Hit and Run Left One With Major Injuries Early This Morning

chp major injury featureAt approximately 12:20 a.m. today, one person was injured during a traffic accident that occurred in the southbound lanes of Hwy 101 just north of the Slough Bridge coming into Eureka. According to scanner traffic, the incident occurred when a vehicle attempted to miss a pedestrian in traffic and instead struck him.

According to scanner traffic, the victim had major injuries.

UPDATE 4:50 p.m.: Press release from the California Highway Patrol:

On the morning of Thursday, January 5th, a 21 year old man sustained life threatening injuries following an unknown occurrence.

At approximately 12:20 am, Humboldt Area CHP responded to a report of a pedestrian in the roadway near southbound US-101 just north of the Eureka Slough Bridge.  When CHP Officers arrived on scene they located an unresponsive man, lying on the left shoulder with a major head injury.  The man was transported by ambulance to St. Joseph Hospital.  No vehicle’s or witnesses were located at the scene.  Due to the lack of physical evidence it is unclear at this time if it was a traffic collision or other circumstances that lead to the injuries sustained by the man.  Humboldt Area CHP and Eureka Police Department are working diligently together to determine the cause of the incident.

*****If anyone has any information that may lead to the cause of this incident please contact the Humboldt Area CHP Office at 707-822-5981 or Eureka Police Department at 707-441-4060.



  • Welcome to Scumboldt!

  • Clue #1
    Do NOT walk on major Highways at midnight or hey maybe all foot traffic should stay OFF all road ways after dark. Dumb A** is lucky to be alive!! And the guy that hit him and left……who knows what his story will be??

    • Maybe it was Marci getting one last hit and run in before she goes to court.

      • Probably I swear I saw the pos smiling and buying alcohol at Safeway in Fortuna a little while before Christmas made my stomach turn I was going to say something but I wasn’t 100% sure it was her when I got home I looked up her picture and I’m like 95% sure it was

    • He’s not alive anymore, thank you.

      • I’m sorry for your loss. I will say prayer for your family.

        I hope too, you can find a way to easily disregard the rude comments that so many of the heartless people may make on the LoCO. It breaks my heart. They do it all the time on here, to anyone, so I hope you can not take it personally. I just wanted to acknowledge that for you.

      • I am so sorry for your loss. My deepest sympathies. Please ignore the awful things these people with no heart are saying. May he rest in peace.

    • They probably panicked. The last thing that I would be expecting is for some dipshit to be playing in traffic on the 101 in the middle of the night, probably dressed in dark clothes too. Then again, that’s not unheard of here.

    • How much u know [edit] he died in happened to b my Cuzn .

    • Thanks for your ignorant remarks. The “dumb ass” paid with his life.

  • Freaking Cold Hearted.

    • Way of this world. Sad, isn’t it. That’s where my medicine, high CBD cannabis, really comes in handy when dealing with the negativity. Much easier to overcome.

  • So sad.i don’t understand why folks walk on freeways,it’s not even safe for cars

  • I’ve heard of cases where someone is hit with the passenger side mirror of a truck. The driver isn’t even aware that he hit someone. I’m thinking since he only had head injuries, maybe that’s the case.

  • Why does people always put smart A… remarks on here knowing family could be reading this? Grow the Hell up and have some decency and respect for the family and friends who are grieving. No I do not know this person as far as I know but still he is somebody’s loved one. R.I.P. whoever you may be. I just hope it is no one I know. Prayers to the Family and Friends. I hope you get answers as to what happened and why.

  • I’m still amazed at how many Eureka pedestrians that I see wearing dark clothing, and how many vehicle hit and runs that occur as well.
    In being a vulnerable road user, I will take the necessary steps, that I can, to be seen by motorists from the furthest distance possible, day and night, and I also make collision avoidance my highest priority, since I will most likely end up with the highest level of injuries in a traffic collision.

    My condolences to the family of the deceased man.

  • RIP. I try not to walk around day or night. It seems like everyone’s drunk, although I know that’s not the case. I’d rather see people smoking weed and driving below the speed limit than drunk and racing around. Better yet, just wait till you get home to spark up.

  • R .I.P. another soul lost.prayers and my condolences to all the familys.George Kurwitz you taught my husband everything he knows about building,I’m so very sorry for your loss.may he be free now!!

  • You people are so cold. He had a name. It was Ben, and yes he was vey young. Young, troubled but he didn’t deserve to die alone on a cold roadway in the middle of the night.
    Maybe you can redeem your sorry ass selves and attend his funeral on Jan 12th at 2:00 pm. It is posted to be at Christ Episcopal Church in Eureka.
    He had a life that was cut short. There were many factors involved obviously. Slamming Ben or the cowardice driver who killed him now doesn’t help anyone. He has many family members that are struggling to deal with this horrible tragedy.

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