Facebook Crashes….Will Our World End?

Can’t reach Facebook? Or at least parts of Facebook? You aren’t the only one. Though some parts of Facebook are accessible, others aren’t. Our Facebook page for instance can’t be reached but we can communicate through private message on our personal page.

Here’s what most folks see when they try to access a business or fan page:

According to DownDetector.com, Facebook began having problems at 9:08 a.m. Pacific Time.



  • As long as we still have Liveleak.

  • I’m one of the very few on Facebook no worries here….

    • Did you mean …NOT on Facebook? Me neither. Wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole. When Julian Assange explained why FB was a terrible idea, I listened. I can’t understand why any but the physically disabled would be so narcissistic and/or socially needy.

  • Today is doomsday eve for thousands of small business owners who can’t afford to pay extortion fees from mastercard. If you’ve been thinking about switching from combustionable cigarettes to the safer alternative, the sales are everywhere.
    The next huge doomsday sale will be at tax time when the small business owners who’ve made it this far, will have to pay post tax on inventory, while paying higher taxes on new purchase orders.
    Just so you know, even rechargeable batteries are now considered “tobacco” and will be taxed accordingly, according to many sources.
    Stock up if you can, those batteries are expensive enough already!

    • I hear you. Once upon a time, I tried a legitimate business…but not for long. The taxes on my “inventory” were WAY out of line, and the quarterly tax payments (based on what the government PROJECTED I’d be making) killed that idea pronto!
      The taxes on small business owners (and I do mean SMALL) are killing any attempts to achieve financial independence; what we used to call the American Dream.

      • So what did you do, since your “legit” biz didn’t work? Grow weed instead?

        • No, actually I went into part-time Elder Care and filed 1099s.
          Initially, I had bought my land (1969) by selling my weaving.
          My land was $125 an acre for 60 acres with a tremendous Spring. The down payment was $800 (borrowed and repaid) and the balance was paid off at $88.83 a month, 7% interest, owner-carried. (I knew I could hitch-hike down to the City and pan-handle that much, if necessary.)
          There was, and is, so much social bigotry against hippies that I never dared grow cannabis; and as a political creature, I accepted that the risk to my constituents’ reputations simply weren’t worth the potential rewards for me.
          All of this is different, now. I don’t know how independent youngsters get a start WITHOUT pot, and I don’t diss anyone for growing. I’ve not spent time in their boots.
          When the Elder I was caring for eventually broke my back, Workers’ Comp covered me until I could limp into an early retirement.
          I hope, Green Acres, that your question was as sincere as my answer…and that the sneer I detected was only in my imagination. af

      • Sorry to hear yours didn’t make it through taxes & over regulations. This is why the American Dream is now officially called the American Nightmare.

  • Mine was fine. Weird

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