[UPDATE] Abducted 4-Year-Old Back Home, Says Uncle

Late last night the family of 4-year-old, Allison Shirey allegedly abducted by her father, Anthony Lux, announced that she was home with her grandmother. In the above video, her uncle, Nathan Shirey, announced that his niece was home and thanked everyone for their help.

He also explained to us that Lux had met them with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office and turned the little girl over to her grandmother and to him.

Nathan Shirey said that he and his mother didn’t talk to Lux and don’t know whether he will face criminal charges. “He didn’t share words with us,” Shirey stated. “We were so ecstatic to get her back that we got her in the car and got home.”

“The main thing to concentrate on is that she is home and safe,” he added.

Allison Shirey and her grandmother

Allison Shirey with her Nona and stuffed animals. [Photo provided by Nathan Shirey.]

UPDATE 10 a.m.: Press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

On Tuesday, November 29, 2016 at about 10:50 p.m. Anthony Lux met with Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputies to return his daughter, Allison Shirey. Lux spoke with Investigators and stated he had received advice that there were no court orders in regards to Allison’s guardianship and he had legal rights to remove Allison from the home. Lux agreed to return Allison after speaking with Investigators after realizing his actions were unlawful and plans on pursuing custody of his daughter.

Deputies returned Allison to her guardian and was removed from the missing persons system. Allison was in good health and good spirits.

The Sheriff’s Office would like to thank the public and media for their assistance in attempting to locate this child.

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  • keep yer fingers out of others domestics.

    she looks happier in the pictures with her dad. just sayin.

  • Great outcome ! Although what the dad did may not be right, remember, two sides to a story and gets very emotional when a child is involved. Yeah for the dad in doing the right thing and the little girl is safe. Who’s to say she wasn’t safe with her dad also. Let the courts decide and hopefully the family can work it out for the precious gift that is stuck in the middle.

  • I agree Homer. And Thanks Kym Kemp for letting us all know she made it home safely.

  • Thank God!!I love a good outcome!thanks for the updates☆☆☆☆

  • Best Interest of the Child

    No arrest and why would CPS advise him it was okay to take the child. Something smells and it isn’t the dad.

  • Sounds like a domestic over-reaction w/ a side of bitterness to go.

  • This could be (especially without charges warranted or filed) the best end to the drama. Dad sounds like he’s either contrite and/or wiser than we might have believed. I agree with homer.
    May all have learned. May the love for that child be ever more expressed and the relationships be appreciated! At some point, Humboldt Meditation Services could (for the sake of the girl) help there be a healing of the family.
    Please. If nothing else, do not put that little girl in the middle of waring or disagreeable adults!!

  • Many nice comments today and that is why I still have faith in fellow man…and women since pc is important these days. Lol

  • She is very happy with her father.. Isn’t is strange how he’s been depicted as a straight villain? He clearly had no ill will toward his own daughter and was more than likely looking after her in ways we can’t understand without knowing all the details. I hope people’s perceptions are strong to enough to notice there is something odd about this situation. Read between the lines, folks.

  • What fantastic news! It’s such a relief to know she is okay & that he did the right thing in bringing her home voluntarily.

  • Just as I suspected. A father who couldn’t stand being away from his little girl. People hate on fathers that neglect their kids and they hate on fathers that can’t stand not being able to spend time with their kids without their ex around.

  • In the Best Interest of the Child

    The child was removed from her grandmother’s home today and given back to her mom who will be sharing custody with the child’s father. The court did a very good job today.

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