Emergency Shelter Open in SoHum Tonight

The First Baptist Church in Redway opens its doors tonight to homeless individuals to provide a place to sleep. Though there was no emergency shelter in Southern Humboldt last night during the rain because the temperature was higher than that agreed on for opening, temperatures are expected to plunge to 29 degrees tonight in Garberville and Redway.

Food for dinner and breakfast are also provided to those who arrive. Intake occurs between 6 and 9 p.m.




  • Is the church in Redway really slanted like that or is that an optical illusion?

  • Wow, that’s amazing. Like that old saying, “you can teach a old dog new tricks,” and this old dog is 77yrs. Thank you so much Kym. Good Karma to you sweetheart.

  • Thanks for opening the doors to the homeless
    I’m sure those that decide to get in out of the weather sleep better for that night

  • Kym – What is the “agreed upon temperature” that allows for opening the emergency shelter in Southern Humboldt?

  • The Shelter is open tomorrow also, Thursday the 5th ,at the the Presbyterian church in Garberville. When the temperature is 34 or below the shelter organizes to open at either church.

  • Peg, it would be nice for the people to be able to COME IN. You can’t be a group that writes petitions to keep these folks off the town square, like you and your daughter did, and then use the muscle of the patrol groups,robo complain against the homeless, get gun permits like your daughter and son in law did after they ruffed up everyone, lie about the advocates that have helped these people more than you ever will, violate human rights by destroying and stealing all their survival gear and private property with green vests on in the name of law enforcement, like your son in law did. Infiltrating GROUPS to know where the camps are, ruining another groups trust on the streets. Taking a pregnant’s woman everything, like the dirty bastard he is. The people on the streets are much smarter than you or Yashi will ever be they aren’t “buying” your shelter bullshit! Use your guilt and your money somewhere else..Buy Rio a supervisor seat! Do like your daughter and son in law tells EVERYONE on the street and “Go the F%$# away!” Or his newest “I have a vision for Garberville and your not in it” the hypocrisy of your group actions is sickening!

    • Wow Dan. I am sure you are doing something for the homeless on these nights right? I am sure your doors are open and you are doing something as you throw out accusations and condemnations. You are sure spewing a lot of bitterness, yo. Check yourself. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

  • Hate breeds Hate and love expands love…Peg and Yashi choose love..we are all a work in progress but when an act of empathy and love are met with hate speech…that’s sad. Time to end the Hate Street Dan!

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