[Found] 2010 Silver Toyota Rav4 Stolen; Please Keep a Lookout

c2010 silver Toyota Rav4Stock Photo 2010 silver Toyota Rav4

A thief took a 2010 silver Toyota Rav4 last night near the intersection of U & Everding Streets in Eureka. The license plate is 6NAN932.

“There aren’t really any distinguishing marks on the car (there’s a small, oval shaped black & white magnet that says “WAG MORE BARK LESS” on the gas cap door but it is super easy to remove, so it may be gone already),” reports the owner. “The doors were definitely locked so the thieves likely broke in through a door (no broken glass). There was a spare non-transponder key inside the vehicle, which the thieves may have found or they may have hot-wired the vehicle.”

Contact the Eureka Police Department at 441-4060 if you see the vehicle.

UPDATE 7:30 p.m.: A reader saw this post and recognized this stolen Rav4 as a vehicle parked in an alley between Huntoon and Buhne in Eureka. As you can see, it was damaged, and some electronics were taken. But the owner does have it back.battered 2010 silver Toyota Rav4




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