Strike’s Over: Bring on the Crab!

Nick Colazas, local crabber, with his crew. [Photos all by Wendy Horn]

Good news for crab lovers! The crabbers have agreed to go back looking for the succulent crustaceans. Today, they have accepted the price of $2.875 per pound. Of course, the coming storms might keep them in port but some crabbers are planning on heading out tomorrow.

The roots of the strike began on Monday, December 26, when Pacific Choice Seafood attempted to lower the price per pound they paid fisherman from the previously agreed upon $3 per pound to $2.75 per pound.

According to the Humboldt Fisherman’s Marketing Association, “Many fishermen believed that Pacific Group picked what was perceived as the weak link in West Coast fishing communities as a way of causing cascading price reductions… .”

By Friday, December 30, the local crabbers went on strike. Other crabbers joined them in solidarity and crabs became scarce in the marketplace. According to the Humboldt Fisherman’s Marketing Association, crabbers “tied up from Morro Bay, California in the south to Westport, Washington, on the north.”

This evening, both sides came to an agreement and crabs could start pouring in as soon as the storms are over.


Rainbow and a crab boat

The Ashlyn D, a local crab boat, tied up under a rainbow.  [Photo by Wendy Horn]



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