Arcata Man Arrested in Connection With the Laytonville Trimmer Homicide Case

Gary "Giggles" Fitzgerald

Gary “Giggles” Fitzgerald

A second suspect has been arrested in the homicide that occurred November 11 near the town of Laytonville. A marijuana farmer named Jeffery Settler was killed on a remote property. Multiple trimmers are sought in connection with the homicide. (See previous article,ย Trimmers Sought as Suspects in Laytonville Area Homicide, for more on those sought.)

Late last night our sister publication, the Mendocino Voice, scooped everyone with information about the arrest of Gary Fitzgerald. According to the Voice, “Fitzgerald, who was also known as ‘Giggles,’ is a 5โ€™11, 23 year old white male with an Arcata address, according to the Mendocino County Sheriffโ€™s booking log, although he was previously described as being from Roanoke, Illinois.”

For more information about the arrest, read the Mendocino Voice’s article here.

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  • Good job cops in men do .

  • Big Bubba is good people.

  • Sad story in every way. I pity y’all who find humor in any part of it

  • long live marijuana farmers!

    Its unfair to assume any of the people arrested so far are either the murderer(s) or complicit whatsoever to the murder. Law enforcement is arresting and questioning everybody who worked the scene regardless of when, and regardless of their connection to the actual suspects. Intentionally poor and lacking communication from the police feeds the lynch mob mentality. Its supposed to make you angry at them all, and fuel negativity toward “black market” marijuana growing in general.

    • “…. intentionally….” what? I really don’t think the cops have the wit to conceive of a conspiracy that deep and intricate. Yet. af

      • long live marijuana farmers!

        So how do you feel making such comments prior to knowing that the above person “giggles” has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the murder? Prison rape has already been wished upon him on this blog. Get it?

        • sharpen your pencil

          I think his involvement has yet to be proved, one way or the other. Did you take part in the murder, your personal attachment to the case is strange to say the least….

        • Honeydew Bridge Chump

          Rape is state sanctioned and a tool of control.

          Rape without a court order is criminal.

          Neo Americans thrive on rape combined with correctional departments, because it makes them feel safe.

          We haven’t seen the black guy or the chick, and if I were going to Vegas, I’d place bets on that.

          Humboldt had less crime before rap music bringing that culture into logging towns.

          After the full force of the military stops grower terrorism, the front should shift towards 20 something rap cultures and deport them to foreign countries after a trial.

          • I am not a rap music fan but rap music is not what has increased crime in the area it is the illegal aspect to the economy. It is a double edged sword because it brings a lot of money in to our area and keeps it afloat but there is danger and crime which has been escalating as the industry grows. I usually don’t feel the need to respond to most comments but I found this statement to be off base and offensive.

          • Probably a Democrat

            Dude you just sit at you’re computer trying to get rides. Get a life. Milk a goat. Chop a tree. Calm your grandkids. Get a life. Leave Humboldt

  • Ignorance is bliss

    I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure the negativity here is toward homicide. I for one am not a huge fan of murder. And if they are getting arrested, they aren’t just being questioned. Innocent until proven guilty…but seriously, when has that ever happened. People speculate until the truth comes out.

    • long live marijuana farmers!

      So how do you feel making such comments prior to knowing that the above person “giggles” has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the murder? Prison rape has already been wished upon him on this blog. Get it?

      • How do you know that he had nothing too do with this

        • long live marijuana farmers!

          the better question is, how do you know that he did? how would you want to be JUDGED ahead of any information, if only your picture was pasted on the internet regarding murder? lynch mob mentality is not healthy. it doesn’t make a healthy community. it makes for angry, reactionary curmudgeons.

          • sharpen your pencil

            Hey [edit], when you partake in illegal acticity, you bring this stiff on yourself. Arrest warrants aren’t signed simply for questioning, they do have to have some sort of connection. [edit: I repeatedly have to edit out insults to a fellow commenter. You’ve been asked to stop. From now on, I’m just deleting your entire comment. Kym]

          • yes that is another way of looking at it

          • Ignorance is bliss

            We all get judged…shit, we get judged walking down the street, driving our cars. You think a person who is arrested for murder should be awarded a special priveledge of no judgment. Bahahahahaha. It doesn’t matter if he’s innocent or not. If he gets released then everyone may take back the evil words of harm to him. If not, boohoo. If anyone know’s this blog and the way people share their thoughts…it is not for the faint of heart. Yes, you come on here and debate/argue/defend. It’s all gravy. If you have some proof of his innocence though, you may want to share it with the PD if you haven’t already. If he is guilty….well….no sympathy for what may happen.

          • Then why didn’t he turn himself in right away and tell his story?

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Still, innocent until proven otherwise. Yeah, we hate murderers, but they get their court process. If guilty we can heap scorn and hate on their rotten selves. Patience.

  • It’s good another bad person or criminal off the streets for awhile.

  • Ignorance is bliss is right. I detest that someone was murdered and had accomplices. I am not a farmer but the fact is a man lost his life over a plant that may help millions. I for one would consider it as a remedy if I became ill or terminal. These criminals would do the same if it was a different situation with cash involved. Already in their makeup including their heart. Don’t feel sorry for where they will end up. Guess that’s why I’m not a liberal.

  • Someone on here did the math that each one of these trimmers share would’ve been with the pounds missing which wasn’t very much either way he’ll have a long time to think about it whether bad things or whatever’s happening to him when he’s in prison but I’m sure he’s going to wake up every day for a long time wishing he was never born

  • ‘Innocent until proven guilty’. A quaint notion by our Founders.
    The righteous anger can be well expressed without wishing the worse on ‘suspects’. Could be you or a loved one of yours sometime…….

  • A wise man once told his son, Always be careful of where you put your pecker and who you pick as your friends. If he is guilty or not remains to be seen.

  • Giggles will no longer giggle or smile if and when he should and if he gets out!๐Ÿ˜˜

  • The hand of fate is on you now.
    The hand of fate is heavy now.

  • Hiring female crews is a good risk reduction strategy.

    • One of the people wanted over this right now is female. The majority are male but illegal money has inherent risks because of the type of person it sometimes attracts regardless of gender.

  • Two arrested but no recovery of the stolen weed.

  • We sure did get a sweet greenrush didn’t we?! What could possibly go wrong? Well by this point there is no more land to be had by the newcomers, no balloon payment schemes and everybody who has a piece- either owned or even renting from a gullible landowner- is leveraging their position into making the most they can from their workers help. But there is no more ” coming up” for the lowly workers. And I imagine that is very frustrating! See that stabbing down in Knights Valley on Thanksgiving? Another disgruntled and mentally unstable weed worker went nuts. At this point we are only attracting the riff raff and psychos for the grunt positions. Because solid people know that it is over here for newcomers and they go elsewhere. Yet in the minds of the uninformed and unintelligent our reputation still lives. And they will keep arriving.

  • The Ostrich Hunter

    American Justice: “Hope you like prison rape!”

    SMH. Those who wish harm upon people in the pursuit of law and order are a weird bunch. Hope they catch the killer(s), but the court of public opinion appears to have already reached a verdict regardless.

  • Sad, lazy, disrespectfull punks. Say what you will, defend or hate…stealing and killing you seal your fate. Sit behind bars after chasing your quick buck. Yes female crews only is a good solution to a point. Honestly, any seasoned lady trimmer I know can trim the fingers off a male compadre any day of the week.

  • Can we please stop calling drug dealers “farmers”. True farmers don’t grow illegal drugs, illegally divert rivers, illegally dump pesticides, have armed thugs guarding their illegal drugs, have vicious dogs guarding their drugs.

  • Probably a Democrat

    Always hiw you can tell when someone has never been locked up. People like you are just as much if a problem as rapistd and murderers. Judgemental and arrogant. Probably voted for Hilary

  • Hello. Jeff was my baby brother of 19 months and my best friend my entire life. I would like to address a few things. He believed in medicine. He was peaceful. He didn’t believe in weapons. He told me we would never end violence with more violence and God help me, for I know he would scold me and try to steer me a different way, but I cannot help but feel angry and wish bad things upon his murderers. They not only robbed him but they violently assaulted him repeatedly and eventually slit his throat. At what point was my brother’s life worth less than weed that he shared and gave away his whole life? 7 people could not rob him without murdering him? I now no longer have a brother. He was irreplaceable to me. I’m not trying to sugar coat anything or pretend he was something he was not. Things may not have not been perfect and maybe he deserved to get beat up. Idk. I wasn’t there. But murder is ultimately wrong. There’s no lesson or chance to become better. I loved him and I will never see him again. I grew w him for years and he didn’t dump pesticides and was very mindful of the earth. He did have a wolf but I can’t imagine it being viscous. He always told people you can teach a lion with love or hate and only one will bite you in the end. We had our grow cards and we sold to dispensaries as much as was possible. They are not exactly the easiest places to get in good with but he spent a great deal of time and money ensuring we had several dispensaries that we eventually did business with. More importantly as imperfect as my brother might have been he would never rob or murder anyone. He would share everything he had w everyone around him and he helped everyone he could. He was beautiful and now he’s gone. I could care less what happens to his murderers. They get life. They die. What difference does that make. You could punish 200 people and it still will never bring my brother back. I have forever lost the person that I’ve loved since before I had memories. The guy I hacky sacked w across the country. Saw the Olympics w and spent a month at six flags w while our dad dragged us across the country and back doing his construction jobs. I loved him and now he’s gone and nothing can change that. All I can do is scream in my head that my baby brother is gone. He’s dead.

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