Autopsy of 21-Year-Old Who Died by the Eureka Slough Bridge Indicates He Is the First Homicide of 2017

Ben taggartThe California Highway Patrol released some information on the hit and run death of Ben Taggart today. The press release states:

UPDATE: The California Highway Patrol (CHP) Humboldt Area has taken the lead in investigating the death of a 21 year old man on US-101.  Over the weekend an autopsy was performed and the pathologist ruled the death to be a traffic collision.  At this time the CHP is following up on several investigative leads.  We are looking for assistance from the public.  The suspect vehicle may have damage to the front driver side bumper/fender area.  If anyone has any information that may help identify the person responsible in the death of this young man please contact the Humboldt CHP Office at (707)822-5981 during business hours or the Humboldt Communications Center at (707)268-2000 after business hours.

Earlier Chapter:




  • Too many pedestrian involved accidents in and about Eureka. As a pedestrian I worry much at intersections and along roadways without sidewalks. Crossing at crosswalks, drivers pull past the site of where they are legally suppose to “first” stop before going forward to see if it is safe; drivers are usually looking one way and not looking for pedestrians who may be crossing at the corner (often signals are not paid attention to).

  • Light up the bridge,and dark spots.we need led,lights everywhere in this dark town.make it.safer easier to see people.just sayn.

  • hey KYM KEMP, the “booked” section on that other site, shows RDPD having charged someone with involuntary manslaughter. i believe the arrest occurred 1138 pm sunday. i see no news story anywhere associated with this apparent you know anything?seems newsworthy?

    • According to Rio Dell Police, Ms Cardelli was arrested on a warrant. That warrant included manslaughter charge. The very helpful officer wasn’t able to determine on the computer where the warrant was issued–not even what county.

  • That sucks. At 12:20 am, its most likely is a local or someone who frequents the area. Someone should know something. I hope the person responsible is stressed to the limit and cant sleep.

    • At 12:20am, it’s most likely someone who thinks it’s OK to play in traffic in the middle of the night. This seems to happen every few months. Don’t do drugs, and stay out the fucking road. If you have a legitimate reason to be in the traffic lanes after dark, get a high-vis vest. Note that neither black hoodies nor woodland camo gortex count as high-vis.

      • According to the family, the young man was not on drugs. According to them, his toxicology screen was clear. I have not confirmed this with the Coroner’s Office though.

        • the weather during this call was much like todays, terrible winds and rains. you could tell during the call things were not going to be good for this young man.
          someone saw it and i remember the cops going to specific locations looking for the car…

          i don’t care if someone is fucked up and walking down the center line on their hands…the driver who hits someone needs to own up. stop and offer assistance too…
          imo the crime occurs when you drive away.

  • Well, the perp is definitely living in the right County…. Hit and Run seems to be the norm.

  • What happened to the person by ma’lel dunes

  • Maybe I’m wrong but doesn’t it have to be intentional to be Murder? Dude could have been in the lane and whoever hit him took off. Hit and run is an evil thing but I don’t think it’s murder.

  • Too many people on the streets think they can safely cross our major roads anywhere they please. My interpretation of the law is that it is jaywalking anywhere except at a legally marked crosswalk, not just any street intersection or in the middle of a street. That said, a person crossing any street should cross quickly but safely, not at a slow stroll.

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