‘Justice for Jennika’: A Rally for the Young Eureka Woman Whose Death Was Deemed Suspicious by Police

All photos by Mark McKenna

At six p.m. yesterday, in spite of the pouring rain, several dozen people gathered in Eureka. In the dark, the wind and the deluge, they grouped in front of the “P” Street house where 18-year-old Jennika Suazo’s body was found on December 9. 

Her death has been called “suspicious” by the Eureka Police Department.

“Justice for Jennika,” they chanted several times.

Afterwards they walked towards the Humboldt County Courthouse up 4th Street. For a short time, several of them temporarily walked in left lane of 4th Street partially blocking traffic …

until a Eureka Police Officer flicked on his vehicle lights and ordered them out of the road.

The group then met at the Courthouse.

Several members spoke about the hope/the need for a witness to step forward so justice could be had for Jennika.

We’ll be following the story of Jennika Suazo and her family’s search for justice.

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  • Christ all mighty. Poor family and friends of this girl. Hopefully the police can figure out what happened to this poor girl. How hard is it?

  • Trying to bring justice to someone who died while walking down the street in the rain (after dark no less). Yeah that’s smart

  • please please PLEASE lets find out what happened in this “sober house” PLEASE.

  • sharpen your pencil

    Just a thought, no matter what kind of attention these groups are out for, blocking traffic isn’t going to accomplish what you’re looking for, all anyone sees is a dipshit blocking traffic…… As far as figuring out what happened, these people should be putting pressure on whoever is operating the “halfway” house where this occured, there has got to be at least a few people that know what happened, and can speak however don’t come forward…..

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      That’s true!

      Everyone in there should be interrogated until the truth surfaces.

      • I was her best friend. I really don’t see how interrogating everyone evolved in the rally would matter. Alot of them traveled up here from so cal; who had no idea what had happened. Honestly. It’d be very much appreciated if you all would just back off this “case” if you didn’t know her, or the details involved. How would you feel if I made you out to be a bad guy when your close one was murderd?! Jesus, learn respect.

  • Very heart breaking. if your reading this an you know anything to what happened please dont be affraid to speakout her family just wants justice to start there long recovery of loseing a loved one!

  • Eureka s sober houses aren’t very sober.they are a scam to make money off addicts,who really need help but probably wont find it in Eureka s sober houses

  • Do you know that personally or are you just talking your opinion, because it is obvious you don’t have a clue, there are a few good sober houses that truly help addicts, it is houses like this one that make a bad reputation for the good ones.

    • I know personally.
      If you can refer others to good houses, with good owners, and respectful management, let the public know.
      Otherwise, there is no doubt.

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