JPH earns less than $15/hr, you can see why, if you have a gunshot wound, you should not use this facility, if possible. They probably don’t have the meds, and probably don’t have a nurse who knows where anything is, and mostly, they have no training or exercises to prepare the constantly changing staff for anything at all. This is certainly not a trauma facility, but the results of going into the ER at JPH could be VERY traumatic indeed!
      Very few locals will use this place, and I hope you will consider not using it either.

      • About 4 years ago I slipped with a razor knife when I was knocking a piece of Hardie board siding that I was installing on a house on Cedar Street. I severed a vein and was quite freaked out when the Blood starts squirting out if I did not apply pressure to the wound. I assumed I’d better go to the emergency room and have them reattach the vein, much to my surprise the doctor put one stitch in the end of the vein and just stuffed it back in the hole and then put one stitch in to close the cut. I was in the hospital for maybe 45 minutes, with the doctor maybe 10 min and got slapped with a $3,000+ bill. I contested the Bill got an itemized billing list and surprise surprise found out I was quadruple charged for many things. After contesting the bill, out of the kindness of their heart (sarcasm) they knocked down the bill to $1,200 plus the 300 I paid in cash at the emergency room. To top it all off the stitches they used to close the vein weren’t dissolvable and took over six months to work out of my body, causing a chronic open wound susceptible to infection the entire time. Sure I could have sued or gone back and paid the doctor to fix the mistake he made in the first place but I wasn’t about to drop another three thousand. next time I’ll just super glue it shut or go to a better Hospital.

        • Wow! Only $3000? I will say it again, if you are bleeding a lot, get help wherever you can as soon as you can, or you could die. Use some sense, study first aid. When in doubt call 911 if and as soon as possible. Paramedics could save you or get you where you need to be, and are the best first line. Be careful! OH and don’t shoot yourself unintentionally, if possible…

  • bet it was a Glock;
    have seen this many times with this manufacturer.
    the trigger has to be “fired” in order to Take Down for cleaning.
    you have to know how to handle them; they are not for amateurs!
    stupid is as stupid does……..

  • Why is there no follow up on your stories

    • There are often followup stories. If you can be more specific about which story you are looking for more information on, I could either gather the information or tell you why I can’t gather it.

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