Whip-it Arrest in Fortuna Leads Law Enforcement to $81K, Cocaine, Hash Oil, and 100 Pounds of Marijuana

Humboldt County Drug task forceA traffic stop on the evening of November 2 in Fortuna allegedly led to an arrest in Shelter Cove on the 10th. According to Special Agent Tim Dias of the Humboldt County Drug Task Force, Fortuna Police located a number of Whip-Its “and large amount of U.S. currency” when Southern Humboldt man Brahm Andrews was searched after being stopped for public intoxication. Andrews was arrested for possession of the Whip-Its.

The Humboldt County Drug Task Force continued to investigate the incident, Dias explained. Further investigation led them to a home in Shelter Cove that appeared to have a marijuana growing operation there, Dias said, “and a warrant was issued.”

Midmorning on November 10, the Drug Task Force served the warrant. There were 12 people at the residence including Brahm Andrews, two other males, and “nine Asian females on scene processing marijuna,” Dias said. Andrews was arrested but the others were not. Several of the Asian females were foreign nationals, according to Dias.

On site was discovered multiple illegal items, he said. There was over 100 pounds of processed marijuana weighed for sale, three ounces of cocaine packaged in one ounce increments, over a half pound of butane hash oil, and one firearm, according to Dias. Officers located another large sum of US currency. With that located in Fortuna earlier, the sum totalled around $81,000.

Although only Andrews was arrested at the scene, Dias explained, “there are some other subjects forwarded to the [District Attorney’s Office] for review.”





  • whip it ! whip it good!!

  • Whip its……the little capsule-like containers of nitrous oxide made for whipped cream dispensers?
    Are those what we’re talking about or did I miss an evolution in drug slang?

    • Ya, people that don’t have any use for their brain inhale it and deprive their brain of oxygen to get high.

    • Whip-its are used with the whipped cream dispenser as an inhalant to get high.

    • Yep… they’re using those to get high and have been for about 15 years or more.

    • Yep and millions of them, literally, have been dumped on the sides of roads all over the county. People buy them by the case and go through hundreds in a nite.
      This is just one of many enviromental problems that gets left out of discussions because pot growing is blamed for everything.
      It would be better if they just sold the big tanks of nitrous like they used to, these little metal canisters are awful!! People arent going to stop using them unfortunately. Very easy to get. Lots and lots of cocaine around as well over the last year. Maybe the 80’s are coming back for real! Nitrous and coke were big then, and heroin of corse, in california at least.

    • Thanks for asking that. I’ve been wondering, too. Time flies… af

    • Thank you, I was wondering what the hell that was.

  • Didn’t know they were illegal. You can buy them at Bed, Bath and Beyond. At least you used to be able to.

    • They aren’t that illegal. I don’t believe it’s a felony, except under rare circumstances. In fact, due to the light laws on nitrous oxide, throughout the country at concert events and music festival type events, there is a criminal organization that actually sells it in balloons from tanks by the hundreds (thousands) right under the nose of law enforcement. Very rarely does anything happen to those operating the tanks/sales, and this is usually within eyeshot of LEO’s. Just a thought…

  • When a good time turns around
    You must Whip-It
    You will never live it down
    Unless you Whip-It
    No one gets away
    Until they Whip-It

  • Good . That kid Brahm is a local dipshit. Driving around the cove like an ass and being completely arrogant . BYE BYE !!!!

  • Why is the ethnicity of the women even mentioned. As if it is an issue. Perhaps if some were illegal it would be germane, but their origins are not. RACIST

    • That card’s way overplayed Vet. Sounds to me like you need a safe space for a while.

      • i was thinking the exact same thing, give it a rest already!

      • It is not relevant to the story in any way. You folks are amazingly ignorant…IMO

        • Yes..go to your safe space with bully proof windows, troll safe doors & P.C. earmuffs. Lets just pretend there’s no other nationalities in this world because just mentioning them is racist…right?…wow. stfu.

          • Why don’t you go to another place with your unkind comments? There are no safe spaces from trolls and bullies, as you must have discovered, so why are you demanding Veterans friend go to such a place? Why do you demand that Veterans friend shut the fuck up? Why do you pick fights like this?

    • No, not racist at all.
      What next, identifying them as females sexist.

    • The working conditions of foreign trimmers and workers in the cannabis industry is important. Naming their race is part of understanding what occurs in the industry. We could just pretend that all the workers are whites from southern Humboldt or we could be clear that we have an international and multiracial work force many of whom are female.

      • In view of recent reporting on human trafficking, I think the ethnicity and nation of origin is very relevant.

      • Thank u Kim. And very true. There was a large group of trimmigants in Arcata and I told my friend that they were trimmigants and they were speaking Spanish. She got a bit offended and asked how I knew that. Because unfortunately without being racist you can tell by their style of dress and mannerisms. She got even more upset with me and to prove a point I went up to them and spoke with them and asked them where they were from and they ( all 15 of them) said they were from Spain and here to trim marijuana. Point made. Please don’t send me comments about me being racist. I am not in the slightest but the fact is anyone who has lived here for a while can tell it’s that simple.

      • I still do not see the relevance. If there was a human traffiking ring in the cove, maybe. But do you report the race of everyone in a story? Even when they are not arrested but simply in the narrative? I don’t think you do. Why would the cops. It’t racist.

        • I don’t report the race of folks in general. But when you have an entire trim scene of one race and the grower of another, to me it seems like a relevant fact. I’m sorry you disagree.

          • The fact is the Asians are illegal immigrants profiting from a illegal drug trade right in your back yard. That should be the cocern here.
            Their illegals not “foreign workers”
            It’s also a illegal drug manufacturing facility, not a “cannabis industry”

            Bring back tough immigration laws, bring back minimum mandatory sentences. Build more prisons to house liberal criminals. Re-establish law/order and social capital.

            Your way of thinking is bankrupting society in every-way.

        • sharpen your pencil

          Oh white people, everything is race baiting with you. Get over yourself, this is not racist. If it were someone besides old whitey would be offended. But we have you to claim what is not for discussion, thank goodness! As usual, you are off topic!

          • I have noticed that most of the comments on this site come from the pale. Otherwise someone would have most likely been offended a long time ago.

        • the misadventures of bunjee

          It’s ok that YOU disagree, but others such as myself, and obviously Kym too find it perfectly relevant. Shelter Cove would be an ideal place to import a few paid trimmer slaves. They’d never know how to escape and you can pull up a boat right on the beach or the boat ramp. It’s not racist whatsoever to note a nationality. It gives a starting point what to look for to bust up human trafficking rings. These aren’t local high school kids looking for easy money in summers. It suggests something far darker is going on with this guy and people should be aware of it.

        • Ring has no base.everyone needs slavery.

      • Kym was there any mention if these women were there of their own free will?

        • My assumption is that law enforcement would have questioned the women.

          • At least those women weren’t arrested.

            “nine Asian females on scene processing marijuna,”…Andrews was arrested but the others were not.”

            Similar situation in Calaveras in October. There, the sheriff arrested the workers, who were living in harsh conditions on the site. The 23 arrested were all Asian, probably Hmong.

            ’23 workers arrested at four West Point cannabis grows

            “They were rounded up and kept under guard at two of the sites and sat huddled under blankets and the plastic sheeting of a processing shed while they waited in a light rain to be transported to the Calaveras County Jail….

            The workers were living in a state of advanced degradation, with as many as eight beds crammed into a closet-sized room in one house and kitchen and hygiene facilities moved to the porches and an outside human waste facility. Every other square foot of the two residences through which media representatives were given tours was filled with marijuana processing racks and drying hangers.

            “And I think we will find connections to south Bay Area Asian gangs,” (the sheriff) said.”

    • Its human trafficking [edit]….That’s the point!

    • It’s not racist. If you spend half a brain cell thinking about it, it’s likely connected to human trafficking.

    • The article said they were Asian foreign nationals. Ergo, they’re here illegally, especially if they’re working for pay. Which they are. You can’t come here on a regular visa and work. All these growers who hire foreign nationals to process their weed are as bad as Sun Valley Bulb Farm… worse, maybe.

  • Didn’t know you could be stopped for public intoxication?

  • That’s gonna leave a mark…

  • If they sole whip it’s in 100 lb refillable canister’s we would not have this problem.

    • They hired Asian trimmers to show they where not racist. They voted for Trump and had 3 oz”s of coke to show they wheren’t stupid. Hats off to there plan, just poorly executed.

    • Since it has been used (w/oxygen, etc) in dental work the military at one time had a shipment of ’empty’ tanks being returned to the US (this was Gulf War I days). No
      one paid attention to the stickers on the tanks, didn’t stow them properly…a tank leaked a little, other tanks rubbed together, created a spark, set the gas on fire and the other tanks
      started following suit. There was a photo of the ship showing the tanks exploding like rockets and because they would behave as rockets and badly damage a ship if it hit it,
      all the firefighting ships were located very far away.
      This was shown as part of a course on handling hazardous materials in transportation.
      Here’s the hazardous info:

      And inhaling laughing gas? I remember trying it once in the late 1960s. Interesting but not enough to try again. People used to take a container put it into a quality rubber balloon,
      punch a hole in the container and fill the balloon. It would be passed around so each person would inhale a little. Very spirited conversation followed. ‘Wow’. ‘Yeah’. ‘Weird’, ‘Umm’, ‘like really…’, ‘yeah’. ‘wow’. No munchies, no interior light shows, no profound thoughts (real or self-indulgent), no feeling for friendship or peace…just…’wow’.
      No thanks. I guess some people seem to need to turn off their brains. I’m still interested in
      how to keep mine turned on and working well.

  • Saw some boxes in a turnout on McClellan mt so I turned around to check it out musta been 10000 whipits and a 1000 butane cans all empty of course they even through in a couple bags of trash behind the boxes I’ve never seen so many whipits dudes brain is fuckin scrambled for sure , I was gonna load them and take to the dump but who would believe that story so I called em in and some cal trans guys took care of it.

    • Are those little cans aluminum?

      • sharpen your pencil

        Steel, atleast most are, I’ve seen way too many of these things rusting back into the earth around our beautiful area. Nearly every turn out or parking lot has a few of these damn things rolling around…..

        • the misadventures of bunjee

          Which means people are getting blasted in pull outs, and driving shortly after. WhipIts pretty much kill all motor functions for what, 20 seconds? It’s a high you have to continuously feed and it kills brain cells just like meth so even you don’t do meth, you will still have that air of stupidity and disorganization about you.

  • That’s what you get when you don’t hire local.

  • Honeydew Bridge Chump

    He’s white…

    Asian women are the pinnacle of the sex trade.

    It may be because of propaganda in the second war, or Vietnam, maybe the Buddhist Culture, but terrorist growers strive to take advantage of Asian Women.

    Call it railroad culture, call it war propaganda, call it what you want to, fact is terrorist growers may have been behind human trafficking and only The Marine Corp can fix this for a better future.

    Human trafficking, drugs, slavery, murder, theft, and destruction of communties is what devil’s lettuce brings.

    Enough is enough and it’s overdue that growers faced The Marines.

    • Sex trade?? Terririst growers??? Get real. Foreigners come here to trim and the growers pay them 50 dollars to trim a pound versus 150-200 for locals. They trim fast and cheap and work all day and half the night. It’s common knowledge to a lot of people around here if you have lived here long enough

      • Honeydew Bridge Chump

        It’s common knowledge that terrorists are involved in human trafficking.

        This case is just an arrest and doesn’t mean it’s happened.

        If The Marines came to town, terrorist growers would move by flight.

        Growers have wrecked communities, don’t raise livestock, and have a reputation in human trafficking.

        Only The Marine Corp can save the triangle from these terrorists.

        • Jeez get off the whippets chump usmc doesn’t use force against Americans on us soil, maybe try nat guard, border patrol, coast guard, fish n game, fbi, cia, atf, ect. ect. lay off the core

      • I’d like to know where you get your “facts” because I’ve never heard of anyone working for less than 150$

        But You probably heard this $50 bs from one person so that must mean every grower takes advantage of foreign workers if hired, right?

        If every foreigner only got paid $50 a pound they would not be coming back in such huge amounts.

    • Liberals just voted to make human trafficking, rape of a unconscious victim and lewd acts with a child non-violent offenses with the passage of prop 58.
      Get your concealed carry asap and protect your family from the criminal liberals and their social decay agenda.

    • sharpen your pencil

      I think it’s time you [edit] faced the music, and placed yourself in sempevirons. For the better of the world. Your psychotic rants are beyond dillusional! SEEK HELP FAST!!!!!!!!

  • there just here to work mainly some for the experience and yes some have a boss / “underground union rep” but they all know what there getting into 50 bucks a pound is bullshit know body trims for that . Born and raised and lived

  • @ Honeydew Bridge Chump

    Please put even more crack in your pipe and continue smoking copiously.

    The Marines did come to town for decades starting in the 1980s. It was called CAMP. And, no, growers did not “move by flight” when the Marines came. In fact, more and more growers actually moved into Humboldt County up through today. So you can actually thank the Marines for bringing more growers here! In fact, many of the Marines ended up staying in Humboldt and raising families, but they changed teams…

    I know several ex-Marines here in Humboldt who not only raise livestock, but also grow lots of weed, and traffic in humans. Ok, ok, just kidding about the trafficking in humans part, but the livestock and weed part are very real… and that doesn’t account for the ex: Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coasties who all participate here too. Does that surprise your narrow minded viewpoint?

    By the way, haven’t you heard? Weed is actually legal in CA now. So relax. Enjoy the legal taxable revenue headed our way (finally!). Don’t like it? I’d recommend moving to another state where the archaic remnants of Nancy Reagan’s 35 year old failed war on drugs continues to devastate mostly poor and ethnic minorities. I hear Utah is nice this time of year. You’ll fit right in.

    1). As more evidence of how out of touch people are here in the ET, Brahm had 8 days (EIGHT DAYS!) to clean up his scene. But noooooooooooo! How does it not occur that after you get arrested for possession of whip-its that it could cause a closer look into your life? Oh yeah. Already answered that. ‘The Bubble’. Come on people…..!
    2). Now we know why they used to say, “No pie for Uncle Harry, just Cool Whip (It)!” (Who remembers that reference??? 😉 ).

    • My thoughts exactly. Get busted with cash and whippits, go home and do nothing! Do not hide the drugs, do not hide the cash, do not move the 100 pounds, do not pass go and do not collect 200 dollars. I’m a gangster!

    • He doesn’t live in a bubble he’s just incredibly stupid ….

  • Idk if whip its would trigger an investigation a lot of dumbfucks make money around here and think there invincible dude was probably drunk / high on whip it’s and talked a bunch of shit it’s called ” don’t you know who I am ” syndrome”. And they I mean the cops said fuck this guy and that’s what happens

  • What’s new in this post?

  • Great story! Getting high on Nitrous Oxide lasts about a minute, the cartridge probably lasts forever… But wait… how does one DO a whippit anyway? And let’s remember the immortal words of Henry James:
    “Hogamous higgamous, man is polygamous. Higgamous hoggamous, woman is monogamous.”

    OH and nitrous is carcinogenic, BTW. Also a leading cause of death among dentists…

    • Trimmigrants are not immigrants! They have no plans to stay, get a green card, pay taxes. It is trendy for European youth to come here, make money while visiting on a 90 day tourist visa, go home and brag. It is trendy for second generation, and carpet bag growers to hire illegals as their pot stitutes, mainly because English is their second language, and they don’t talk to locals about their employment scene. Most of my neighbors only hire illegal aliens, and laugh about it. If ICE ever came to soHum, they would be very busy…

      • Thanks for saying that. I’m seeing the same thing. Can’t blame the trimigrants for wanting to work and showing up…must put the blame on all these later-generation greed growers who don’t care about the community effects from their selfish actions. Quite a shitshow we have all encouraged here!

  • Let me tell you how much fun it is to clean up hundreds of blue metal cartridges from the pull out at the entrance to our neighborhood, as well as all along Kimtu Road. It’s one thing to want to have some “fun”, but these nitrous junkies know nothing about packing out their trash. Every “party” leaves the area trashed with cartridges, cardboard boxes, beer bottles, plastic bottles, cigarette butts, and food trash. We appreciate the consideration so much that we’re collecting license plate numbers and photos of the trash to give to the sheriff, because you’re trashing where we live, and where we live is not your secret party spot.

  • we are all losing sight of the fact that this is a young mans life, here. everyone makes mistakes. especially with the culture we are surrounded by, it isn’t hard to get caught up in things without giving a second thought. let’s not take this as a reason to attack brahm… when the greater context is the setting that has (for decades) been the region that we live in. it is unfortunate that he does not get the opportunity to privately cope with the repercussions, and i extend thoughts to him and to his family.

  • I don’t usually chime in on these sorts of discussions but I am struck by the total lack of empathy in this thread. To be clear I am not condoning this behavior. However, I think sometimes we are quick to condemn other’s actions and as a result the individual themselves as somehow less than a good person, leaving that person at odds with their community. Did he make some serious mistakes? From the above, yes, it seems so. And yet I hope he learns from those mistakes and that he and his family and friends can push through what must be dark days indeed. I say, be well and good luck.

  • Excuse me, empathic is one thing, condoning poor choices is quite another. I sincerely hope that this person can be saved through inpatient rehab and education. I was.

    Drugs are bad. Take the consequences, try to go forward. Clean up your messes, that’s what we ask, and try not to hurt anyone.

  • Haven't you observed Chimp

    Enough is enough and it’s overdue that Chimp faced The reality!

  • Wait…100 pounds of pot and entire ounces? of cocaine? And they want Whippits? Back when we called that seriously low class.
    And those girls are going to need jobs now. Hope they can make it. Im sure they are scared, and probably have nowhere to go.

  • Full of himself punk .Now he will have to get a real Job for ten bucks an hr .I suggest he gets in a program before he goes to court . How many youngsters has he turned on to cocaine ? Way more than personal use

  • He’s a good kid.i love him.we all make mistakes people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.we have all probley partied our asses off and made mistakes.he just got caught.remember cops can get you on the roads.be safe.we all learn from our mistakes.hes young but I know alot of good he’s done.who hasn’t messed up when young.thats how we learn.i think we should pray for his rehabilitation.keep your mean comments to yourself.

  • He seems like a good kid. he’s a so hum local that comes from a good family. hopefully he gets his shit together and doesn’t get caught up again.

  • He’s a arrogant little chimp…good luck brahm , I know from first hand experience you won’t last a week witht the real criminals ….just sayin….

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