Traffic Signal Install Starting Monday in Cutten

Notice of construction



  • that’s going to be weird but much needed, grew up out there♡

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      Much needed. People blaze down that particular bend in the street and seem to forget there’s an elementary school on one side, and the side street for Winship middle school just a block away. That and Fern street is tricky in the mornings as it’s a short cut for people crossing over from G Street. You take your chances as it is. A light will tie things up, but it’s for the better.

  • Why is a signal needed there?

  • Nice. How about a couple of stop signs on holly and walnut while you’re at it.

  • That is a very bad spot.its hard to get across.i used to take my granddaughter,to that school and it was tough,took sometimes 10 mins..great safe idea.well worth the might help slow down the rude drivers in this town.NICE

    • There’s a school on Fern Street?

      • sharpen your pencil

        Come on. If you are driving on fern to get to the school…… You do realize that not every kid that goes to school live on the same street or in the parking lot of the schol, right?

  • Harris and I needs a light, too. Horrible spot.

    • sharpen your pencil

      Only for the people trying to use side streets to cut off traffic, get what you ask for….. I don’t have problems with it….

  • A stop sign at Holly and Walnut would be good.

  • That could create some unintended consequences if the light change timing isn’t just right, especially at peak times.

  • I’ve been through that intersection several hundred times, both through and turning onto and from fern, and have never noticed any problem, at all, ever. The only problem I’ve seen out there, not related to the intersection, is slow drivers backing up traffic.

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