[UPDATE 3:19 p.m.] Multi-Vehicle Crash on 101 Near Fernbridge Closes One Lane

At approximately 2:38 p.m., two vehicles crashed on Hwy 101 south of Singley Lane, closer to Fernbridge exit. The number two lane of 101 south is closed.

Scanner chatter stated one vehicle slid on ice and rolled over multiple times.

The ambulance took two adults and one 1-year-old to Redwood Memorial Hospital in Fortuna. The female is reportedly pregnant and the male suffered scalp lacerations. The 1-year-old seemed to be safe and sound.

UPDATE 3:19 p.m.: CHP Incident Page reports there were two more vehicles became ensnarled in the accident–a black Honda and a white Ford F150.  Traffic is now starting to clear.




  • It wasn’t a 2 vehicle crash, was 4 vehicles at least. The first crash started a secondary crash and didn’t look good

  • It looks like another accident happened due to traffic backing up… looks scary!

  • Other vehicles involved in accident include a Mazda RX8, White Ford F-150, and a small blue Honda Civic, all into center divide.
    Traffic almost blocked off near Ferndale

    So If you don’t have to go out for anything, then don’t! It’s that cut and dry.

    Please ppl slow down and maybe leave your house 20-30 minutes early to avoid a car accident and maybe even save your own life!

    My Prayers and my Heart go out to the family right now whose at the hospital. Thank you Lord for protecting that 1year old from harm!


  • Oh my,I sure hope everyone is ok.its so slippery out.please be so careful.take care

  • Why is the infant in the pic riding in the front seat of the car? Ironic considering we are talking about bad weather, horrible road conditions, terrible drivers and multiple car/injury accident.

  • Crash scenes are dangerous enough without drivers trying to take pictures while driving by.

  • Its a hot cocoa day!

    Hey folks new to humboldt and a real winter, please dont drive unless its an absolute emergency. Even seasoned folks slip out on black ice and snow.
    Its no joke. If youre close to a store bundle up and take a walk to the store in the beautiful snow. Today is NOT the day to drive to the mtns to play in the snow unless you have chains and know how to drive with them. Dont mess with mama nature, winter is often a humbling experience. Super great to have a real winter again tho!!!! Heres to many more to come, kill off those damn ticks! 🙂

    People think its silly but please right now go put some blankets, socks, water, food, matches, flashlight, etc in your car. Snow, flood, quake or whatever, good to have emergency kit stocked and ready to go. It can literally save your life.

  • I drove back from brookings today ,and at 1450 ft it was a lot of traffic backed up on the hill climb to that elevation. Alot of cars couldn’t make it ,but my bad #%%$ crown vic police intersepter no problem got a posi .

  • Hi it was my family that was In the van and I want to let you guys know that we’re all ok even the little one in my wife’s tummy is ok . Praise God . True miracle. So thankful that we’re all alive

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