Orick Gets Resident Deputy

Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

Humboldt County deputy at Orick town limitsSheriff Mike Downey is pleased to announce Deputy Joe Conlin has been selected to fill the vacant Resident Deputy position for the Orick Community.

Deputy Conlin is a life-long resident of Humboldt County, having been born and raised in Arcata.  He graduated from Arcata High school in 1992 and spent 15 years in the U.S. Army.  Deputy Conlin served in 6 combat tours during his time in the Army.  He graduated from the College of the Redwoods 101st Police Academy in 2007.

Deputy Conlin was hired by the Sheriff’s Office in December 2007.  He is a certified Evidence Technician, Defensive Tactics Instructor, Field Training Officer, and Explosive Ordnance Device Technician.

Growing up in a small community, Deputy Conlin is familiar with the benefits and challenges a small community has to offer.  He is looking forward to building a long-lasting relationship with the Orick community.  When you see Deputy Conlin patrolling please take a moment to introduce yourself and say hello.

Deputy Conlin began his full-time resident deputy assignment on January 2nd.  This resident deputy position is funded by Measure Z.



  • Way to go, Joe!!

  • I met joe an i think that he is a alrite dep an look forward to seeing how he is dealing with the everyday problems in orick. I realy want to see how he deals with the park rangers an citizens of orick together.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Not what Orick needs!

    Orick needs camping on the beach again and libs not allowed.

    Orick is an example of what libs do to fun places.

    Still looks the same, no stupid birds, just boarded business because of lib trash.

    • Yeah, more drunken beach driving, lagoon breaching, elk poaching and illegal cutting of redwood in the state and national parks!

      Let the good times roll! Like the good ol’ days!

    • That’s for sure! All ppl do in Orick is watch what the next man is doing. How are you 19-40 something years old and talking down on ppl who are stuck because of a broke town with no way out? Where the older ppl in town rather make up stories about ppl rather then base it on fact. All I’m saying is don’t point a finger at somebody not realizing you have 3 more pointing right back at you

  • McKinleyville needs this more than Orick.

  • From someone who has lived in Orick for 13 years. Since we lost Sheriff Berry, the meth and crime problem has continued to grow drastically. We never used to be afraid to walk to the market at night. I am both afraid and sad for Orick. I hope Deputy Conlin can help this community.

  • I have met deputy Conlin he is pretty relaxed and seems like a good fit for our community up here in Orick. Hope he remembers I’m making him stir fry tomorrow night at the palm lol.

  • I hear Deputy Conlin has been reassigned or fired. Good he was nothing but a hired gun. He targeted specific people on the behalf of those that think their royalty and those that like to judge others and force their ideals on others. The vacation rental buisness is the key. The people with the money and property want more. They think that they can run anyone off that doesn’t fit into their plan. Plan to get themselves and family wealthy. If you don’t have property good buy. That’s what Conlin was here to do. Read between the lines. Park Orick 50 year plan remember. So I say”Good riddance.” The next deputy should concentrate on keeping the business in Orick from being robbed. In the last 4 years the school,post office,Palms, and Orick market have benn burglarized. All by temporary residents.

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