20-Year-Old Was Victim of Fatal Shooting in Ukiah

Steven Ryan and De’Shaun Davis

Steven Ryan mugshot on the left and De’Shaun Davis Facebook profile picture on the right.

Yesterday, the Mendocino Sheriff’s Office released the name of the victim of the November 21 fatal shooting in Ukiah. De’Shaun Davis, age 20, of Ukiah was allegedly murdered by Steven Ryan, age 62, also of Ukiah. Ryan is claiming self-defense but is currently in the Mendocino County jail with a $1,000,000 bail.

The Mendocino Voice, our sister publication, has been following the story closely and has more details on their latest post.

Earlier Chapter: In Yesterday’s Shooting in Ukiah, Resident Who Claims Self-Defense in Shooting Transient Arrested



  • But still a 20 year old lost his life.my condolences to the family.we have lost alot of people this year to violence.it saddens my heart that killing a human being is nothing these days.just sickens me to my core.God Bless us all

    • G-ma, we torture animals to make a different shade of eye-shadow. Why would we treat other humans any different? (And in the ‘new’ America, its going to get a LOT worse.)

      • the misadventures of bunjee

        Go take your thread jacking back to LoCO Tim.

      • Yes tm,that’s true.probley why I don’t wear makeup anymore.im sorry but I’m hoping for better world where people don’t kill each other over stupid shit.ive been around long enough to know there’s far to much violence and hate going on.maybe if folks had real jobs and a purpose in life things could be better!!ya I’m a optimists it’s how I roll.have a good day!!

        • Ditto Gma! We can all hope for the best! We all need to respect LIFE! Although my Rose Colored Glasses are quite…scratched and dirty! Still hope for the best for, and in everyone!

  • Taking out the trash has a whole new meaning

  • why is it so hard to believe it was self defense ?

  • using “self defense” is only justified if the victim died with a gun are other “life threatening weapon” in his hand.
    this guy must prove that he was sure the burglar was going to maim/kill him…..
    a burglar has more rights to your stuff in your house than you do; so a “victim” cannot use deadly force against an intruder unless he’s physically capable of the same to you. (i.e. possessing a weapon capable of killing)
    You have the right to watch your stuff go right out the door,
    along with all your “protective rights of castle”

    • All that great stuff in the dumpster… geez, this guy must value his trash as much as he values his life. I kind of hope he rots in prison, shooting an unarmed man for trying to recycle crap into something he could possibly use. (I only “kind of” hope because we don’t have all the facts… but from what i can see now, looks like the defendant wanted to be some kind of George Zimmerman… standing his ground with a gun against a dumpster rummager. Big man!)

    • well thats just depressing,,,,sniff

    • You are full of it ! You have the right to use force to protect property as well as person . You have the right to use deadly force if you believe the person has intent capability and proximity . All of which can be opinion . This is why cops can fire on a vehicle if you rev your gas while they are in your path gun in possession or not .

      • Your trash in a publicly available trash can is discarded and not your property anymore I think, it would be the city or county’s…unless this was in his own trash can ON his own property…I haven’t seen any facts about that part yet..
        It’s my opinion based on reading about this issue for years, certainly deadly force is iffy, yet I have been threatened by can scavenger’s when rousting them from my yard…and then deadly force is a whole nother discussion.

        Once the can is off the property and on the public street…and real estate often has public easement for sidewalks across private property, so…. Details probably really matter here.
        I’m not a lawyer, heh.

  • So messed up on so many levels, we seperate our recyleables and put them in a seperate can for the garbage company, I caught a guy going through it late one nite and approached him and asksd what’s up? He embarassedly explained he was broke and needed some cans and doesn’t want to pan handle, he never makes a mess and we now seperate the cans and leave them on top for a drive bye pickup, I couldn’t imagine hurting someone or killing anything over a dumpster diver. I hope the worst for this sik monster, power isn’t the answer

    • Thats a great idea Gazoo, i hate recycling if someone wants to come haul all my bottles and cans to the center please do, but you better bring a big truck..lol..

    • I’ve read quite a few of your comments, you seem like one of the good guys! I appreciate you asking this guy whats up, instead of…anything bad! thank you

    • Thank you for your clear, level-headed post Gazoo. RIP De’Shaun. If De’Shaun’s family or friends are reading this please contact me, I want to support you and I have been contacting lawyer friends in the Bay Area, I live in Mendo on the coast. andykreamer@gmail.com

      Blessings to all in this hard time, may it bring us all closer and solidify our values as a nation.

  • The old man surely was paranoid. That’s not an excuse for killing someone.

  • See, you don’t need a special uniform to act out a racist murder fantasy.

  • Aim low.

  • Rest in peace, brotha. You will be missed.

  • Rest in peace De’Shaun Davis. This young man did not deserve to die. There needs to be justice for his murder. I offer my condolences to his family and friends.

  • No one else has said it so I will he was looking to rob old guy. Old guy knows that end of story

    • No he wasnt gonna rob anyone.. all black men arent criminals for ur info.. he was simply looking 4 recycling to get back 2 clearlake cause the day after he died was his moms Fuckin Birthday!!and his grandma’s the day after that And scraps from trash to feed his dogs.. a metro bus is $5 thats all he needed and excuse the fuc outta u.IT AINT WORTH ROBBING FOR .. .he has a supportive family .. he was just stuck and in a bind.. FOLKS NEED TO TAKE HEED THE ONES U THINK R THE BAD GUYS WHILE UR WATCHING THEM INTENTLY UR MISSING THE REAL VILLIANS PASS U BY.AND R USUALLY THE PEOPLE U KNOW BEST.. GET UR HEAD OUTTA UR ASS& GET OFF THE “ALL BLACK MEN ARE DANGEROUS” TRAIN..

  • This terrible event happened in all of our back yards folks. Every night the graveyard shift comes out covered by darkness mostly to survive. We are all affected sadly, most of us ignore the struggle of desperation. This event may be a side effect. I know it’s real and not going away.

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