This May Be a Crime But Probably Is Not, Says APD, But They’d Still Like Your Help

ArcataLast night about 10 p.m., the Arcata Police were contacted by a man that said a van had kidnapped a young woman near Blondie’s Pizza in Arcata. The man tells us he tried to follow the van but he ran out of gas.

Well, said Arcata Police Sgt. Todd Dockweiler, after some investigation “it appears to us that this young lady is most likely not in peril. We certainly want to be diligent and confirm that there is no issue. [However] it appears there was a misunderstanding.”

Dockweiler said the reporting person believed he heard the young lady saying “she wanted to get out of there.” The person reporting, Dockweiler said, “took that as that she wanted to get out of the vehicle.”

However, Dockweiler believes she just might have wanted to leave the area. “But, with an abundance of caution, we want to confirm that that is the case.”
Dockweiler says that the APD would “like to locate the vehicle and contact the involved parties and just confirm that everything is okay….This van frequents Arcata. It is someone who is known to us.”

The vehicle the APD is searching for is a 1986 brown Volkswagen Vanagon with the California license plate of 7RUP938. At this time, he doesn’t want to give the names of the folks involved. “The thinking there is that this looks like it could be a misunderstanding and we don’t want to inconvenience these folks, but we do want to check and see if they are ok.”

If anyone knows where the vehicle is he asks that they contact their local law enforcement or call APD at (707) 822-2424. “We just want to do a welfare check make sure that everyone is where they are willingly,” he explained.



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