[UPDATE January 17: Located] Developmentally Disabled Woman Released From Jail Today Is Missing

Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office :

Marilyn Marie Jarnaghan On Friday, January 13, 2017 at approximately 3 p.m. the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office received a report of an at-risk missing person.  A deputy met with the reporting party in Eureka who stated missing person Marilyn Marie Jarnaghan had not been seen or heard from since being released from the Humboldt County Correctional Facility at 6 a.m. on January 13th.  The reporting party stated Marilyn is developmentally disabled and is concerned for the safety of Marilyn.

Marilyn is a 33 year old Indian female adult, 5’0” tall, 150 lbs, with brown hair and brown eyes.

Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.

UPDATE January 17: Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

On Saturday, January 14, 2017 at around 4:15 p.m. the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office received a telephone call that at-risk missing person, Marilyn Jarnaghan had returned safely to her residence in Hoopa. Deputies contacted Marilyn at her residence and determined she was in good health.



  • Marilyn at 7.


    “Poster titled “A Gathering of the Northern and Central California Indian Basketweavers; June 29 & 30, 1991″
    It lists the tribes that took part in the gathering. It was held in Ya-Ka-Ama, Forestville, CA.
    The photograph in the poster is by Charles Kennard, copyrighted in 1990;
    the girl in the photo is Marilyn Jarnaghan; she is weaving a basket and she is wearing a head basket and a woven and shell pendant.”

  • Oh that jail. Did they not know shes disabled? Did they call her family or allow her a call upon release? I had hoped with all the trouble with releasing folks at odd hours that the jail would have someone to evaluate inmates when released, for their own well being as well as the safety of others.

  • Thank you for the share Visitor.

    Hard for family and friends to see their loved one in such deep woe and danger.

    May she be found safe and may she find healing for what ails her.

  • Lake County Not So Bad

    What a precious young lady in that poster. I hope she is well.

  • Wish she could have had some family near when she was released.. hope she is with good folks

  • I hope she’s okay. Prayers are sent.

  • Kym any word on this woman?it’s so cold out.praying for a safe return.💚

  • Hoping she is found safely. I am shocked that an at risk disabled person gets released without someone organized to pick them up…

    • Not a jab at you, but most of the people who get released could be considered “at risk” or “disabled”. A lot of addicts do have some form of identifiable mental illness an addition to their drug problem. I’m no fan of Humboldt county law enforcement, but I do cut them some slack in this department. It’s only when things like this happen, or that guy who killed the priest, that people get upset. Usually nobody give a flying f*uck about people getting released from jail.

      • As the mother of a special needs child I know the kind of nightmare this is and I do worry about these releases when people don’t have anywhere to go particularly when they are developmentally disabled or mentally ill they need assistance to stay safe and get a ride… there has to be a better way than turf with no where to go it can cause so many issues even in people without a disorder

    • How about being pissed off that ANYBODY is put on the street at 6 A.M. without funds or a ride to where they were picked up.(in my case it was at 3 A.M.)As glad as anyone is to be released, to be on the street in Eureka at zero dark 30 is dangerous. For a woman, doubly dangerous. In January triple dangerous

  • Shame on that jail may she be found and brought home safe

  • Mike Downey’s policy of putting people out on the street at all hours simply needs to change. And an “at risk” person? SHAME sheriff Downey, SHAME

  • Was Marilyn known to be “at risk” when imprisoned? Did she have NO identification (preferably with “In the Event of an Emergency Call [phone number] ?)” Would a minor be treated like this?
    If Marilyn were MY daughter, I’d be looking high and low….as well as securing whatever I would need to sue Humboldt’s “Law” enforcement department into oblivion.
    I hope she’s home and safe…not the least of which is safe from the cretins at the jail who put her further “at risk.”


  • If you look at the majority of the population in the jails and prison systems, it is mostly under privileged, under educated, mentally ill. Who can not or will not get help or assistance that they sorely need. Also they do not have funding for a proper attorney or defense. Even if you are a lucky inmate, if you do have somebody with money backing you can get a good attorney to do the fighting for you. But most people do not have the means or the measure to make anything good happen for them in the legal system. They keep you a victim forever and more ways of mentally controlling you by kicking you out in the freezing cold or the dark when no bus services or other things are running that way maybe you can just get picked up by the cops again. Or hell murdered or freeze to death. But hey Sheriff needs a job.

  • I believe you have the option of waiting until 8am??? if they say roll up at odd hours. The late night shift has less to deal with regarding inmates and with lights out it is a realistic time to process and release anyone eligible, therefore they do. But they do not kick you out to be cruel. I believe you may be entitled to request a ride back to the area you were picked up if the jail is more than 20 miles from where you were arrested, but not to your place of choice, this is not a free ride home program.. These laws are in place and if you make them aware you know the laws they are required to comply. Key is voice ! There are many laws in place to protect and serve you. They are not required to inform you of all of these rights. If you do voice them they are required to comply within their means to do so.

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