Fire in Rohner Park

According to a tweet by the Fortuna Police a little after 11 a.m., Fortuna Fire and Police are both “currently on scene of a large stump fire Rohner Park.”

Video and photos provided by a reader.





  • Got a fire bug in fortuna. Lets hope the son of a b—– is caught befor this person does some real damage

  • The tweekers are trying to stay warm and dry or the arsonist is trying a new methods of burning stuff.

    • If they catch ’em, they should give them the Boy Scout merit badge for getting it to burn in this weather, along with their arson ticket.

  • Homeless encampment at top of Rohner Park road. perfect spot to shelter and have a touchy feely “warming fire”. The fire department will have a hard time putting it out because it’ll follow the roots outward. Anyway, good luck and good job.

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