Prius Driver May Have Been Responsible for Fatal Hit and Run

Press release from the California Highway Patrol:

UPDATE: The California Highway Patrol (CHP) Humboldt Area has identified a possible vehicle model involved in last week’s Fatal Hit and Run on US-101. The vehicle in question is a Toyota Prius possible 2010 to 2015 models. The vehicle will have little to no damage to the front bumper area. The vehicle will have a missing, front, driver side fender wall. If anyone has any information that may help identify the driver and help locate the vehicle in question please contact the Humboldt Area CHP Office at (707)822-5981 during business hours or the Humboldt Area Communications Center at (707)268-2000 after business hours.

Earlier Chapter:



  • Good going CHP. Hope the eco hit runner is captured soon

  • A recent study found that the worst drivers on planet earth drive prius’. Apparently is quite difficult to drive while patting yourself on the back.

  • ♥️Rextillerson

    Prius drivers saving the planet for everybody

  • Prius Driving Veteran

    Conserving Fuel is not a crime you F-ing Idiots!

    • Not it’s not but you not letting your mother up for air is.

    • funny how media peer pressure etc work. 15 years ago big gas guzzling SUV drivers were on the defensive, but the bully media has turned the tables and now trucks are bigger than ever and hybrid drivers are more often the butt of jokes.

    • Ban internet comments

      Do the math. You really arent saving fuel and you are extracting rare earth minerals, nickel which is an extremely toxic mining process and consuming oil. So hybrids are twice more resource intensive than regular xars. They should be way more efficient too, you break 50mpg ueah right rofl. Turbo diesel vw’s get wayyy better gas mileage.

      If they wanted cars to be efficient they would all be designed to aerodynamic standards and not because you want something more futuristic and sporty.

      The prius assembly line has had more deaths and suicides than any other car produced ever. They work 30+ hours sometimes to keep up production. Then thet come out with some new design and have to retool half the factory.

      Your hybrid is a f#@$ing joke!

  • Someone lost their life to an idiot and all I see is small minded talk about cars and trucks. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. Also if you researched it BIG RIG TRUCKS hold the most deaths last year killing 745 big rig drivers, not the Prius. Also if you google top 10 deadliest cars in America the Prius isn’t even on that list.

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