Little Guy Lost

brown and white long haired chihuahua Chaco, a long-haired chihuahua named was lost on December 30.

“He jumped out of my husband’s truck when he stopped,” the owner explained. “We are not sure if he jumped out at Blue Lake casino gas station or in Willow Creek gas station.”

Chaco is brown and white. He was wearing a red jacket and black collar with tags. He is 1 1/2 yr old and is not fixed.

Please call (707) 296-6946 if you have any information.



  • Nothing like checking the back of the truck to see if your dog’s okay.

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      Maybe and probably it was in the passenger compartment, getting in and out in sketchy grower terrorist zones may have had them worried about terrorist ambush and didn’t notice the dog getting out.

      I blame pot growers and their associated crime for this, not the dog’s owners.

      Hope they get it back because those are great dogs.

      I miss mine that fed a mountain lion.

      • Are you sure it was a mountain lion? Covert grower terrorist have been known to steal dogs and traffic them. It’s become quite the problem in our area and we cant seem to get any help. I’m writing President Trump a letter asking if he will go bigly on these f@ckers.

      • You blame growers for everything whether or not they could even be responsible!!! I will admit some of them ARE a bit on the shady looking side to say the least!!! But blaming ALL of them is a bit of an OVERKILL!!! Lay off the booze for awhile you may even make some sense for a change!!! THe damned Methheads are the main problem tey will steal anything not nailed down or they can get a pry bar under!!! Sometimes as paranoid as you come across HBC you remind me of a paranoid methhead!!! I am not a “Grower I may palnt a few in the Spring for personal use but I am by NO means a “grower”!!!

    • Why do you think this little dog was in the back of a truck? Looks like a lap dog to me. My little dog would jump out of my car and jump into anybody’s rig. She loved to visit strangers. I hope this pet is returned to her family.

  • Lose the extra E on the end of my last name!!! Some day I hope to learn to type legibly

  • I so want him!!

  • Everyone of the comments made are stupid , hurtful , and inconsiderate of the feelings for these people who lost there dog!!! I know them, and this little bitty dog that’s loved very much was NOT in the back of the truck!! he somehow slipped out the door when his owner got out at one of the places he stopped. You uncaring people need to not COMMENT if you havn’t anything nice to say. SHAME ON YOU!

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