[UPDATE 5:14 p.m. Bluffs Between Garberville Redway Open] Redwood Drive Ugly Evergreen Road Ugly

The California Highway Patrol closed Redwood Drive between Evergreen Road and Bear Canyon Road. Residents of Garberville and Redway will need to drive around on Hwy 101 to access the other town.

County Roads has been fighting to keep Evergreen Road, the access to the Meadows Business Park open. A slide keeps pushing across and county workers keep pushing back.

UPDATE 3:30 p.m.: North Redwood Drive was temporarily closed but those County crews whipped the worst of the slide off and are now back trying to open the Bluffs. Give ’em a cheer if you see them if for no other reason than they’re in the rain working and so you can go places in your nice, warm car.

slide on road

[Provided by a reader]

UPDATE 5:15 p.m.: Those County crews have managed to open the Bluffs between Garberville and Redway once again. Mother Nature keeps pushing cliffs at them and they just don’t give up!



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