Car in the Water; Rescuers on the Way

chpstarA vehicle went off Hwy 101 and into Outlet Creek south of Laytonville. The vehicle is about 100 yards into the river and pinned against trees, according to California Highway Patrol sources

A CHP spokesperson stated that as of 10:30 a.m, “There is still a person in the river.  Search and Rescue are attempting to get to the car at this time…One party got transported to Howard Hospital and we believe there is still one party in the vehicle.

One lane of southbound traffic is closed for emergency vehicles. Please drive carefully in the area.



  • Sending prayers.hope everyone is ok.its so icy ever so careful when driving.we hit alot of ice this morning on old Arcata was slick from mud and ice.YIKES

  • Sending positive thoughts that this works out for the person taken out and condolences to the family of victim in the car. I saw a maroon car fly by me last night on this stretch at about 70-80 mi/hr and it was snowing/sleeting – not the night to do that. I kept looking for the car at around 1030-1100 pm – did not see it and saw no marks off the road.

  • Oh no!! I hope they’re wrong about someone still being in the car! Hopefully they got out and are just down river a ways waiting for rescue to find them.. Prayers for all involved. The people in the accident and for our 1st responders.

  • A friend drove right by the scene at about 10:30-40 am — called me to find out if I’d heard anything about what happened! I was unable to check your website until now. Wow! Sure hope everyone is OK. Yup, many people drive way too fast … because they can… but also people can be distracted, tired, or just unlucky and have an accident so — and careless drivers get away with it most of the time. And thanks to you and your contributors to this website, Kym — we always look here first when we’re heading for Humboldt. “Check the Blackbelt!” is our motto. ….

  • 2 people in the car one got out taken too Howard hospital , one as of 12;30 still trapped swift water, chp, mcso all there one south lane open info from officer Lasinsky chp this all started at 8;19am

  • Car hydroplaned, spun out and flipped upside-down in the river. The girl crawled out as the water was rushing into the car. Stayed in a tree middle of the river for 12 hours while it was snowing then braved the river to get to the road. Had to go under water to free her foot from a snare on the way. Amazingly strong person. Best wishes to her and her family.

  • You do NOT have to be driving fast for an accident to happen people should not jump to conclusions, just saying.

  • Reduce speed for rain, for night time, for slippery or icy roads. Please turn on your headlights. We all hate to read about preventable accidents.

    • And please turn your brights down for oncoming traffic and even more important, dont have your high beams on when you are behind another car, even if the other car seems far away. It is blinding especially when its teally dark out.

    • Do you think every accident is preventable? So sick of Monday morning quarterbacks that weren’t there.

  • what kind of car was it? Occupants male or female?

  • Condolences to the family.R.i.p.jenna!!

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