Snow Day? Is Your School Open or Closed?

Some school kids are having a snow day today. Is yours?

Here’s what we know so far:

Beginnings: According to Principal Julia Anderson, There will be a late start at 10:30 a.m.

  • Skyfish
  • Children’s House

Klamath Trinity Joint Unified School District is closed today. Klamath- Trinity school district closed again tomorrow

These are the affected campuses:

Kneeland School District: According to a parent, a call went out that it was closed today.

The only affected school is

Laytonville Unified School District:  According to their Facebook page, “Laytonville Unified Schools will be OPEN today as usual, EXCEPT, Spy Rock School parents, stay tuned for a possible late start time. We will contact Spy Rock parents by phone [around 7:30].”

The affected schools are

Southern Humboldt School District has a late start today. According to their webpage, “Casterlin Elementary will be closed. All other schools will have a late start which means 2 hours later. Elementary schools will start at 10:30. Miranda Schools will start at 10:15…”

“There will be no bus up Alderpoint Road. The rest of the buses will be running but two hours later than usual.”

Affected schools are

Southern Trinity Joint Unified School District,: According to Superintendent/Principal  Peggy Canale,”Due to the snow, we are not going to have school…TUESDAY, January 3. Also, no school tomorrow, Wednesday, January 4th. Southern Trinity Schools will delay returning to school until THURSDAY, January 5.

  • Southern Trinity High School
  • Van Duzen Elementary
  • Zenia Elementary

Trinity County Schools (see Southern Trinity Joint School District above): According to their Facebook page, “Due to expected low snow levels, Burnt Ranch School is having a 2 hour delayed start…. Road conditions or power loss may cause the the district to cancel school, but that will not be decided until after 9:00 am tomorrow. (You will be notified via a phone call if school is cancelled.) Please be at your Burnt Ranch bus stop exactly TWO hours later than usual.

Affected schools are



  • Thanks for the notice of the closures.

  • Burnt Ranch Elementary is also a late start. School will start at 10:15. A decision will be made at 9am if school will be closed today.

  • What about Spyrock school

    • Just read a post on Facebook that all Spyrock parents will be contacted in the next hour or two for a possible late start but as of now no school. Laytonville Unified School District shared it. Hope that helps.

  • We just got the call that Kneeland School is closed today,too.

  • That picture is adorable!!

  • Skyfish and Children’s House at Beginnings is also a late start at 10:30.

  • Thanks Kym you’re awesome

  • Pissed off parent

    Just fyi their hasn’t been a bus for Whitethorn school all year!! I’ve had to drive my kid every day!!! Kinda lame our community, no our state can’t afford buses or drivers to cover all the schools. I mean hell even casterlin has a bus!!
    I think it’s a little lame of the state to require your kid to go to school but provides no mode of transportation there!!!
    I bought a brand new pair of tires at the begging of the year, already used them up!!
    It’s getting old southern Humboldt school district!!! Where is whitethorns bus!?!?!
    It’s been almost a year!!! This is ridiculous!!

    • FYI. Casterlin hasn’t had a bus this year either. Why would you imply Casterlin school doesn’t deserve a bus and Whitethorn does? Some of Casterlins parents drive very long distances to get their kids to school. With very little whining! Stephanie Davis is principal for both these schools. You should take take this issue up with her.

    • Yuo cud hmoe skool tham lkie mee is

    • Hey, pissed off parent!! Casterlin school has had NO bus all year. We all drive our kids to school. Plus it my understanding that we do have the money, nobody wants to drive the bus! Need a job to get those tires?!?

  • OMFG! Are you kidding me? If you can’t afford to get your own child to school because you live so far out perhaps you shouldn’t live so far out. School bus service is a subsidized program for rural communities. It is not required. There is a fair argument that there should not be any bus service at all. Why should tax payers pay for this. Personally i think its important but its a fair discussion. Pissed off parent sounds like a spoiled, liberal , hand out, do nothing parent, and lack of basic understanding of our government type person.

  • LeAnna Carson-Hansen

    Klamath Trinity Joint Unified School District sent out a robo call that all the schools in the district will be closed on Wednesday.
    Hope some of the folks out there can send you some photos of the snow.

  • Klamath Falls closes for snow?

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