Ferndale Home Destroyed by Falling Tree

House Crushed by tree

Photos provided by Nicky Stewart, family member.

Today, the Michel family in the Ferndale area were taking naps when a redwood tree fell on their home, crushing it.

“They are thankfully all ok,” said sister Nicky Stewart, “but they have lost everything. They have no where to stay and it is unsafe to go back to get inside to try and salvage their clothes.”

Unfortunately, a dog and a cat are missing. Hopefully, they were just scared away.

Today, the family is also preparing for their 6-year-old daughter’s birthday party, Stewart wrote. “They will need to find a rental or get a hotel.”

Stewart has established a GoFundMe account where $1425 has been raised for the Michel family as of 3:15 p.m.

“I am asking for any kind of help that you can offer,” she pleads. “They both work very hard for the small amount of money they have…This has [devastated]  them and their financial situation and they need help.”

Stewart worries that with more rain coming the nearby creek may breach its banks or the nearby hillside gets saturated. She states, “This storm has only just started and they may not have a single thing if the hill behind them slides out.”

The Michel family doesn’t have insurance, Stewart explained. “[T]hey rent and don’t have any.”

If you would like to help, clink the link to this GoFundMe account.
House Crushed by tree House Crushed by tree



  • I went through this about 4 years ago when I lived in Maryland but thank God my insurance covered everything after my deductible. The hardest part was getting over the shock. My prayers are with you.

  • i feel sorry for them , i been there
    but should that bottle of everclear be in a pic
    hope they stay safe and warm & dry

  • They can’t afford anything and need help but they can afford the alcohol all over the place in the pictures. Hummm

    • Let’s not judge the book by its cover

    • There is 3 beer bottles and an everclear bottle…..yeah that is so many alcohol bottles everywhere huh? You obviously don’t know this family yet you’re quick to be an asshole… so what if they have 3 beer bottles and a bottle of Everclear in their house. They are still great people and great parents to that little girl. I bet you have alcohol in your house you shouldn’t Point your finger at people unless you’re perfect…

      • Yeah and besides that, I think when the tree fell through our house 30 yrs. ago that I would have liked to have been hammered when it happened. My hat is off to thinking ahead.

    • Are you fucking kidding me! That alcohol could have been a gift! [edit]

  • Holy Moley, they were lucky that piercing branch didn’t pierce one of them. Also lucky they aren’t the ones who own the house… hope those people have insurance!

    Hey–poster known as “Wow”–what a harsh judgment to make. As if the fact that someone drinks, even if they drink a lot, has anything to do with the misfortune of a tree smashing their home! And as if NOT buying that alcohol is going to make the financial difference in finding a new home, buying a whole new batch of everything, etc.
    I guess it’s just the common human need to blame the victim.

    • I don’t drink but if I did, I would need way more than that right about now… positive energy towards the family and friends

  • This is very sad. That’s why every renter should have renters insurance. It’s actually very affordable. I payed around 80 to 100 a year. Hopefully it’s not long before they can get back in their home.

  • Very sorry to hear. Prayers for your family. As to those passing judgement, read Matthew 7:5.

  • My prayers go out to this family. I hope they get the help they need. And who cares if they drink, a little, moderately, or a lot ? That has NOTHING to do with the fact that they lost everything & has nothing to do with being able to afford to find a new home for their family, buy new clothing, etc.

  • Homeowners insurance should cover a lot of the damage. Or if renters, the owner’s insurance should cover them for a place to stay. Sadly not their personal property,tho unless they have renter’s insurance. Heartfelt thanks for all of you lending a helping hand.

  • Only three bottles of beer and a little bit of Everest….trust me thats not drinking…..now i could tell you some stories about when i drank and party with women of ill repute…for days at a time….while the misses is home with the baby….but i worked every day regular party and drink till late night, but i had me a good dog and a 4×4, a little wife who only cheated sometimes and two wonderful daughters, now im old and all i have is memories of them days gone by, if i could do it one more time….by god i wouldnt change a thing

    • Yeah I’m sure u seen a lot of alcohol. But who causally has a bottle of everclear chilling in their living room. Then doesn’t even notice it when taking a picture. Also the next pic with a bunch of empty beer bottles. It just doesn’t make someone want to jump up and help someone with their hand out. “Taking naps” idk but random bottles of booze in every pic seems like they were passed out after a hard day/night of drinking! Not taking naps after a half day of working.

      • They were not drinking. This happened at 10 am. I’m sure the first thing you’d think of is to clear a bottle from the frame of a camera after a tree nearly kills your entire family. Your comment and everyone else’s on here, jumping to conclusions is not helpful but hurtful. Educate yourself before you start accusing. Heaven forbid you and yours ever need a helping hand. Stones will be thrown at you for being a victim of a freak accident and you’ll be the one being hurt by cowards behind a keyboard. Get a life.

      • Working men take naps on their day off. But what would you know about being a working man. Joe

    • Two bottles are open, one is closed, and the Everclear looks like it’s been empty for a long time cuz it has that white fuzz on the bottom. Incidentally, I have a bottle of Everclear too, but I don’t drink it! http://www.thumbinplum.com/2012/11/top-10-uses-for-everclear.html

      Try not to be a judgemental jerk; it’s unbecoming to a member of the community and resident of Humboldt. I know your head might explode, but say something nice the next time you feel like typing. Sooner or later you might have friends and stop having to spend all your time in the dark on your computer like a mushroom. Get out and be a fungi instead.

  • So glad everyone is ok,besides having the crap scared out of them.i hope you find your animal’s.take care

  • I normally wouldn’t say anything about the person’s choice to have recreational drugs, alcohol, whatever. So what if there’s a bong in the picture, no biggie?some beer?no biggie? Yet everclear is hard grain. It’s about as close to moonshine u can buy??? Idk. I guess it’s not like a syringe and a spoon sitting there, but the drinkers in this house don’t fuck around, do they! Bottles up guys!!!It’s gonna be a long night!
    Blessing that your family is safe, seriously. Hope that your pets are safe as well. God be with you through this.❤

  • So what if they had a few snorts saturday night, i didnt and i didnt have any fun either, if they hid the bottles before photos that would make them hypocrites, my first impression is there good people living amungst a bunch of judgemental people, qnd that doesnt make things any easier for this family, so shut the hell up and kick a few bucks there way, but only if you can afford it, you will feel better, because you will be a better person, and a better neighbor

  • Good god I love this country! Something bad happens to someone and we bully them anyway we can. I’m so glad we are great again.

  • You guys are too funny

  • Kym Kemp as much as we appreciate you taking the time to do this article in hopes of helping our children. I would appreciate it if you would remove it or at the least take option to commenst off. The amount of negativity coming forth is not needed and in no way helpful. It is going to do more harm to my children and I won’t tolerate it the compassionate people we appreciate your help and support. The negative people shame on you and I truly believe in karma. My kids are hardworking citizens in the community have never been arrested for anything and would help anyone of you even after you talk so hurtful of them. Shame on you and karma will come around. . My babies could have died. My six year old granddaughter could have died. All you people are seeing is some alcohol in the picture not the massive redwood barely missing my babies.

    • I am so sorry for what happened… Yesterday I heard a “thump” like a tree went down and mentioned it … but I had no idea it had hit your house. I know it will be in your mind for a long time and terrifying, but know that most of the people out here are worried about you – don’t let some 4channer get you down.

      Besides all the regular help… there’s free clothes every Weds from 1 to 4pm at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Ferndale – plenty of stuff for your little one, too!

    • All of these “could have”, didn’t happen and people in worse situations than yours get publicly shamed and ridiculed all the time. Not going against you, but just a little perspective. I am sorry for what happened to your family. Be thankful nobody was hurt and don’t worry about people commenting on alcohol bottles. That isn’t really that big of a deal.

    • Misty, I have to admit to having ranted to my husband yesterday about folks making snarky comments to your family about the alcohol bottles. I fail to understand the need to make it somehow seem like having empty bottles of alcohol somehow makes them less deserving of help.

      That said. There are really only two negative comments and almost twenty very supportive ones.

      • Thank you Kym. We did talk about the amount of love, support and positivity that has happened compared to the negative. It’s easy to get upset over a negative comment but the light shining from the positive drowns them out. Thank you again for helping spread the word. It’s working! 🙂

    • Well said. Hope your family recovers quickly and the pets are found. Take the rude remarks with a grain of salt. Just happy your family is OK.

    • You’re upset because the photos tell a story of your children prioritizing alcohol over home insurance that would insulate their home when disaster strikes? Instead, expecting a community to flip the bill out of sympathy rather than looking at the situation from a rational obvious veiw of what’s really going on?

      • Really, are you saying that for less than $30 (my estimate of the cost of that alcohol) they could get home insurance? Cause if so, hot damn, sign me up!

        • Again. You’re missing the point… Why is this being marketed as a social problem when proper insurance pays far more value than the home is worth??
          $30 worth of alcohol, nightly, over a lifetime adds ups much greater than home owners insurance..
          See my point?
          should adults not be held accountable?

          • So, your argument is that no one is to ever spend money on small luxuries if they haven’t bought things like rental insurance? For Heaven’s sake, I’m pretty darn responsible but I’ve bought a few small things that weren’t necessities before when I was a young mom barely scraping by. I sure never bought renters insurance when I first started out.

            In my opinion, folks who want to go all self-righteous on folks who are the innocent victims of a natural disaster have a far bigger problem than folks who choose to indulge in some alcohol once in awhile. That’s the kind of adults that I think should be held accountable–the folks in this world who see someone in pain or trouble and want to find some way of pointing a finger of blame at them.

            (Also, nightly? One picture of a home on a Sunday and you assume that that is a picture of their entire life?)

            • One picture equates to a thousand words or a lifetime on condemnation, but you continue to throw them out there for a final record, if verified or not.

          • Just wait til something happens in your world and the univrse slaps some judgement your way lady.

            I hope you dont have any wine, weed, jewelry, expensive jeans, a working car, big tv, wi-fi, cigarettes, chocolates, etc cuz then you’d havta judge yourself by your own standards. You dont need any of those things to survive. Even if you just had friends over who left those items visible you wuld still be judged.
            And i echo kym, if you know of rental insurance for that price do tell!!!!

            Regardless of what these folks were doing, a situation out of their control damaged their home and probably their nervous systems too. This is a time to help, not judge. I am proud of how many folks help each other in troubled times, thats community. If you dont get that then stop commenting cuz your out of your knowledge zone.

            • Relax, Kym is but a steward of society and she reflects what is desired. I wish it was no so, but that is the reality.

      • You don’t know the meaning of rational. A RATIONAL person wouldn’t be casting stone at someone who almost died from an act of nature they had no control over. Karma. To those who cast stones. See where you are if nature comes calling on your door!

    • great. there your kids why dont you take care of them. beer and the rest. it looks bad. people wont want to help if they thing there going to buy beer . up to you. not judging. just saying i thought the same thing as first look.

  • Transmitting positive energy to all Humboldt co. Especially to the Webb family. Hoping you & yours become the epicenter for good energy. Glad your family is ok. Everybody be safe, use good judgment, Sharpen your chainsaw. And Legend, it’s called a period. Check it out.

  • Everyone making big deal out of Everclear, should do some fact checking. In CA, its only 151 proof, same as vodka.

  • I will never understand why people read a story like this or anything similar and have no compassion for what this young family is going through, but can point out a few bottles of alcohol! This world is so filled with hate it makes me sick I then read of all the wonderful people willing to help and my faith in humanity is restored! Haters going to Hate I guess. It just goes to show the sad state of their hearts. God Bless this Family and the amazing people in the community willing to help!

  • I tree through anyone’s home and more rain on the way is devastating, stressful and has no doubt turned this families life upside down. It would be a major disaster to any one of us.

    A little girls 6th birthday the day after her family survived this, lost their home, can’t retrieve any of their possessions and are at risk of further damage or total loss is heartbreaking. They can’t even rush inside to quickly grab underware, a favorite pair of jeans, a cake pan to bake a cake, a child’s favorite comfort toy, family photos or any other valued items they may or may not ever be able to replace through no fault of their own has got to be depressing, scary and things most of us can’t imagine.

    Imagine the anxiety this little girl must be feeling. She doesn’t know where or what happened to her dog and cat, she has been uprooted from her home, had to leave all of her clothes, toys, blankets, her favorite and most cherished things behind yesterday. I’m sure she’s been looking forward to celebrating her birthday with a party. Now her and her family face so many more unknowns, obstacles and issues that it is hard to focus or pull together a celebration of any kind.

    Before I go on I want to state that I do not know this family or anyone that is related to this family. They are strangers to me and I’m a complete stranger to them as far as I know.

    So it appears from numerous comments that we have strangers sitting in their nice cozy homes with pots, pans, towels, blankets, beds, TV’S, food and a kitchen to store that food in and have most likely never met this family. These strangers are standing on their moral high horse, passing judgement, feeding the gossip mill, spreading crap they know nothing about and lack any foundation to back up their speculations or acquisitions.

    These high and mighty strangers have nothing better to do than dismiss a families tragedy and polite pleas for a little compassion, kindness and a helping hand.

    They appear to be heartless and thoughtless strangers passing out their opinions like they are the know all, end all experts on this family and their habits, priorities and life style. They would rather people reading this story focus attention on a few beer bottles and a bottle of of Everclear than the unfortunate situation these people are dealing with.

    SERIOUSLY, YOUR COMMENTS ARE CRUEL, INEXCUSABLE AND UNNECESSARY. My grandma used to have a name for people like you and the affliction you suffered from “Walky Talky Tackie Loose Lipped Gossip Lackies.” Furthermore, she had the perfect cure for your affliction. Everytime you opened your mouth someone should shove a spoon full of dog poop in and make you eat it. Eating “–it” would give you something better to do than spreading “–it.” It would seem these strangers were never taught ~ If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.~

    When I read this story my heart sank for this family and my heart grew heavier for this little girl. Then I read the cruelty of random strangers opinions and comments and became beyond angry at their gall. Shame, shame, shame on them. Can’t stop the need to share their negative 2 cent thoughts. Incapable of putting themselves in this families position.

    As I glanced around my
    living room I wondered what would show up in a picture if this happened to me. Sitting on my fireplace I immediately noticed a baby blanket, half naked doll my granddaughter had played with yesterday. I saw her little shirt she changed out of after she spilled red paint all over it. I have to admit from a distance it looks more like a blood stained shirt. Next to that is a bottle of Terro ant posion I used last night when I discovered a massive invasion of ants pouring in from the side of the fireplace. On the other side of the fireplace sits 7 empty wine bottles of various brands, 3 plastic wine glasses, 3 lighters and a smashed up Mountain Dew can smashed into a make shift pipe for smoking pot. Mind you no one in my home drank a sip of the wine or smoked anything out of that can. I picked these items up out of my backyard this morning after someone apparently threw them over my fence. That’s where I managed to unload them so I could remove my jacket and shoes and warm up by the fire when I came inside. I thought to myself how many assumptions and conclusions people could happily jump to if it was my living room pictured in this article. And for the record, for years I have made a tasty punch cocktail using ice, juice, fresh fruit and 4 bottles of Everclear grain alcohol that I have served at weddings, baby showers, graduations, fund raisers, and retirement parties. Everyone from 80 year old church going ladies, pastors, doctors, attorneys, teachers and parents alike enjoy my “jungle juice.”

    I know this is a long read but I wanted people to understand that this article is about someone’s life. This is their reality and what they are faced with. They don’t get to read about it and move on never to have it cross their minds agian. They are living it. Im sure it has consumed their thoughts since yesterday and for many days to come. The condition and whereabouts of beloved pets and a little girls daily life and birthday have been affected by this. This family is struggling and are in a bind. They have not demanded or given the impression that they expect to be showered with handouts to be used to finance a cult or a lifestyle of luxury beyond their means. They just asked for small acts of kindness from anyone that could or would be willing to help a family in need.

    When strangers feel the need to jump in without thinking or checking themselves and rush to judgements, accuse without knowing and attempt to refocus the issue into something negative they are sometimes out of line, make comments without any knowledge of the facts or are just as my grandma called it Walky Talky Tackie Loose Lipped Gossip Lackies with nothing better to do than stir it up and watch it go.

    For those that can and are willing to show this family some compassion and kindness by donating to their cause, please do so. For those strangers that casually had plenty to say in passing about someone elses tragedy, you need to donate out of shame, remorse or as an act of apology for your thoughtfulness and rush to judge. Remember, by the Grace of God, there goes I.

    • Ellen Buzzard, Amen!!

    • Ellen buzzard, Thank you! You are a blessing to this world and I wish there were more lovely souls like you. My husband and I are 1500 miles away from our daughter, son in law and granddaughter and it hurts our heart immensely to not be there to hold them and comfort them. Then to read the harsh judgemental things people are saying when they know nothing about the wonderful kind people they are speaking of tears me up even more. You, my kind, caring friend are a warm light in a dark time for us. Thank you for being so kind!

      • Misty~
        I had no idea when I posted this, but to my surprise you and I do have something in common. My maiden name is Webb. I’m the 5th generation to live in California. Some of the family did branch off to other places. When my Webb’s came to this country from England, many settled in New York. Malone County area I do believe. My great grandfather left New York at a very young age. He worked in the Borax mines as a mule team driver for a while. He ended up in the LA area where he met and married my great grandmother. They relocated to Tehama and Siskiyou County. My grandparents moved to Humboldt County shortly after they married.
        Where is your Webb family from?

    • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • please get your self some help. you need it.

  • My comment was deleted

  • It is tacky to first have the Gofundme goal at $2500 then change it to $5000 (seems greedy). There’s a lot of things that don’t make since. She claimed in the comment section to have been “pinned” in the recliner, yet not much around the reliner (not nearly enough to be pinned”. They said they couldn’t go inside to get anything, not even clothing, yet go in to take these photos (why not get clothing, cash, etc. at least while in there getting photos?). I’m sure it was scary but their belongings are still there…insurance would cover it, will even cover a place to stay (if they have insurance). Praying off of peoples sympathy before waiting for insurance or even trying other options is just tacky.

    • Myname-I can see why your tacky post was deleted. Crawl back in your cave and keep your uninformed opinion to yourself. You know nothing of the situation. [edit]he had to move the debris off her hence it not there. [edit] pictures taken from front door to avoid going too far into unsafe location. [edit]they are renters who did not have insurance. Homeowners idea of helping was to say oh sorry can’t believe this happened. No other help offered. [edit] dollar amount changed by her mother and sister who set up gofundme not the victims after realizing the extent of what they were going to need was higher than anticipated. So again I say [edit] crawl back in your cave with your [edit] notion of right and wrong. And again I say karma! Wait till something bad comes calling on you. With your way of thinking it will one day. See what good comes to you!

    • well said. they family and friends cant come up with $2500 and now they want $5000. very rude and low class.

    • glade i dont live in your skin. not very nice are you. and whats with all the dram. you some help

  • So you are wishing ill on people????

  • And you can clearly see that between photos shown things had been moved. Therefore, someone DID go in to take the photos.

    • [edit] No I don’t wish I’ll on anyone! I believe in karma! You are ASSUMING my children are liars and exaggerating what happened to them YOU were not there! YOU did not have a near miss with death YOU did not experience your 6 year old daughter pinned under rubble and pleading for her daddy to help her. A REDWOOD TREE FELL ON THEIR HOUSE! As my oldest daughter keeps telling me people like you are a waste of time and again I say you can’t reason with stupid! Your kind have no compassion or ability to comprehend common sense. Shut your mouth if you don’t have the facts, which you obviously refuse to see. Hey look a huge tree on that house! Stupidity is taking over this planet and it’s so sad!

      • your kids problems are your karma. theres reasons why people are broke and there lives are a mess. two kids. no money. how does this happen. where is there family. maybe you should have taught them how to take care of them selves before the had kids. i feel bad for they kids. they dont need this karma. why dont you send them the money grandma. after all there your kids

    • Jennifer Machado

      “My name” No one is making you donate any of your money so chill the fu@k out. If I want to give them $100 of my hard earned $$$$ its none of your concern…how the community spends their $$$ is none of your damn business!! Quit hiding behind a keyboard and use your real name [edit]…it’s the holidays for gods sake

    • So you were there to see this happen? That explains so much. Thank you! Thank you for being there to help them try to safely get inside enough to use the zoom feature modern technology has blessed us with. You are a very kind person to offer support in a hard time.

      • Myname has obviously been to their home and has an exact knowledge of the layout of the house and the the ability to know exactly what order the pictures were taken. I mean seriously how else would he/she know that the piece of sheet rock couldn’t possibly have landed in the position it did. The knowledge that your sister couldnt possibly have been in the chair she was in. knowledge of insurance coverage is uncanny too. Must work for aflac. Maybe he/she can hook them up with a good insurance plan since he/she is so well versed on the topic. 🙄

        • You should set up a cash account somewhere at a bank

          • John, I think they did that today. They’ve been busy trying to get things figured out so I haven’t been able to get that info yet. If they did get it taken care of today I will post an update to the GFM page with that info. Thank you for that suggestion.

        • You should set up a cash account somewhere at a bank. Your go fund me page has been lost in all the hoop law

    • Hey myname…you want to come to my house and see what it looks like?! Please feel free. Those pictures you are looking at were taken to send to our landlord so he has them. Nothing was moved. The angle of the picture is what you see moved. They were also taken by my husband while I was running frantically to get clothes for us three for the next night or two because we didn’t know if we could go back in. My poor daughter(who’s room is not pictured due to my husband running to make sure I didn’t walk into our bedroom that was blown about an inch off the rest of the house without me noticing because my first thought was get clothes and get out) didn’t sleep at all last night. She tossed and turned all night. She stares at trees wondering if they are going to crash down on her again and pin her to the ground. Had she not been next to her bed when the tree came down, she would have been flattened by the 4 support beams that are split in half and piercing into her carpet. My husband who luckily is quick to react, would have had one of those tree branches through his face because his head was right there while laying on the couch. That recliner you see behind the insulation…ya I was in it. And yes…I was trapped. I literally couldn’t move. My husband threw the sheet rock and everything else off me. This isn’t just ONE tree that hit our house. It was THREE that hit the house. The hillside that we live next to slid out completely and the trees came crashing down. No notice. No cracking or breaking. Just loud crashes and glass shattering(which covered both my husband and daughter) and then more loud crashes. I laid there hoping and praying to God that I wasn’t listening to my husband and daughter screaming because they were dying. The everclear bottle you see, our friends bought it for us months ago. It is full of water and is sitting on our wood stove. It helped keep moisture in the air as me and my daughter had been sick for MONTHS before this happened. Those beer bottles were brought over by a friend as well. And only one was my husbands. The other was his friends. And that third one you see is still closed. My husband works 10-14 hour days 5-6 days a week. He works his ass off to keep that roof that is now dropped about 3-4 feet from its normal spot over our heads. Did you hear that thunder this morning?? Ya…that’s about what those trees hitting our house sounded like. You know what our reaction was when that thunder hit right over our hotel room(which our friends got for us as we couldn’t afford it)?! We jumped. My daughter sat up in her bed and started crying thinking a tree was coming down again to pin her down again. Her little heart was about to pound out of her chest because she was so scared. My poor husband heard the guest in the room above us flush their toilet in the middle of the night and the water running down the pipes in the wall made him think that we were back at home under those trees with rain pouring down on us. That heavy wind and rain we had all night last night? It kept me up all night because it sounded like rocks hitting our window. Every little noise that sounds anything like what we experienced is just a reminder that we almost died yesterday. So if you haven’t experienced ANYTHING like this at all…please go take your negativity somewhere else and leave my family be. We are already going through enough and we don’t need you negative people making things worse. All I am thankful for is that I still have my beautiful daughter and my hard working husband to spend my days with. Maybe you should put yourself in our shoes and go through what we have been put through and then come talk to me.

      And to all you out there supporting us and defending us, thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. We are eternally grateful for all the donations and support we are getting from the community. And I can promise you that any money we have received is going to us getting a place and hopefully getting some of the things replaced that we have lost because we lost everything. We will let everyone know what we need once we figure it out. That has been the main question from everyone and we honestly don’t know. Please bare with us as we figure this all out and try to cope with the trauma we have been through. I am in no way asking or demanding anyone to donate to us. If you want to and you can, that is amazing and I’m forever in debt to you. If you can’t, I still thank you for being supportive.

      • Don’t waste your time or effort on these nasty people. Save your energy to get back on your feet and take care of your family. It gives you more heartache, pain and emotional stress, which in turn gives them the sick and twisted reaction they are looking for. Don’t let them win. Besides your daughter can feel your emotions and it sounds like she needs calm and comfort around her.
        They are not worth it.
        You lived through this experience, not these high and mighty, judgemental mouth pieces.
        Rise above this. Hold your head high and focus on the task at hand, your daughter and husband.
        Karma will bite them in the hinney for you.
        What goes around comes around and it’s coming around to them.
        As long as your doing your best, you can look at yourself in the mirror, know who you are and own your own truth your already better off than they will ever be.
        Let it go. The opinions of these heartless people don’t matter.

        • Thank you Ellen. I told my husband last night after I read him the comment that I said what I needed to and I’m done. And I wrote this not even mad. Honestly I’m sad for the negative people as they have let that negativity consume them. We are human beings. Yes my husband has some beers when we can afford it and he deserves that with the hours and hard labor he puts in at work everyday. People who truly know us know we are not alcoholics. We do prioritize our money. The people who know us know we were literally just discussing getting renters insurance but never had the chance to get it. They know that we still, even with both of us working, live paycheck to paycheck and sometimes don’t make it to the next paycheck. They know our true story and not what these people are assuming from photos of 2 opened beer bottles from 3-4 night prior to this, and an everclear bottle that was bought by a friend last year at the beginning of the year. These negative people will get what’s coming to them and even with their negativity, I would NEVER in my life wish for them to endure what we’ve been through. It is terrifying. There is always people who have to kick others while they are down just to make themselves feel better but that’s not me. When and if they ever did experience this, I’d be there to support them no matter what. I’d do whatever I can to make sure they were ok and helping them stay positive. They can be mean all they want. It will not affect me. We honestly sat there and laughed at the comments and shook our heads. They don’t know what we have been through the last 2 1/2 years. We have had one hell of a ride and we are still struggling and recovering from hardships prior to this. I’m going to stay positive for my family and continue thanking and cherishing the supportive people.

  • I’ll donate money on Thursday if tree doesn’t go thru my place Tuesday & Wednesday. I’ll be drinking beer and takin shots in anticipation. Aw crap I like a couple every nite. 💪🏼 but will donate if spared on this next storm surge.

  • Don’t listen to The my name [edit]. Get your info out there. Your gettin ready to drop off Kyms news cite. To much time defending family against complete idiot!! Kym please post there info for couple days without comments. This was ridiculous.

  • Life is a big circle. Glad that my friend and I could help them out Sunday & Monday night. You just never know where help can come from. We all need to remember that, and act accordingly on a daily basis.

  • The people that own the property are liable to take care of tree management. Also clearing trees and brush near any house for fire, etc..

  • Wouldn’t the owners of the home have home owners insurance which could help the renters? I’m not sure how that works!

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