[UPDATE 11:15 p.m.: Fatality] Single Vehicle Rollover Near Kneeland School

Traffic Collision Car Accident

At 8:17 p.m.,  a truck went off the road and is 50 feet over the side on Mountain View Road. One patient has self-extricated themselves from the wreck and walked to the Kneeland Elementary School for help with a broken arm. One more person is still in the vehicle along with a dog.

Emergency vehicles are en route to the scene. Ambulance was informed via scanner that they would need 4-wheel drive or chains as it is snowing in the area and there is snow on the ground.

Reach Air was contacted but they unable to land due to the weather conditions. We will update as we hear more.

UPDATE 9:05 p.m.: The emergency medical technicians are being transported by fire truck to the scene of the accident on Mountain View Road through the snow. They are having difficulty locating the accident scene but are following the footprints of the victim with the broken arm who walked out. At this point we know that the person with the broken arm was the passenger and it is the driver who is still trapped with the vehicle.

UPDATE 9:44 p.m.: New snow has hidden the footprints and emergency personnel are having trouble locating the accident scene.

UPDATE 10:21 p.m.: Search and Rescue is being called out.

UPDATE 11:06 p.m.: The vehicle has been located. No information on the driver and the dog yet.

UPDATE 11:16 p.m.: The driver has been reported deceased. Our hearts go out to the driver’s family and friends.




  • I’m praying for everyone involved with this rescue.

  • scanner indicates the person @ kneeland school w/possible head injury and gut pain…
    the car is actually down mountain view rd. one crew is on way down mountain view.
    lots of crews involved.

    weather up there is bad, rds snow covered.


    & many thanks bobby! good job…
    busy night, too…

  • Many thanks to the folks going out to help, it could be any of us. Trapped in a car down a snowy embankment sounds awful, we are so very lucky to have volunteer fire folks and great local first responders.

  • Kneeland School. Isn’t that one of the places folks trespass to enjoy the snow?

  • Thank YOU to our Kneeland Fire Dept. You’re always here when we need you, no matter what!

  • Thanks for the word, Bobby K.

  • now they’re walking the rds…they found the car…mnt view rd east…23:05

  • Praying for those folks, that they make it out ok and a mighty kind thank you to all personnel involved..

  • Crap that sucks, prayers to the family&friends of the victims.
    How hard for the person who hiked out for help, i cant even imagine.
    Any word if the dog made it?
    Remember to keep water, food, sleeping bag/blankets, handwarmers, etc in your car.

  • Classic Economics

    Sorry to go off-topic but just last night was looking at this area on Google Maps, stunned. Just east of the airport above the Mad River are some major greenhouse projects. All those large clearings are now full of greenhouses that are 100 feet long. Those few properties are owned by 2 different people and have been operating like crazy for years- no investigation or eradication, just clicking away producing thousands of pounds. Meanwhile people on Barry Rd are trying to hide 25 plants! What’s up w/ that? Talk about greed and corruption!

  • Prayers going out to the survivor and to the deceased family. And to the dog.

  • Poster formerly known as Matt

    Any word on the dog?

    • No, and there hasn’t been official word on the death either. (Though, it is confirmed from elsewhere.) CHP had an official holiday today though obviously there were a lot of hard-working officers out there dealing with the roads today.

    • Jon Chiv mentioned the people had been drinking so I’m concerned if the dog made it out. And if they’d be responsible enough to go back and look for it if it did.

  • Spurious Truthyist

    Please, any word on who it was who passed?

  • Lost Coast posted an update, but doesn’t look like name released. 52 yr old male from Eureka. The passengers name was Darren Pettit. https://lostcoastoutpost.com/2017/jan/3/52-year-old-eureka-man-killed-new-years-day-vehicl/

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