Grandfather Tree Business Damaged by Storm

storm damage

All photos and video by Michellee Senn.

Storm winds and rains are ripping up trees and closing roads. The wind brutalized the Grandfather Tree business just north of the Mendocino line in Cooks Valley today. Above you can see a car tacoed by a tree.

The video shows signs and statues are smashed. Our heart goes out to the small business owner that has to deal with this mess.

storm damage

UPDATE 1 p.m.:
Damage to structures is even worse in other areas. Here’s a gofundme for a home that was destroyed in Ferndale.



  • OMG!! Hope everyone is ok.

  • Thank you for this information. We are staying home for now!

  • Hopefully they have business insurance. It is a nice place to stop for a break when traveling to the Bay Area.

    • i bet they have good ins and pay very good sized premiums. i’ll also bet they’ll need a gofundme hand as any ins co will determine it’s an “act of god” and they are off the hook.
      then the insurance adjuster will tell them ‘rebuild your business away from dangers…trees. and rain. and wind. and god when she’s in a mood… and keep those cards and letters and premiums coming.

      that is sure a mess and a reminder of my position/rank/place on our globe. humbling.

      we had a loud thunderstorm around 12:30am in lovely loleta. knocked my cable box out and i had to call the sudddenlink tech to get my cable to talk to my tv again.

  • There are good and bad things about small towns but I know Ferndale will come through for these people without one doubt.

  • Everyone at The Grandfather Tree is okay. Things can be replaced. Just glad we were closed!

  • Was that car a Cadillac? Full coverage pay day for someone!

  • Everyone has bin crying about not enough rain, well here you go this what happens when it rains.. my fence and a tree fell on my property !

  • Poor Keith and Trudy Bowman.

  • Glad to hear there were no casualties…but Paul Bunyan’s not looking too good.
    Good luck and stay strong friends. My thoughts and prayers are with you during the cleanup.
    Remembering this in sunnier days.

  • Right now where I live, the American River is 4 feet from coming over. Dumb, dumb people at Folsom Dam. Everyone be safe. If your out in your car be sure you put a white light around it and also your home.

  • They should cover the Shrine Tree drive-through too, in advance of someone getting hurt. More info here >>

  • the caption shows a car that was “tacoed” by a tree. That’s the first time I’ve seen the verb “to taco”, which based on context would seem to mean “to fall upon an object in such a way as to bend it into the shape of a taco”. In this case, it’s more like an Americanized Taco Bell style taco shell than the open, double tortilla style you see at a lot of authentic taquerias.

  • “north of the Mendocino line in Cooks Valley today.” Should read in Humboldt County … just saying…

    • Just north of the Mendocino line” is Humboldt County. By placing it just north of Mendocino County line, I’m showing not only that it is in Humboldt but also how far south in Humboldt it is.

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