[UPDATE 7:27 p.m.] Multi Vehicle Traffic Collision Blocks Southbound 101

A multi vehicle traffic collision has blocked both southbound lanes of Hwy 101 near Metropolitan Road as of about 6:45 p.m. According to the Incident Commander at the scene there are four patients but all of them are able to walk. An ambulance is on scene.

An early warning is being placed on the north side of the Van Duzen Bridge.

UPDATE 7:04 p.m.: Traffic is beginning to back up.

Accident scene by Sandi Petersen

UPDATE 7:08 p.m.:
One lane of southbound traffic has been opened.
UPDATE 7:15 p.m.: According to scanner traffic, the first patient is refusing transport but has some pain. That person’s vehicle was rearended by another vehicle. Second patient also refusing transport was in the vehicle that hit the first. It was hydroplaning and the driver was unable to stop. A third and fourth patient are also refusing treatment. Their car spun out while attempting to avoid the accident and slammed into a stopped vehicle.
UPDATE 7:27 p.m.: The road is again closed as tow trucks remove the vehicles.



  • Open to one lane now Rio Dell and Fortuna Fire and EMT on the scene.

  • Worst drivers ever in Humboldt County..not sure if it is the drugs or mentality.

  • Hope everyone involved is ok.

  • I don’t understand why 4 of them refused a check by an EMT. I get that there are 100 valid (or not so valid) reasons for not wanting to spend the night at the hospital or even just an hour and be done with it all. And maybe the only thing out of whack is the rest of their day. But when it comes to injuries, especially if there’s considerable neck, back or other pain, especially weeks later (like tingling and numbness in extremities and spine that just never seems to go away). By not getting a look at, you can lose your legal chance to make a medical claim for insurance and you just have to live with it. I know a good number of people that had very real pain issues for months or years following various accidents, but in their instant “Oh it’s no big deal” self-diagnoses, had debilitating pain from nerve damage forever that could have been treated. Or hairline fractures or eyes with damage from broken glass that they didn’t notice at first. If you get spun out on the highway and become human pin balls, at least get a once over from an EMT or an MD.

  • those ambulance rides aren’t cheap.

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