[UPDATE 8:52 p.m.] Mobile Home on Fire Near the Arcata Airport

Fire in trees

A mobile home is on fire off of Grange Road. [Photo provided by a reader]

As of 8:30 p.m., a fire is burning in a trailer near the 1900/2000 block of Grange Road east of Dows Prairie Road in McKinleyville. A neighbor reports that she believes the trailer is abandoned.

UPDATE 8:52 p.m.: The incident commander is requesting the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department respond for a “suspicious fire.”



  • I’ll bet any damn body thatll bet a nickel its a inside job, owner paid his buddy a small fee to spill a little bit gas on it then give it a spark, few days later above mentioned owner gets a check from his insurance carrier, same day the owner meets with buddy at an unscrupulous location where other undesireable near do wells congragate, and a small stipend is paid for the dirty deed done,

  • It’s possible, yes!!! But I think the word you were looking for is Ne’er not as you mentioned near do well!!! It’s an abbreviation for Never!!! Just saying is all!!!

  • Such cloak and dagger explanation. Ha ha

  • Or maybe some one was cold and took shelter.or maybe we have a pyro-.who knows. BO knows.couldnt help it,sorry

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