Homeless Shelter to Open in SoHum for Coming Cold Snap

Homeless person under a blanket.

Seeking warmth. [Photo by Kim Sallaway taken earlier this year]

As rain and even snow storms push across Southern Humboldt tomorrow into next week, homeless advocates work to provide emergency shelter and food to those living in the open.

Peg Anderson secured two places for those in need to stay Sunday through Wednesday night. “We just confirmed that Sunday and Tuesday are at the Presbyterian Church and Monday and Wednesday at the Baptist’s,” she told us.

“We are taking people from 6 to 9 p.m.,” she explained. “We interview them when they come in. They can’t have weapons. They have to have some form of ID or we take their picture (which is deleted the next day.)”

Dinner and breakfast is provided to those staying the night. “We have hot food and salad,” Anderson said. “We have oatmeal and toast and coffee and tea.”

In addition, the emergency shelter will provide jackets, socks and hygiene supplies to those in need.

Though volunteers are always welcome, Anderson explained, “I think we have most of our shifts covered. Our volunteer list keeps increasing.”

However, her fellow organizer Yashi pointed out there is one type of volunteer still needed. “The hardest position to fill is responsible men that will be willing to spend the night. It doesn’t mean they have to stay awake all night. There are two people and they can take shifts.” Yashi said that he is still “looking to interview people to volunteer.”

Although the shelter provides for the humans in need, Anderson explained that homeless advocates are struggling to find a solution for the pets belonging to the homeless. “We can’t let the animals in the church because of the insurance policy,” she said. One solution is to tether the dogs outside with a tent.  But she’s hoping for other options. “We’re looking for ideas,” she said.

If you have ideas or are willing to volunteer, call (707) 223-3679 if you can help. Anderson said, “There is also a receptacle at Chautauqua. Please limit it to warm clothing and blankets or sleeping bags in good shapes.”

Even better than items is money which allows the advocates to buy what is needed. “Generally money is the easiest,” Anderson explained. “We have donations jars at the counter at Chautauqua. This is helping us buy more sleeping bags and pads.” It also helps pay for insurance for the churches, food for meals and to launder sleeping bags.

Finally, the advocates are seeking a third place willing to provide emergency shelter. “We are still looking for another location because the churches have activities on certain nights,” Anderson said.



  • Good job so Hum nothing worse than being wet and cold no matter who you voted for or your political affiliation wish I was there I would volunteer to stay the night

  • The guy that is in the picture is the real deal. He is always clean and doesn’t bother anybody this man really needs a home.

  • i think about him all winter when its cold and i never do anything…i’m just like everyone else…

  • A place with a little HUMAN KINDNESS bless your wonderful hearts.pay attention Eureka.its cold all winter

  • I like the description “responsible men”. What responsible man who provides for his family could stomach this project?

    There ARE choices for the professionally homeless. I heartily support the protection of women and children. Churches with space to lend, step in as you can.

    For the predominantly male persons who hang around, lie in the street, panhandle aggressively, take drugs and smoke weed in public, camp on private property and trash everything, I am not so sympathetic, primarily because many of these folks actually live on SSI, and SDI, and many of them get Medicare/Medi-cal. Homeless or hobo, guys, do like the trimsients and get the heck out of here after the harvest!

    I have spent five years in Redway, and, it is a great privilege to live here, but guess what?
    I don’t grow pot, I work, earn a good living and own my home! It costs a lot to own it and to pay my taxes! Nobody better tell me that these “homeless” folks are necessary to the functioning of SoHum or Humboldt County, or that they need to be cared for. Better believe that if the “homeless persons” need something, the government is providing it or the “homeless person” will steal it.

    My neighbors constantly bitch about and experience fear over the “homeless”, but their own churches are apparently nurturing the lifestyle choice, and the Andersons, who own one of the most profitable real estate/retail/restaurant operations in Goobsterdam are apparently leading the charge to maintain the presence of these unnecessary and completely unpleasant folks in this community.

    Goobsterdam is the town, BTW, that put up a fence around the town square to keep “undesirables” away. I wonder who was for that ugly move?

    These are the folks who act like they are hippies while actually being Republicans…

    I notice the bleeding hearts of Jerold Phelps Hospital, whom your tax money also supports, and who make plenty of money dispensing “free” care to your favorite population of freeloaders, appear to not be involved in this project. Surely they could come and wash the feet of the homeless whose Medicare payments support the “hospital”.

    I am also enjoying the idea that we should just “give money”. Wow. What a 180 from summer…

    I suggest,instead of housing, feeding, and nurturing these obnoxious folks that NO ONE wants around, hey, Andersons, put a jar in the store labelled “transport the homeless”, and I will quickly and personally throw in a $100 bill. Our funds would be much better spent to hire a bus to move the homeless camp to a warmer location. Phoenix, say…

    • Blacktail Addict

      Well said. At a point in my younger life i was strung out and homeless. I was homeless because i made a choice to get high in stead of going to work. I don’t feel a bit sorry for them. Reap what you sow.

      • And if people are STILL living outside following the months of rain, they should avail themselves of thumbing the on-ramps, Greyhound, etc. Hey, find your homeless smartphone and call an Uber!

        Watch out churches, many of these folks have loaded firearms and knives!

        Also, there are churches that run mental-health and drug rehab programs for this population, at no charge. Try St Helena Hospital. Or Mercy Truxton in Bakersfield.

        Meanwhile, homeless guys, go up to Goobsterdam and ring the bell at the Emergency Room. Tell them you are sick, with, anything at all, and they will give you a room, a shower, a sandwich, access to the free box, and a warm place to sit, if you are quiet and promise not to smoke…

        Instead of give give give, tell these persons where to go for services, or, drive them there. If you love professionally “homeless” folk so much, take a few home until, oh, April or so…

    • I suggest YOU try to find a place to rent on the $895 of SSI…and stil be able to pay for food or utilities or anything else. SSI is ok if you have a place to live that is free. Otherwise, not so much.
      If we had single payer healthcare, and realized housing as a basic right, you would find many fewer of these problematic folks in your community.

      • Wait, so someone GIVEN $895/month can’t afford a bus ticket? Why do they need to sleep in the streets around here? Because we give them food, drugs, coffee, handouts, sleeping space when it gets cold, whatever? Aren’t we nice?

        If the world was perfect and we could all live together and share, la la la, what a wonderful world!

        IT ISN’T LIKE THIS! Not anywhere that I know of. We teach our kids to be responsible, don’t you?

        Whoops, it’s Humboldt…

        Nobody is going to GIVE housing to people who can’t stay sober, clean up after themselves, or give a rat’s ass about anything except getting fucked-up. Why should your church, in the town that HATES indigents and, really, outsiders in general, need to make it’s members feel better about themselves and continue to molly-coddle these reprobates? Wait till they trash your building, damage the facility (or burn it down) give the congregation lice, scabies, and fleas, drop needles for your children to find, spread their Hep C blood/urine/feces around etc. Sound appetizing? Are your church members ready to clean THIS up?

        Enjoy your stupid decisions, they could kill you. It ain’t THAT cold…

  • I have just read the article regarding homeless and the ever mounting issues of providing a safe and warm place to stay.

    I happen to work for an organization whose goal is to provide housing, resources and hope for the homeless population here in Evansville, Indiana.

    Most certainly there are those who are “professionally homeless”, regardless, they all need help.

    Let us not be so critical that we forget, ” it could happen to me”.

    Dr. David Wilson, PhD

  • Hey Taurus! Welcome this community is filled with addicts that own their own home, homesteads with lots of land,have jobs, business’s or collect s.s.i., launder money threw their business’s and have Medicare and some are bat shit crazy and their homes are filled with weapons, drugs and pretty bad stuff and those are the ones that kinda run this community! What’s your point again?

    • No one “runs” this community, it only gropes in the dark. People with many weapons and drugs are living in great confusion with only their paranoia to keep them warm. I hope you are able to get sober someday. You also can use services at St Helena Hospital, Sierra View in Porterville, or even Mercy Truxton. As Hunter S.Thompson would say: “God’s mercy on you swine”…

      Drugs do nothing for you except ruin your entire life.

  • This county is responsible for this. They have allowed it to deteriorate to this level. refused to seek funding which would enhance our quality of life. Yes some choose this life style however most would not. Getting a job at minimum wage does not get you housing. And the reality is housing is not available in SoHum. Also thank the growers who reinforce a distorted view of the real situation. They need to take responsibility for their role. People from all backgrounds come here to trim and grow. Most are not doing anything to help the situation. Nonprofits have verbalized tlhis is the worse year yet.
    Rural California does not have the ability to deal with a migration of people who soley come for the drug scene. Basically that’s Sohum. Locals who care are moving and Politicians are getting richer.

    • If you can’t get what you need in Humboldt County, hey, California is a big state. Modern life takes some planning. If you have planned poorly, you should not expect everyone else to regard your situation as an emergency. Get up, get sober, act decent, try to be responsible. This area is not for everyone… If you need to leave, I suggest you do so.

      • It is really sad that there is such blatant ignorance of the situation. No one has the right to push people out of a community because they are victims of a corrupt& incompetent leadership. I suggest that those who are so critical visit other rural areas in California. For those of us who have given our hearts and souls to better this place, there is no appreciation nor recognition.
        We have a right to be critical of those who outright manipulate the realty of the situation. I do not need to be born here to demand that our representatives follow through with their promises or do their fiduciary duty. Educate yourselves regarding the decisions being made in Eureka. The outright disregard for our safety and lack of ability to sustain ourselves is appalling!

  • Call the Governor’s office and complain! Complaining to Humboldt County is pointless. They will always tell you that the county can’t afford to do anything at all…

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