Caltrans removed a tree from alongside Hwy 101 this morning about 4 and a half miles north of Willits.

According to their Facebook page,

The earth beneath the tree had started to give way and undermined this tree and two others; the other two had already fallen away from the roadway of their own accord, but this one had started to lean perilously over the highway.

Given the very real and very serious danger a falling redwood tree can pose to motorists, this one had to go.



  • I’m wondering what happens to these (and other) trees. I’m thinking I wish I had a mobile-dimension portable mill and the opportunity to bid on them. This could be an excellent little business! Anyway, anyone know what their final disposition is?

    • I believe the wood is donated to become firewood for the elderly/handicapped. I believe Social Services gives them a voucher. When sentenced to Community Service one of the options is splitting wood. Root balls are donated for river restoration projects giving a place for the fish. (At one time the rivers were cleared of these and the fish count dropped so now they are going back in.)

    • Amimissingsomething

      Pretty sure the state has a couple of sawmills set up already. They use to have a mill up by Cuneo Cr. and at one of the Con camps. The wood is used to build parts of the park. One little side item is Rockerfeller Forrest had a clause when it was transferred to the State that no wood would be sawn up in the Forrest except to clear the roadway. Just what I’ve always been told

  • Yup, my friend went cutting this morn and it was 31, and when they left it was 33! Nothing side of bald hills.

  • Many of the Redwood trees are split into posts and railings for use in the state parks.

  • A week and half ago or so I was driving south on Patrick’s Point a couple hundred yards north of the Trinidad Inn when a large tree, Doug Fir maybe, came down across the road right where I was about to be. I had plenty of time to stop but the arcing from the high voltage wires in the road was enough to turn me around. Several years ago a neighbor, wife of a federal judge, was driving along the Sac. R. levee road in her DeLorean when a tree fell on it and killed her dead.

    Gives one pause.

  • I have seen the parks system take trees like this old redwood and have them milled into lumber and make shakes out of them to build structures in various campgrounds and facilities. That is what should be done with them, to save the tax payers money. It should be a crime to make firewood out of these trees after the tree huggers made such a big deal and sacrificed some lives to shut down the logging.

    • I can’t imagine using Redwood for firewood, either. What a fool’s errand! Park benches and whatnot seems right… And I remember David (Gypsy) Chain whenever Hero’s names are recited.

  • I work for a tree service company, and I’d love to say all of this wood went to all these programs people are talking about. It fucking doesn’t. Caltrans photo opp. You wouldn’t believe how much is wasted. All around our state. Bucked up, burnt, left into piles to rot. For a community that supposedly think trees are special, and important, you really fucking dont. I make a living cutting down trees, all day long, and I care more than you do. What’s wrong with that? Fucking hippies. People like me don’t dislike you for being soft, it bothers us that YOU are narrow minded and dumb. Quit fucking complaining if you’re not going to do anything about it.

    • I am a hippie and I own more trees than you ever will. I have managed them for 4 decades. Rotting trees provide habitat and compost for the forest, but redwood sure is pretty, and oak keeps ya warm, and fir built my house, and I should call you a fucking redneck but I wont.

      • Fallen rotted & dead trees & plant life are for composting so that other plant life may prosper healthily. All is good.
        Fallen healthy trees are for turning into lumber for building shelters which protect other forms of life from rotting or dying. All is good.
        Common sense 101.

      • Scooter, you took the words right out of my mouth…

    • How did Fucking Hippies get into this?

  • 1 less tree to cut down at Richardson Grove…. Keep cutting them and expand the highway.

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