Driver Sent to Hospital After Collision in Eureka; Grotto Street Closed

Scooter accident

Emergency medical technicians work on the victim. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

One man received major injuries after a Honda Reflex was struck by a Kia at D and Grotto Streets in Eureka about 4 p.m.

According to Sgt Gary Whitmer of the Eureka Police Department, the car was westbound on Grotto turning south onto D Street heading into the sun. The driver was overheard saying she didn’t see the scooter. She turned into its path.

The driver of the scooter was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

Eureka Police have closed Grotto between D and E Streets.

[Photo by Mark McKenna]



  • The standard excuse when a car hits a biker… I didn’t see them!!! Wake up & watch where the freak you’re driving & who & or what is around you!!! The life you save may be one of my many biker friends!!!

    • Well you should tell your biker friends to take extra precaution then.and who in there right mind wants to be ridding a FUCKIN motorcycle in the dead of Winter.when roads are really FUCKIN ice and sounds and appears to me that it was an accident and should be a lesson learned unfortionaly it happens to be someone on a bike

  • Isn’t a Honda Flex a Honda car? I clearly see this is a motorcycle and may be a Honda but I am confused. I agree with Dan. Oh I cannot see the sun is in my eyes but I will turn anyway…

  • I think it is a Honda Reflex. A 250 Honda Scooter.

    Hope he’s OK. This is the classic way we riders get hit, cars turning across our path and “Not seeing”.

    Slugrockets scooter club

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      Shanty missions don’t help either…

      Scooter types should lay off the torque in traffic settings.

      Hope it wasn’t a Ruckus, as they are getting harder to find.

  • Hope their ok,ouch!

  • Driver probably rolled through the stop sign (in a hurry) glancing to check only for other 4 wheeled vehicles. Please come to a complete stop and be absolutely certain it’s clear before proceeding. It’s the law! It’s purpose is to prevent crashes.

  • “I couldn’t see, so I went” is a common excuse for glare, fogged windows, etc.

    Hope the scooter rider heals up fast.

  • Everything you all are saying may be true but I was driving today and two times I made a turn and was blinded by the low sun. There would have been NO WAY to see anything in front of me. Lasted just a moment but definatlely could happen. The very first car I bought, a VW bug was totaled by a driver driving into the setting sun and didn’t see it.

  • It looked like the car was cutting across the bikers lane, instead of turning left on the right lane, when the collision occurred. The biker may have been stopped at his stop sign. The scooter ended up at the corner lawn, and the car was stopped in the bikers lane at an angle. (my view after the accident)

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