Movie Crew Filming in Arcata

As of 2:30 p.m., a film crew has set up cameras and is making a movie in the little gas station on Alliance Road in Arcata. According to the owner of Gas 4 Less, “They’re filming here but I don’t know the name of the movie.”

Similarly, Cassandra Hesseltine, Film Commissioner for Humboldt Del Norte, could not comment on the filming.

However, the Lost Coast Outpost may have a clue as to who is one of the stars of the production.

A reader, Ashley Morgenstern, tells us, “[T]ons of equipment is being set up, they have like the white reflectors and it’s coned off…I saw a woman in those actor chairs getting makeup put on.”



  • sohappytheyleavingmywhitehouse

    They are doing a documentary to find out why so many people in this area voted for Donald Trump

  • Cool hopeople it’s not a lame movie.

  • I’m glad they still want to come here and film movies!rock on craig!!!

  • Judging by the gas prices, perhaps the movie in question might be HotTub Time Machine related?

  • “Gas 4 Less” is $4.50 a gallon??? Less than what, champagne? This must be set in the future.

    • I have seen those prices before...

      Or in the past. Those were what it was going for the summer right before the Recession hit. Heck, I figure it’s what caused it, really.

  • Google hasn’t taken new images there in quite a while. The building across the street is still standing in the image, it’s the one that was burned down a couple years ago.

    On a side note, that gas station used to sell us cigarette, cloves and malt liquor when I was in high school. Just walk in, and pay a few bucks for whatever you wanted. Crazy times…

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Dutchsinse on YouTube is predicting a 7 offshore that should translate to a 5 earthquake within 48 hours.
    Would be cool if they catch it on film.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Ooooooooh-kayyyyyyyyyy, man. Have a great day waiting for the ‘quake and tsunami. I have to go water my blackberries. Leaving quietly, no quick movements. Try the Reynolds Heavy Duty aluminum foil for your next fedora.

  • How much crew? How many trucks and trailers? LoCO photos look like a small shoot. And generally they don’t do an actor’s make-up in a chair on set unless it’s a small (low budget) shoot. But maybe the woman observed being made up is BG (Background. AKA: An ‘Extra’). Or, it could be a 2nd Unit shoot. (Will define if asked). On the other hand, a crewman wrote “on set in northern California…”, which means that there are some imported crew. That indicates some money in the budget.
    I have to appreciate the comment on the LoCO blurb about the guy who ‘got to serve coffee to Colin Farrell’. I’ve been working in the business for a couple decades and still, inside, I get really excited, and almost in disbelief when I meet and work with A-List (very well known and many times seen) celebs. (Outwardly though, of course, I maintain my cool, professional demeanor. Because when we work with them, we are not their fans, but their colleagues. And BTW, it’s generally frowned upon to take photos of ourselves with them. Would have an awesome ‘portfolio’ if I could have!).
    Enjoy experiencing a fascinating business, Humboldt!!

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