Man Assaulted in Redway with a Baseball Bat

Assault FeatureAbout 4:30 this morning, near the intersection of Empire and Whitmore Avenues in Redway (near where the shooting recently occurred),  a 23-year-old man was assaulted by another man with what the victim says was a steel baseball bat. According to Lt. Kenny Swithenbank, the assaulter may have believed the victim was trying to steal items from his car. The victim says he wasn’t.

According to Swithenbank, the 23-year-old was chased a short distance and struck approximately four times.

The young man may have broken leg.

The incident is being investigated as an assault with a deadly weapon. The suspect has not been identified.



  • A steel baseball bat!? I didn’t even know they existed!

  • If you break into my car,I’d do the same.and make a citizen arrest and call 911.

  • Citizens on Patrol! Make sure its really a perp your swinging at!!!

  • I’m sure this guy was up to no good roaming around at 4:30 am. There’s been a lot of vehicles in redway broken into in the past week or two, more then likely he was trying to break into the vehicle and got caught. He might think twice next time he wants to steal from someone

  • Don’t steal and you won’t get the “steel” bat. Very simple. Enough excuses already. It’s making our quality of life in this area shit! Be a positive part of the community or go somewhere else. Please!

  • Just down the st. The night b4 our car door was opened at about 3 or 4 am. I forgot to lock it. The dogs scared em off. So yeah he was more than likely trying to rob their car.

    • Growdozers attract attention stupid

      To Shawn and Bruce …If your truck wasn’t worth more then the neighbour kids house he’d probably stay out of it .not saying it’s right for him to be in it but just saying you won’t catch them in my old Datsun pickup

      • There is truth to this!

        No one breaks into my beater!

      • Growdozers attract attention.. lol u sound like your jealous.. doesn’t make it right because someone has a nice truck .. of course no one needs to break into your beater because it is left unlocked.. but if u leave any valuables in or around your truck they will steal your valuables as well .. most people with nice trucks don’t own them they pay payments because they have good credit and pay there bills and go to work everyday.. sick of people hating on people who work hard and have nice things

      • LOL, they’ve broken into my beater several times when I left it unlocked and stole half the cigarettes out of my pack. Left the other half.

  • Many “interesting” folks moving around Redway in the night. Gosh, I wonder what they are doing standing over there at 0300? I tend to drive places early in the AM and guess what? I SEE YOU!

  • More than not he was trying to steal something now the property owner will have to defend himself while the thief goes free .Its funny how the home free and meth heads have all the rights .What about our civil rights don’t we have the right to protect ourselves and our property.

    not in California

  • You don’t get in trouble for trying to break into somebody’s car anyhow you have to succeed in order for you get in trouble. My wife’s coworker caught a person breaking into her car and that’s what the cops told her it’s not against the law to try to break in you have to succeed so she needed to let him finish getting in the car for to be a crime.

  • Toss a rattle snake in the front seat. Just remember to remove it before using the car.

  • 2nd violent episode in one month right there. (The building right across from Redway Feed)
    Does ANYONE see the pattern developing here in terms of WHERE these violent episodes seem to be originating from?
    The transients that are being allowed to stay at what used to be the old church/day care have been causing all sorts of problems for the Redway neighborhood by way of theft, burglary, physical assaults, shooting.
    That place needs to be CLOSED DOWN IMMEDIATELY if not sooner. The people that own that building, who are letting these transients stay there, should be required to pay for law enforcement calls.
    That little building cannot possibly accommodate the 25 people or so staying there.

    • WTF, you can thank Dotti for that. You should see what she’s done to p-ville, not that is was nice before she came to town but now it’s even more fucked.

  • Redway has had a problem with vehicle break ins for years, not just the last couple months. I lived in Redway for 10 years and had thefts from my car everytime I forgot to lock it overnight. I’d send my bf out to whomp anyone lurking about my vehicle in the middle of the night.

  • These last couple months 5 cars (that I know of) were broken into on my street right around the corner from there. I say if someone is messing with your car, whomp them. Nobody is fooling around with someone ‘s car at 4 in the morning full of good intention and a couple incidents like this will make thieves a little more timid.

  • You have to catch them in the act on camera to prove what you saw,then let the authorities at it. To chase them down with a bat is vigilante justice. There is a line you cross, it is as simple as that. If you choose to step over the line yourself, don’t get caught!

  • What if the baseball bat victim is the suspect in the recent shooting

  • Well I guess it’s time to stand up for our selfs,and TCOB!!that’s a bit of Elvis

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