[UPDATE 9:14 p.m.] Fight After Traffic Accident Causes CHP Officer to Hold Three at Gunpoint

Multiple Officers respond to altercation

A photo taken through a window shows Multiple law enforcement in front of a residence on Fernwood Drive in McKinleyville. [Photo provided by Karen Elizabeth Schoen Felt]

At approximately 8:30 p.m., a traffic collision on the 1300 block of Fernwood Drive resulted in a physical fight, according to reports across the scanner.

The California Highway Patrol is on site. Three were being held at gunpoint by a CHP officer.

An ambulance was called. Multiple law enforcement vehicles are on site as of 8:51 p.m.

UPDATE 9:02 p.m.:

[Photo provided by a reader]

UPDATE 9:14 p.m.: More photos from another reader:
law enforcement arrest

law enforcement arrest



  • Mountain Lion Lady

    Since when do the guns get drawn first? Don’t they have pepper spray, a baton, taser? What about some good old fashion conversation? I never hear of those things being used to get a situation under control any more. Fortunately, this officer didn’t feel, “threatened” so he would have had to shoot someone. I think our police need to go back for some continuing education. I realize I wasn’t there and didn’t see what happened, yada, yada, yada. But drawing your guns seem to be the first line of defense these days.

    • Liberal democrat *****

      • How about an officer getting shot in the head while attempting a coversation? Nope…they’re not going there and they shouldn’t. Obviously you don’t understand what they deal with on a daily basis.

        By the way, I am a democrat so knock off the stupid comments about democrats. I support our LE and our military, and no, i am not a minority of that party.

        • Mountain Lion Lady

          Just so you know, my brother was Deputy Sheriff for 35 years. I am very aware of what they encounter and how they are trained to handle it. My brother was a hostage negotiator. I myself was trained as an incident commander. So I am very aware of what happens at the scene in those first moments. More than likely, far more than you will ever be. And yes, I am a Democrat and while I lean left, I can be very content taking a middle line. I would actually prefer the moderate approach from a political point of view. That way, you can have some of the best of both worlds.

    • Let’s break that down, starting with “I realize I wasn’t there and didn’t see what happened”.

      That sentence right there makes the rest of your statement invalid.

      You don’t have a clue what caused the officer to draw his gun. Maybe it was a physical altercation involving people pistol whipping each other with loaded guns…Maybe not…

      The point is, YOU DON’T FUCKING KNOW, [edit]

      Don’t jump to conclusions, and don’t be an instigating keyboard warrior [edit]

      • Trust me if they had a gun, they’d be dead. That is if the officer could hit the target. lol

      • ONLY if you GOTTA kill? NOT for threatening? Forget that.....

        I do know. It’s called “being able to get away with it”. Cause, if it was a normal person, citizen or not, they would be arrested. Even if it was “justified”.

    • No shit that’s why have them. Three against one I’d pull my gun first to, pretty sure pepper spray would not work so well..

    • Go be a CHP. You will love it. These guys have the best training, the last word in equipment, and, lets face it, locally, in many situations, they are the first and last line of law enforcement in a crazy, drug fueled and largely lawless area. These professionals have my support and respect. They are brave, tough, and level. I sincerely doubt that they would pull weapons unless threatened, and I believe that they would only “empty the magazine” in the worst situations, unlike some trigger happy local police forces I could name who appear to accept an amount of collateral damage as being part of their job…

      • I am a fan of the CHP. They keep the roads safe, and are first responders in many emergency situations as you mentioned.

      • amimissingsomething

        No officer ever pulls his gun out unless there is an immediate threat to themselves or another innocent party. Every sane gun owner knows that when you point a gun at someone you intend to shoot to kill because you have fear for your own life or the life of others. People who don’t grow up around guns have a fear of them for only one reason. They know nothing about them.. Educate yourself. Take a gun course. Go to a range with someone who is trained in the use of all firearms and learn to shoot a gun. Learn how to break it down and clean it. People believe the moniker “Assault Weapon” when nothing could be further from the truth. Please take the time to take your kids and learn how to shoot and care for a gun. If you do this your entire family will be much safer in today’s gang banger world. It could save your life and the lives of your family members.

    • With the Attitude toward the Police in this country initiated by our President If I were a Policeman I would certainly draw first ask questions later

    • You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. Yet you speak as if you are the supreme expert on law enforcement response and tactics.

    • They always start with those. Guns ARE CHP’s last resort. They just don’t say “We tried to talk to them, but the idiots kept killing each other, so we had to pull our guns”. It goes without saying in a news report.

    • sharpen your pencil

      Did it ever occur to you, that there were 3 people fighting? Their tasers won’t hit 3 targets, and I doubt they carry 3 tasers. 3 people fighting and one cop, yeah, that is a reason to get your weapon out. You lefties and your thought process that he should talk to them….. Yeah, get in the middle of three people fighting, I’m sure that would end well for the officer….

    • Why don’t you volunteer for the police department so you can have a first hand look at what they have to deal with before placing judgment

    • How about an officer getting shot in the head while attempting a coversation? Nope…they’re not going there and they shouldn’t. Obviously you don’t understand what they deal with on a daily basis.

    • This comment is directed at EVERYONE that thinks they know how a police officer should do their job . Go become a police officer and walk your talk

  • Well, here we go again. Police draw weapons when they don’t need to. Don’t they have mace, tazer, baton and handcuffs. What’s wrong with this picture from this person ‘Mountain Lion Lady’. A single Officer at the time, a physical fight going on, at least 3 people involved and maybe being aggressive, so, what does she think the Officer should do, offer them a peace pipe? She’s either a anti-gun, Liberal or a Democrat nut. I sure hope that she’s protected by a private Security Company, because if I was a LEO, I don’t know if I would want to come to her defense with this kind of stupidity. Maybe she’s the one that needs to go back to school and learn what REAL LIFE is all about. And bravo to the Officer for using the tools that he was given to protect him or herself and to diffuse the situation.

    • I like to believe that LEOs aren’t as petty and spiteful as you suggest they should be. Regardless of the opinion expressed by that person they should still have the same rights and protection under the law. In fact one of their rights is the freedom to express themselves. While I respect your right to speak your mind, I disagree with the way of thinking you are recommending to others.

    • Easy, she may just be ignorant not stupid. Not everyone is up on police procedures

  • I could not agree more. You’re the best, mountain lion lady.

  • The Ostrich Hunter

    “Someone said something negative about cops AND guns?!”

    *derptrolls rise in unison*

    *form MechaTrollzilla*


    • Looks like nobody thought that to be as funny as yourself, [edit]

    • I thought the observation was kind of funny, but would have been better using Voltron as a reference. Some of the comments (right-wing, left-wing, no-wing) that are disrespectful but don’t add substance to the discussion/argument make me wonder if it’s time for a thunderdome, or at least a ‘like’ button so people can express support for an idea instead of being forced to write something that may or may not be intelligent and rightly or wrongly come across as mass trolling. (yeah, beating you to it: I’m unintellegent, mispell, poor grammar and composition, and have run-on sentences: tl;dr)

  • What would you do if my Marine brother wasn’t babysitting the criminals in the correctional facility he works in everyday?

  • A lot of cops are dying in the line of duty. I guess he didn’t want to be the next. I can’t blame him.

  • It was dark, there is a fight (means more than one person if you are LE arriving alone I don’t know what you would do), someone called it in so there was enough going on to alarm a citizen. In today’s environment I believe I would go with the gun. Look at our murder rate in Humboldt County, latest attack on LE I saw on news was the ambush at Walmart in Texas, one office shot twice hitting vest which knocks him to the ground, he slides on floor but manages to roll over and fire back to protect himself, his partner and shoppers. I do not have all the answers but I do not believe name calling helps any situation, try a little kindness and consideration.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Wonder how weed fits into a car accident, and brawl?

    Certainly there is a weed growing terrorist angle.

    Good job CHP!

    CHP does much in keeping weed terrorists from transporting devil’s lettuce and the site of CHP puts fear into the hearts of the terrorists.

    It’s a shame the terrorists outnumber CHP, preventing entire areas from being cleansed of grower terrorist trash.

  • It’s sad to see some of the comments on here sound like the idiotic comments that are routinely published on LOCO. Regardless, glad no one was hurt. I think more people should do ride alongs with law enforcement and see what it is really like. It may help with uninformed opinions.

  • if a cop gives an order to stop what ur doing and u dont comply..they will use what ever force they have to gain control of the situation including use of guns…this is the real world if u dont like it see if u can make it any different.. i dont see that even possible .. maybe people should liston to cops when there told to stop what there doing.. then they wouldnt have to worry about stairing down the barrel of a loaded 40 cal semi auto…….

  • First was anyone hurt?and was this road rage?or did they know each other?these days it’s a crap chute on why people do what they do!

  • Joel Henderson, clean up your act and stop embarrassing your nice family. You are better than this and your family doesn’t deserve this heartbreak. Shame on you.

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