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law enforcement arrest

Thursday around 8:30 p.m., as reported on this site, scanner traffic indicated that a California Highway Patrol Officer held three at gunpoint after a traffic collision resulted in a fight..

Well, that’s not exactly what really happened, according to CHP spokesperson Cy May.

May said that an officer spotted a 1999 Honda Civic speeding. According to May, the officer activated his lights to indicate the car should pull over. The driver failed to do so for several blocks, May said. Eventually, the driver stopped in front of a residence in the 1300 block of Fernwood Drive.

At that time, May said, “Multiple occupants exited the vehicle…These people were agitated, yelling.”

May said the officer was concerned as there were multiple subjects and the vehicle had not obeyed the law and pulled over as they should have when the officer’s lights were activated.

The officer detained the three at gunpoint. Other law enforcement showed up. The female driver was unlicensed and was cited. One of the passengers was “under the influence of drugs and had paraphernalia on him,” May said. That passenger was arrested.



  • Get’em Broderick!

  • Glad it wasn’t what everyone thought.

  • Broderick Crawford

    TEN-FOUR! Better call in the Whirly Bird!

  • Moral of story: do what the LEO says. Stop for the red light. Don’t make the officer pull his weapon, and if you do, be very careful what you do next…

  • So there was no indication any of these people had a weapon, nor did they make any kind of threatening statements or actions to the officer or towards the public, but he decided to pull his gun out anyway? I guess from now on I’m going to go around pointing a gun at every agitated drug user I see, since it’s apparently the proper way to do things.

    • Live ONE day in a cops job, and let us know “the proper way to do things.” If he pulled a gun, they gave him a reason to.

    • No, because you are not a fucking Cop Moron try doing without the People who deal with these scumbags every day to keep you ungrateful ass safe .

  • So., you can drive around there without a license and all you get is a ticket?

  • How was the officer to know they didn’t have a weapon? With the way cops are getting whacked, and considering these people would not follow orders to pull over and then exited the car yelling, i would have pulled my weapon also.

  • Please! remain in you vehicle! Learned that one before I was out of my teens. Dumb-Da-Dumb-Dumb_–DUMB!

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