Juvenile Injured at Fortuna High School, According to Scanner

Fortuna High School at night. [Photo by Sandi Petersen]

Fortuna Police are on the grounds of Fortuna High School as of 11:50 a.m. following what the scanner said was the assault of a 14-year-boy in Auto Shop. A spokesperson for the High School cautioned that no one was assaulted but said they could not release information on students.

The original scanner traffic said the boy was strangled, passed out, and hit his head. An ambulance was called for.

We caution that the details are still coming in and that first information is not always complete or even accurate. Fortuna Police are still on the scene and not answering questions.



  • Not assaulted really then why am I standing in the Er with my grandson who was the one assulted. And brought by ambulance to the Er.

    • Wtf!!!! I hope he’s ok!!!!!!

    • I’m so sorry your grandson had this happen. I hope he is ok & the responsible person is dealt with. Hopefully Fortuna High won’t try to sweep this under the rug too!!

    • because your grandson prob said the wrong thing to the wrong person. people dont get choked out in highschool because they look funny. I had a friend back in 2004 throw a desk at a kid for putting his nuts on his desk not everyone in highschool is up for fun and games at their expense.

    • He wasn’t assaulted lol him and his [edit] friend were choking each other thinking its a game. And now there is consequences, they are both at fault. You’re grandson didn’t just get assaulted, he put himself into the position

    • Darlene, The boy who was involved with your grandson was just at my house, they were messing around at the school!!! It was an accident!!! This young man is a real sweetheart, and a true gentlemen!!! Im sorry for your grandson and hope he will be ok BUT Boys will be boys and sometimes they can play rough. I had 2 older brothers that taught me about rough playing. Personally I feel FHS was rough on the way they handled it, but rules were broken and the punishment was handed down

  • Darlene, careful of the fake news that proceded your post??? hope your grandson is doing ok.

  • I hope my nephew is ok! And whether or not he said anything to the other kids violence is NEVER ok and should NEVER be tolerated. I hope the other child gets the proper punishment, and help he needs to understand the full repercussions of his actions.

  • All due respect but the boy wasn’t strangled. He was playing with the other boy and out of the blue, passed out. The boy who was a part of this didn’t mean for anything bad to happen and tried as much as he could to help afterwards. Accidents happen between high schoolers and I hope the hurt one is doing ok and feeling better.

  • No matter what this person did or didn’t do violence is not the answer unless it is self defense. Hopefully he is going to be ok

    • Exactly!!!!!!
      I have never seen towns people react like such a lynch mob!!!!!
      Whatever the circumstances were… Have some respect for the boys family
      And allow them and the school to handle it… We all know kids aren’t always
      the most truthful

  • Sounds like maybe what we used to do. Take turns blood choking each other just for the thrill. With a little practice you can put someone out with two fingers. Really makes you cop a pretty wild buzz as you’re waking up. A good spotter is needed for sure.

    • Wow! You’re older than I thought! “We” used to do that, too. Kinda like little kids spinning into dizziness for the effect. Then we got old enough for cannabis….

  • Oh dear,I hope he’s ok.im sending my prayers.

  • Your grandson wasn’t assaulted. They are both dumb and thought it was a game to choke each other and now there is consequences. He’s a victim of his own stupidity.

  • If they’re both on the wrestling team than they were probably wrestling around it’s what they chose to do sometimes just randomly trust me if they both wrestle they are willing to just wrestle each other anywhere

  • Haha lmao what dumb fucks

  • Thats what fortuna high dose when i was a student there and i was constly being bullyed by a guy and i put in many sexual harassment. Cases agaist him and they did nothing about it

  • I hope he’s alright and back home safe & sound. I’d like to give a big shout out to the people who took responsibility and called for help right away, rather than running & hiding.

  • I know both kids and from what ive herd from 2 really good friends they were right by the kids is that they were playing around and it quickly escalated no purpose intention of harming

  • Redneck foreplay?

  • It doesn’t matter if students are messing around, goofing off, or playing games with each other….you DON’T do those things especially in class. The classroom isn’t a playground.

    • Yes, where was the teacher? Even if they were “playing around”, what teacher misses this in their classroom? I wasn’t there and can not judge but there needs to be some accountability.

  • The 14 year old boy is going to be ok. The parents have to keep a Eye on him for a few days. He did not just black out for no reason. He was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

  • Need to fully realize that this “Choking game” that is going around, has killed a significant amount of kids. This game, as they call it, is very dangerous, and there’s memorials to these kids all over the web.
    I’m not 100% sure it was the choking game, but, from reading all the comments, people need to know that this game truly does kill. This game needs to be taught by teachers in school with a video and memorial, showing the poor kids who died and education about lack of oxygen to the brain, and the cells that are killed in the process will show the kids the consequences of their actions.

  • When I was a kid we played that stupid game and I choked out a great friend of mine. It was stupid and we knew what we were doing. Nothing malicious about it but it was stupid. I felt really bad as my buddy fell to the ground and hit his head. There were no hard feelings because we were stupid teenagers being stupid teenagers. Is it possible that’s exactly what happened here?

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