Shelter Opens in SoHum for Tonight (and Maybe Tomorrow)

frost on autumn leafWith temperatures predicted to drop below freezing tonight, an emergency weather shelter will be opening at the Garberville Presbyterian Church. Dinner and breakfast will be served.

Peg Anderson, who works with the homeless, said that the intake will occur between six and nine p.m. She explained last month, “We interview them when they come in. They can’t have weapons. They have to have some form of ID or we take their picture (which is deleted the next day.)”

As temperatures are predicted to be cold on Friday, the shelter will most likely be open at the Presbyterian Church then also.



  • So in the summer we all complain about the homeless in garberville. But in the winter we make sure There all good and comfortable. Hmmm

  • Its nice to see christians acting christ-like, but this highlights a serious failure of our government. These services should not have to come from churches.

    • Read more deeply. In addition to Matteel opening with peg anderson….the Presbyterian Church will respond as well.

      And to the other person who sounds disenchanted with local attitude toward homeless…. We have our own personal homeless who live here. People we have recognized for years. Even if we recognized no one…can’t you tell the difference between hot and cold or lots of people and not lots of people?

    • Wrong! These services should only come from churches and private organizations. That is how this country started. Private organizations did/do a better job. When private organizations take care of people, they have an incentive to weed out scammers and freeloaders because their limited resources are being stressed and THEY care about THEIR resources.
      When gov provides these services, politicians don’t care whose scamming so long as they appear to be compassionate. That is part of the reason you have record numbers of people on welfare and disability. It’s not the politicians money and the more people he gives free shit too, the more votes he gets. When gov “fails” to provide enough services because money has been squandered in a litany of wasteful ways, the politician demands higher taxes to pay for more services and blames it on a shortage of funds. They get more money because well meaning people buy their lies, they squander more money because it doesn’t directly belong to them, and the vicious cycle repeats.
      Attention hypocrite liberals: If you want to help the poor, then go and actually fucking help them!

  • Hey, thanks for caring about people…

    you could bring a little baggie of dog food or a sandwich for a hungry pet or person…or donate to a food pantry or some clothing…times are going to get tougher…

    I’m glad some of these groups are helping and it doesn’t matter who,

  • Thanks to all the caring community members who reach out to help others!

    Everyone who has helped clear roads and organize shelters and checked on neighbors, you’re the ones who make this a great place to live.

  • Disenchanted. WOW big word good for you.

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