[UPDATE: We Got the Answer] What’s This? Curious Folks Want to Know

Bus with Law enforcement

Photos taken from inside the mini-mall behind the clock in Garberville.

At approximately 9:30, this bus pulled up in front of the clock in Garberville. Two men who look like official law enforcement (as opposed to a private security company employees) can be seen. One is driving. One gets off for a short time but only appears to check the luggage for a short time. About 20 to 30 people are on the bus. There is what looks like an official seal and the zip code CA 90017 (which is LA) on the side.

Do you have any clues? We’re sourcing the collective hive mind. Us curious cats want to know.
Bus with Law enforcement Bus insignia
UPDATE 10:13 a.m.: That was fast. We got the answer already. This is a California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation transport probably taking inmates to another prison. See here for photos of the bus program.





  • Happens Everyday In White Vans

    They are likely taking prisoners to Pelican Bay.

  • Looks like one of the buses that give prisoners down south a free ride to Bay to Pelican.

  • It’s prison transport.

  • That’s the prisoner transport bus next stop Con Camp

  • It’s a California prison bus making its appointed rounds. The CA number is not a Zip code, it’s A California department of transportation number.

  • This is a Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation transportation bus.
    The CA number on the side has nothing to do with a zip code. It is the California identifier for motor carriers. You might notice them on the sides of dump trucks, heavy duty pick ups, water trucks, etc.
    This bus transports inmates between institutions, conservation camps, and other CDCR facilities.

      • Jeeze Kym… I’m surprised that you didn’t know that. You should come to town more often.

        One of those transport buses crashed near Richardson Grove a few years ago. There was total security before medical help. When you are in prison you are chattel. You left your rights as a human being back before the crimes you committed. Don’t EVER give the law a handle on you.

  • Yep,saw alot of these when I worked at humboldt petroleum . prison bus!!

    • I saw one behind the truck stop in Eureka soon after Pelican Bay opened for business. They had a flat and pulled in behind and out of sight. The bathrooms were full and I had to pee, so I went haulin ass around the corner and there was the bus. A guard holding a Mini-14 drew a bead on me and I halted. The guy never did smile and waved me on my way with the muzzle. I always wondered who all was on there.

  • That’s a funny looking prison Bus. All the one’s I have seen come through my area up north further usually have Bars across all the side windows. Just saying this does not look like a Prison Bus to me.

    • Check out the pictures on link below the story.their are wire like cages inside the bus.and they are handcuffed,and leg irons with locks on the floor.idk if these guys were locked down or not.

    • The short distance ones have external window bars, the long distance ones have the bars inside for a more discreet appearance.

  • Mabye it is for the filming of a movie there doing in Eureka. I am not disclosing the location tho, sorry

  • Could be dropping them off somewhere.

  • Prison transport. Every time I see one I say a quick prayer for those on board and their families. I pray that their broken spirits and dreams long lost not prevent them from healing. I am generally very “Unreligious” but I feel compelled to send some hope into the Universe.
    Every person on that bus was once a child with the world ahead of them and each one has a family that is suffering for them- and with them.

  • Wow! The contractors finally upgraded their vehicles!

  • They stop at my coffee shop in Eureka sometimes. All the prisoners have to wait on the bus while the driver sits at a table inside and sips on a double white mocha.

  • These transport buses come through regularly. Transporting convicts from one prison to another or if they have upcoming court dates they transport them from prison to the courthouse.

  • Supposed law abiding citizens in SoHum are awfully paranoid. from confronting the mail delivery man with a loaded firearm and alerting all of SoHum to your suspicious Amizon delivery to speculating the presence of a southern facing inmate correctional bus, it’s becoming an ongoing real life comedy.

    • Sheesh, no one was paranoid that I know of. I personally was just dang curious. I’d never seen something like that before.

      • Can anyone be courteous when they reply to a comment? Kym has sooo many things going on…MAYBE she was busy when one was near, and hadn’t wondered before! So easy to have a disrespectful reply! Thank you to peeps replying nicely! I only knew they were prisoner transport, because an ex prisoner told me years ago! IT IS OKAY TO BE NICE AND RESPECTFUL!!!!!!! Just sayin’!

  • at one time it was called bluebird and it is quite different than the greyhound, for one you just cant get up and use the john. your shackled to the bench seats upon sitting down. If your a pc protective custody or high risk offender level 4 your put in a cage like a monkey. Given CDC calif. dept. corrections has 33 facilities and you get sentenced like from Humboldt everyone goes to a reception intake prison which would be san quentin.
    Sad thing to note (besides your sentence) it is much like a greyhound , if you serve your time in ironwood which is the farthest south prison versus pelican bay, you will stop at every jail , prison within that route

  • Prison Bus… They have to stop and swap out drivers after they’ve reached their maximum hours (They keep logs just as the commercial drivers do). They stop at prisons, not jails (Tri-County transports inmates from Humboldt County to San Quentin or DVI, tho on occasion they will stop at the bigger jails, like Los Angeles). There are cages in the front for either protective custody or problem inmates (some bound and gagged, faces covered with masks to prevent spitting). A cage is in the back of the bus, housing the “gunner” – He has his own private bathroom, and a private entrance from the outside of the bus – no door from that rear cage enters into the inmate area. Depending on the length of the trip, two to three officers ride in the front (one will always be a sergeant), one or all carrying a sidearm. A single bathroom for the inmates is on the back of the bus; while the bus will stop for staff to eat, inmates will be issued a single bag lunch during the stop (no water or other beverages). Inmates are handcuffed, which is fed through a belly chain (the handcuffs are on a longer chain than regular handcuffs; they can reach their mouth and scratch their nose, but that’s about it) and are wearing ankle shackles (but are in no way fastened to the bus). With seating for up to 31 inmates, the rides are very quiet.

    You can see more images at http://www.insidecdcr.ca.gov/gallery/cdcr-transportation-unit-2/

    • Very true. Tri-County Extraditions uses smaller vans with metal seats to transport people to and from County jails, rather than this bus, that goes to each State Prison…Neither one is a nice ride…

  • I see them every week on the road sometimes even twice a week. My understanding is that they pick up from the county jail those that have been given prison time and transport them to San Quentin where they are processed and from there then transported to whatever prison they will do their time in.

  • Least they didn’t drop anybody off. Too bad they weren’t making a pick up! Haulin away a bus load of trouble makers might mellow the G-ville out. For a while.

  • It’s a “new” prison transport bus. I saw the usual one broken down on the side of the highway the other week. I’ve see the bus all the time for past 2 decades.

  • In the early days they used to just drop the prisoners let out of Pelican Bay at the Greyhound bus station in Crescent City with a bus ticket home and a $100. You would see them in Arcata wandering around looking dazed, tatted up with their face and neck tattoos, back in the world and not yet adjusted. Fortunately, our local lawmakers prevailed on the state to transport them back to where they live before releasing them.

    I have to wonder if the reason we have so much hard core crime up here now is because of those prison buses, the prisoners looking out as they’re driven through wondering about the territory their gang can take over when they get back out. Or maybe it was their family members coming up to visit them and seeing all the opportunity to move in and take over.

    Pelican Bay is the worst thing to ever happen as far as bringing crime to our area. The pot trade was the honey, the prison brought the flies.

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