Local Insurance Company Accused of Defrauding Local Small Businesses

By Deepashree S [via Wikimedia Commons]

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[From the Editor: After receiving this letter, we spoke to one other small business that confirmed the money they gave to Ford Insurance Agency for worker’s compensation insurance was never applied to a policy. Anecdotally, we have heard of others. The District Attorney’s Office will neither confirm nor deny they are working on a case against Ford Insurance.]

To the community,

Humboldt Redwood Healing, a lawfully organized and operating nonprofit mutual benefit corporation, contracted with John Ford of Ford Insurance Agency for the purchase of worker’s compensation insurance for its employees.  After paying John Ford of Ford Insurance Agency the funds necessary to purchase worker’s compensation insurance, Humboldt Redwood Healing became aware that no insurance had been purchased for the company’s employees with the money that was provided to John Ford. After becoming aware that the money provided to John Ford of Ford Insurance Agency had not been used to purchase workers’ compensation insurance for the company’s employees, the company made a report to the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

On  October 21st 2016  a search of John Ford’s insurance company was conducted by the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office. The matter is currently being investigated by Humboldt County District Attorney Investigator, Martin Morris. A civil complaint against John Ford has also been filed alleging breach of contract and embezzlement in violation of Penal Code section 503, 506 and 508.

If you, or your business, have or has purchased insurance from John Ford of Ford Insurance Agency you may want to confirm that you do, in fact, have insurance.  If you have paid for insurance and have not received an insurance policy, please contact the Humboldt County District Attorney’s office at (707)445-7411, attention: Martin Morris so that the District Attorney’s office can fully investigate this matter and protect others that might similarly find that, despite paying John Ford of Ford Insurance Agency funds necessary for insurance, they do not have insurance for their company and/or their employees.

Thomas Mulder CEO/President
Humboldt Redwood Healing



  • The same guy that offered insurance to cannabis grows,… INTERESTING!

  • Is this the same John Ford that works for the county and has a cannabis insurance company? Could this be a mistake and not fraud? If it’s fraud, he’s toast. Remember Delores Reeves?

  • What is Humboldt Redwood Healing?

  • Our company AgDynamix has also experienced this issue with this company, please share your experiences and this news with your colleagues and business partners to help identify the amount of recurrences.

    To address the inquiry about the Insurance agent vs the Planning Director, these are two different people entirely, with the same name. John Ford Director of the Planning Department is actually a different person.

    • I actually have had your refund check since October. I’ve seen you twice then. A phone call would have been nice.

      • Hahaha Well, forget talking to you about insurance. Handling your business in the comments section is very lame. You can put out a press release after putting out this fire.

      • What do you mean “refund check?” Why do you have a refund check for them instead of applying the funds to the insurance policy that you sold to them?

        This is an obvious lie from someone that has low morals!

      • I heard dynamix was sending over her assistant to “pick up the check” maybe for some reason they didn’t want it mailed? you said you had seen her twice and she never mentioned it but then jumps on the bandwagon and blasts it hear, is it true her business is also folding? she consults for pot growers to go legal right?

      • John Ford,

        This is not accurate. My office manager has made several attempts to collect our “refund” check that you claimed to be willing to issue back in good faith that you made a mistake, mind you, no apology or attempt to address the problem. A good business would make an attempt to do so on your own accord, I don’t need to babysit other “professionals” to do what is ethical and moral. Your stint almost cost us the ability to obtain insurance period as you have developed a terrible relationship with the companies you were writing policies through. You walked by my office about a month ago, saw me in passing, and didn’t come prepared to do the right thing and come to find out you have really hurt a lot of people and their businesses the same if not worse! I am terribly disappointed to find out this is not a one time incident and the complaints have been building up for months in my office now. I am sorry we ever trusted that you would do the right thing and more importantly how you may have hurt a large group of people in this scheme, but in life, there are no shortcuts to success.

      • sharpen your pencil

        Being a responsible business owner is a good idea also “John”. But apparently you’re not too concerned with that! [edit]!

      • Honeydew Bridge Chump

        Nice reply!

        Odds are the mailing address is old to hide from process serving.

        I support you selling policies to growers.

        Heck, I even would support you hanging up if they have a claim.

        Don’t allow dandruff dreadlocks take away from your licensed business.

      • what the f?
        John Ford… I felt the fraudulent energy from your advertising!

    • you grow pot in your private life too.right”? not that it is good or badright or wrong just asking for the truth , what experience personally did you have with john?

  • He’s shady as hell. Always has been. This is like his 10th career. He can’t make it anywhere.

  • I paid hundreds of dollars for a policy I never got. When asked about it I was told I was covered.

    • I know it is hard to come forward as a victim but, if you are willing, a call to the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office at (707) 445-7411 might not only help you but might help others. Press #3 option for worker’s comp or Auto insurance issues.

    • Yet another victim

      Please please please come forward if you are a victim. You are not alone! The more people that come forward the better chances we will have to put an end to things like these happening in the future.

  • He did recently purchase 2 new vehicles ???

  • Is this John Ford who races or used to race out at Redwood Acres?

  • He used to be a Realtor. There was an article with photo of him in the Times Standard August 14, 2015.

  • Wow this guy is shady as hell, I belive when he worked at radio station [Edit: I prefer that accusations be as factual as possible not vague.]

  • Please make sure when filing claims with the DA and consulting your attorneys that you are also filing a claim against him with the Department of Insurance to have his license investigated.

  • Delores Reeves, now that’s a name we haven’t heard of in a while…..Rumor has it that, she was on a furlough and lied to the system that her daughter was getting married. She doesn’t even have a daughter….makes me angry that people can get away with stealing millions from this small community and then work the court system. Almost zero time and is living like a carefree member of society and is moving back to Fortuna. She most likely will scam the elderly again. Continues to scam…. so she can have a unmonitored vacation time. Just amazing how people get away with stealing and are just slapped on the hand.

    • I find it rediculous that co-workers and ‘friends’ of Delores went without investigation. She did not accomplish all that on her own. Many are still in the industry carrying on her shady work ethic. At least Redwood Capital was smart enough to get rid of her cohorts.

  • I find it comical when profiteering drug dealers fronting as compassionate healthcare providers whine about injustice against the fraudulent businesses they use to launder their drug money.

    • The hippieocrisy is deep and stunning. They scam the system, game the system and then go running to the system when somebody games and scams them! It’s hilarious. And it’s a huge farce. Yet somehow I suspect the innocent taxpayer will get milked in all of this. Because at this point the scammy growers are not much different than Trump. Just smaller-scale in their manipulations and accusations and justifications. Yeah- I said it.

      • For heaven’s sake…look, it was illegal but, in my opinion not immoral to grow marijuana. People grew it and sold it for money. Paying taxes on that money put growers in line for arrest (and people being people, folks didn’t want to pay anything if they could avoid it) So they “scammed the system” and didn’t pay.

        Now they have a chance to be legal and stop “scamming.” So these businesses immediately try and take care of their workers with insurance….and, according to you, somehow that’s a bad thing…? You think it’s okay to try and cheat the businesses who are trying to go the legal route?

        Somebody’s got screwed up priorities and it’s not these legal growers.

        • As a civilized nation we simply can’t allow individuals to pick and choose which laws they want to follow based on their personal feelings about whether or not each law is just. The slope is too slippery. This is the bottom line. Let it sink in for a minute.

          Thankfully there is a great number of people that honor and respect the law because they value stability and security in society. Many of these people have no respect for those that blatantly break the law for personal profit and have no sympathy for the struggles that these criminals deal with as part of their illegal enterprises. Of course it isn’t a bad thing for businesses to cover their workers with insurance but there are very good reasons why honest law abiding citizens are flippant when those that profit from cheating society are cheated themselves.

          And since you brought up the morality of this whole thing, maybe it’s time to be honest about how moral it is for profiteering producers and distributers of black market street drugs to act like they’re providing medicine for sick people when the reality is that they are involved in the industry only to make money. Sure there are people that use cannabis for epilepsy or cancer or whatever but there is no integrity in taking advantage of those unfortunate situations to rake in profits that honest people don’t have access to.

          • Yet another victim

            Wait who are you to say who has been doing what for many years blah blah blah without even knowing who some of these people are? Whose to say this isn’t someone who has never done this before and is venturing out into new business opportunities and whose to say regardless of what some of these people have done for previous jobs or not that they weren’t paying their taxes.. ignorance is truly bliss. Regardless at the end of the day a thief is a thief I don’t care who you are…

          • As a civilized nation perhaps we shouldn’t criminalize the relatively benign high of cannabis while clinking our glasses filled with alcohol–one of the top killers in our country. Like most parents and most teachers, I know that making foolish, hypocritical rules just because I can isn’t a good way to ensure obedience and will likely push those I’m in charge of towards disobedience. That sadly is the slipperiest slope I see.

            Let’s remember that those cannabis businesses that are buying worker’s comp are NOT criminal enterprises. They are legal. Being gleeful when they are harmed is like saying to a person who drove drunk last year but had an accident this year while following every rule–well, it serves you right. Hardly likely to induce folks to keeping walking the straight path you recommend.

            • First of all I would like to say I believe that cannabis should be legal, but it is not. The states can pass whatever laws they want, but they are trumped by the Feds. (No Trump comments please.) The statement above:

              “As a civilized nation we simply can’t allow individuals to pick and choose which laws they want to follow based on their personal feelings about whether or not each law is just. The slope is too slippery. This is the bottom line. Let it sink in for a minute.” by Karma is just about the same thing Sessions said in his first confirmation hearing.

              Instead of the states passing laws about MJ, the laws need to be changed on a National level. For a brief civics lesson it goes local law superseded by state law superseded by Federal law. Until the Federal laws are changed anybody handling money associated with the cannabis industry can be prosecuted for laundering money, even if they pay their taxes. Hate to be a buzz kill, but reality sux sometimes.

            • I fully support legalization and agree that it never should have been illegal in the first place. However, I believe it’s important to have laws and that rogue individuals who see particular laws as “foolish” or “hypocritical” should not be allowed to reap rewards for breaking the laws that society has agreed on. By your reasoning a person that believes in equal distribution of wealth shouldn’t be punished for stealing cash from your purse because you have more than them and they think that’s “immoral” for some people to have more money than others. Laws need to be followed or changed if we don’t want to live in total anarchy.

              Functionally 100% of legal cannabis business started illegally and/or still have an array of illegal activity going on in the background. I’m not saying that being cheated on their insurance serves them right, but rather I’m saying that I don’t feel sorry for them because they have or are still doing so much cheating themselves. The fact that they avoided getting busted until it became legal doesn’t excuse the fact that they chose to profit from illegal activity and have used those profits to get to where they are now. The fact that these people are being grandfathered into a profitable industry is a slap in the face to those that work hard to make their way legally, set the example for their children that crime isn’t a valid career option, and still struggle to achieve success.

              • There is a certain amount of me that agrees with you that, in general, it is important to follow laws…so important that one has to abide by even silly laws most of the time. However, you are alleging, without proof, that each of the businesses allegedly defrauded by Ford Insurance, broke the law previously. That is a) not proven and b) not a good way of getting compliance in the future.

                One of the most practical points is that civil disobedience to a bad law is one of the quickest ways to get that law overturned. (That having been said, while many of the early growers were practicing civil disobedience at first, money certainly became a large factor in their continued breaking of the law.)

          • What’s immoral is that marijuana has been illegal AT ALL. All the troubles, all the deaths and people in prison and the damn pot war has been unnecessary and cruel, immoral and I think illegal. The Feds blatantly lie to us to keep it illegal. They know it shouldn’t be but there’s a lot a business and control gained by fighting pot. The actual drug itself is not worth one bit of any of it. I am an alcoholic and haven’t had a drink for 42 years and I know alcohol can be a horrific drug. Pot not so much. The feds keep it illegal so all of the bullshit can go on.

            • If all the marijuana enthusiasts put half the effort into changing the law that they put into profiting from the illegal black market they probably could have changed the law a long time ago. Instead they focused their efforts on taking advantage of the situation to get top dollar for their product. “All the troubles, all the deaths and people in prison” are inherent and well know risks of illegal drug production and distribution. The simple and obvious way to avoid all of that is to choose a career other than being a drug dealing criminal. Play with the bull and you just might get the horns.

          • baaaaaa♡

        • Great response Kym. Thanks

        • I guess Kym does allow personal insults in the comments. I would say what I think about you, Dan Fuller, but being a rude asshole just isn’t my thing.

        • Kym, a lot of grower’s scam the system by collecting government benefits such as SNAP, welfare and free health insurance whereas somebody like me that works 50+ hours a week trying to provide for my family and do not qualify for the programs that these people making tons of money take advantage of. That’s scamming…

          • That is scamming. And I don’t approve either (Though whether the majority or even lots of growers actually do this is not something I believe happens). But there is no evidence that the businesses complaining of being defrauded are in any way connected with this sort of scam and I think it highly unlikely.

            • Another example of scamming is using a company with an name like Humboldt Redwood Healing to act like a compassionate healthcare provider when the reality is that you’re a profiteering drug dealer that was lucky enough to not get busted during your years of illegal operation and now provides “medication” to able bodied college kids playing hacky sack in dispensary parking lots.

              • So, you know that this business did these things? I would venture from what I know of that business and the person running it that you are 100% wrong on your accusations.

                • No. I don’t know anything about this particular business, which is why I said a name LIKE theirs. What I do know is that if my statements don’t apply to them, which they probably do, then they most certainly apply to countless others around here with a history as illegal drug dealers that are now attempting to rebrand themselves as farmers, healers, holistic herbal medicine providers, caretakers, etc. This is dishonest bullshit and an undeniable fact.

                • As you’ve probably noticed by now, I’m not much of a black and white person. I tend to see the world in varying shades. I think people can lie and still be more essentially honest than people who never actually say something technically untrue. If you think of marijuana as an illegal drug, which it was until recently in this state, then you are likely to have one world view. If you think of marijuana as a relatively harmless intoxicant than should be explored for its possible medical benefits, which is also true, then you are likely to have another world view. If you can hold both truths in your mind, and act with empathy and honesty to folks who hold either of the other two views, then you might make the world a better place.

            • Go to the Co-Op during harvest season. watch how many people pay for a ton of groceries with their identifiable yellow food card and watch them load up their giant growdozer. Its prevalent.

          • what’s snap?

        • Sorry, but you lost me at not immoral to grow an illegal plant. Isn’t it immoral to break the law? It doesn’t matter how you feel about any given law, breaking it is immoral.

          • I’ll bet those people helped escaped slaves would disagree with you.

            • What a silly comparison. Nobody grows weed to correct a moral injustice. It’s all about the money. You know this.

              • These people are farmers … just like any other farmer would you condone stealing from the potatoe farmer of he was making good money off those potatoes? Good day john the con

          • “If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.”
            – Thomas Jefferson


            “One has not only a legal, but a moral responsibility to obey just laws.
            Conversely, one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.”
            – Martin Luther King, Jr.


            “An immoral law makes it a man’s duty to break it, at every hazard.
            For virtue is the very self of every man. It is therefore a principle of law that an immoral contract is void, and that an immoral statute is void.
            For, as laws do not make right, and are simply declaratory of a right which already existed, it is not to be presumed that they can so stultify themselves as to command injustice.”
            – Ralph Waldo Emerson

            • So if I decide that it’s unjust for you to earn money that my 93 year old grandmother can’t then I’m obligated and have a moral responsibility to take it from you and give it to her?
              You really think society should leave it up to each and every citizen to pick and choose which laws they think they should follow or not?
              This isn’t comparable to slavery or women’s suffrage. It isn’t a matter of just or unjust laws. It’s a matter of respect or no respect for people who choose to profit from criminal enterprises and integrity or no integrity in claiming to be a compassionate healthcare provider when you are not.

            • So if a guy steals a ton of cash from people then it’s ok for those people to do an old fashioned picket protest see if he keeps running his mouth then???

          • Morality has nothing to do with laws that are made by immoral politicians.

          • Apparently, under many of my fellow Humboldters concept of immoral, a Jay Walker would be considered as such. As would someone doing 60 in a 50 mph zone.

            Is that what you are implying? Are 90% of the drivers in the safety corridor immoral human beings? If not, Where does one draw the line?…

        • Yes. We passed a law for compassionate marijuana and suddenly everybody was a “healer” growing “medicine”. Then they were growing huge crops and blowing up greenhouses of “medicine” “for sick people”. I’m sorry Kym, but I have seen you cover for this scammed-out industry for years. And I think you’re a good person, just easily convinced. Probably because you have a good heart and want to believe that everybody else has one too? I’ve seen you rally behind greedy charlatans who I know are scammers, straight-up lying about growing “medicine” while sending it out of state and making millions to position themselves for the big corporate takeover that they also push for….I don’t trust your judgement about people. Yes- there are good folks. But …the scum is rising to the top around here. And all the good little people are getting run out. Your wonderful “legalization” is a terribly unfair scheme weighted to enrich the already- wealthy and the greediest of our local scammers. And I know this because I know many of them personally and I know their real back stories. I was here in the game for many years before they arrived and I saw their trips develop. I don’t develop a new idea about their integrity based on the crap they tell me because I’m not an impressionable blogger just wanting to tell a story about how wonderful they are and wonderful that they are blowing up huge farms of “medicine”…”for sick people”. And I think it’s hilarious to see some getting scammed back. Indeed, when Jeff Sessions’ program kicks in and many of these same scammers are caught up in federal conspiracy charges I will be howling with laughter. It’s going to be very funny around here! I sure hope he starts this year!!

          • You say this, ” I was here in the game for many years.” That sounds like you grew. Do you think of yourself as a scammer?

            • Honeydew Bridge Chump

              Maybe one sees the moral error in their ways, or refuse to partake in the new scene that is nothing like thirty years ago.

              The new grow scenes are terrorism run by misguided jihadis.

              Let them go back to their slums.

              New grow scene has placed an obstacle into raising children.

              Only terrorists wage war against children.

      • This statement is stupid …… this is obviously “JOHN FORD” growers are the victim here, trying to do the right thing getting the right permits then dirt bag sums like this screw them over get your facts strait… JOHN FORD goes around telling people he will help them become compliant with state laws and provide them proper insurance but actually thinks there all scum bag criminals .. if you have insurance with him get refund soon as he is planning on an out of state move 🙂

  • Tell it like it is

    I paid John Ford several hundred dollars for multiple policies and never received coverage! I thought it was an isolated incident! I will be having my attorney contact the DA and the Insurance Commissioner.

  • He’s not so invincible now that Gallegos dumped him…What goes around comes around, especially when you try and throw other people under the bus while trying to get ahead. Tip of the day: You know he’s lying when his lips are moving. Double life = double karma.

  • Rodney Brunlinger

    I’ve met John a few times over the years. Many years ago at a Realtor’s event at the Arcata Ballpark, he was a loud obnoxious drunk buffoon. His business practices were so sketchy years ago, I avoided him and advised others to avoid him as well. He’s always stumbled from dubious job to job – always the conman in a room of business people.

  • John ford said he has insurance for this sort of thing! ! But since then he has withdrawaln his coment !!! This is sincerely wrong in so many ways!! Someone should go film him packing his bags and loading the uhaul btw JOHN FORD BRAGS ABOUT HIS FAMILY RELATIONSHIP WITH GALLEGOS possible conflict of interest

  • I’ve seen him in a casino ad. Can’t remember which one.

  • Sounds like another conman just like Trump!

    • Now that is bullshit! Just because he’s an asshole and an bad insurance agent, don’t lump him together with somebody that had proved he can rise hirer than an asshole.

      • HIRER??? Do you mean Higher?? Please for the sake of all attempting to read & make sense of your post, BUY A DICTIONARY & USE IT!!!! Better still just go to dictionary.com if that’s easier for you!!!

  • This guy is a shady idiot. I’ve had several run ins with him proving over and over his lack of character in his personal and professional life. I feel bad for his family waiting at home for him while he’s out acting like a fool. I wouldn’t do business with this clown if someone paid me.

  • You can add other victim to the list. Any and all claims should go directly to the insurance board as well as the DA. The insurance board will take his license so that he cannot victimize any more people.

    Here is the link to the complaint form with the state. You will need to create an account and then submit the form.

  • You can add other victim to the list. Any and all claims should go directly to the insurance board as well as the DA. The insurance board will take his license so that he cannot victimize any more people.

    Here is the link to the complaint form with the state. You will need to create an account and then submit the form.

  • I’m curious if he offered group health insurance through employers. If so, he might have violated federal law related to ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act). See: https://www.dol.gov/agencies/ebsa/about-ebsa/our-activities/enforcement/erisa and:

    Theft or Embezzlement from Employee Benefit Plan (18 U.S.C. Section 664); (2) False Statements or Concealment of Facts in Relation to Documents Required by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (18 U.S.C. Section 1027); (3) Offer, Acceptance, or Solicitation to Influence Operations of Employee Benefit Plan (18 U.S.C. Section 1954).

  • Johns website;


    John Ford



    Email Me:
    924 5th Street
    Eureka CA 95501

  • If their is anything to be learned from this whole mess it’s that crime pays, for both the dope grower and the insurance scammer. If your dope business has been scammed and you wish to stay on top in this rotating game of culprit and victim then the obvious course of action is for you to rip off or scam the insurance scammer. The only down side is that then he’ll be the butthurt whiner and you’ll be the bad guy in the next round of blog comments.

  • Sounds like somebody’s in a bit of trouble.after all these comments,he’s on a jet plane outta here!!!

  • Believe he is in the commercial for Cherie Heights Casino in Trinidad and more than likely gambling his clients money away. Time to pull the commercial. Don’t know him personally but he reminded me of a “SLICK” cars salesman around the real estate crowd in his day ! Wasn’t surprised to see this story.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    13 growers on a Masonic chessboard.

    13 times crying foul

    13 times the water usage

    33 times the crimes of growers

    33 growers on a chessboard

    33 growers crying

    33 growers getting visits

    33 growers being terrorist slime.

    2017 1 13
    2017 9 14


  • Remember…. He is not “guilty” till proven guilty…
    Its funny how “some” people like to air crap online before they know the facts…
    And only doing so , so they can make money… Life is an evil circle.

  • Little Miss Mary Angus who gives a DAMN. Don”t you people have better things to do!! My god you all sound like a bunch of Kackling old hens. People make mistakes you know!!!

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  • Kym please update this story. . The people of our town really respode to this article with passion. We would all like to know if this “public figure ” is still selling insurance and if so we would like to know how many victims are there? There is rumor in the air around town that John also [edit].. this town needs to know what kind of trash is out there

  • What kind of new cars did he buy with other peoples money? Just curious…..how stupid he really is!!

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