[UPDATE 11:45 a.m.] Woman Is Victim of Fatal Stabbing Near Hoopa

Breaking NewsA woman has died after being stabbed. The body was located in the Hoopa area and was identified as deceased about 3:50 a.m, according to scanner reports and Lt. Ken Swithenbank of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department.

We have requested more information from the Sheriff’s Department and are attempting to gather more details.

UPDATE 11:45 a.m.: Lt. Ken Swithenback tells us that a suspect is in custody. At this time, he said, no more details are available.



  • Probably another Meth murder or at least involved with Meth. Law enforcement and the DA should target Meth. A lot more violence and murders unless the meth epidemic can be stopped ! God damn the pusher man !

  • I totally agree with homer cat I say ditto .How many more ,meth , heroin related crime s have to be committed . Before or lame ass sheriff Downey will have a light bulb moment .,and go hard on the meth labs ,and heroin pushers .hupa is so out of control the DEA needs to clean up the dope. Because clearly the sheriff’s office is unable or willing to do so .when was the last time or ever has there been a large meth bust or heroin ?it only happen s when the perp or perps screw up that the police catch them.

    • *Hoopa – obviously that minor error also insinuates your lack of knocwledge on the community,culture etc. which means your input means nothing.

  • Congratulations on your promotion Ken. Well deserved.

  • I am incredibly saddened by the increase in murders in the Hoopa area. Kids are being left without fathers and mothers. There are a lot of good people who live up on the res. There is an incredible amount of addiction and abuse up there. I hope and pray that the tribe or anyone at this point can help the people and get things turned around towards the positive

  • Drugs are misdemeanors now. It’s not necessarily a law enforcement issue, rather the mindset that people need rehabilitation vs incarnation. U can thank your fellow California voters for this mess. Why is it always the cops fault? Drugs have zero threat of incarceration so not sure why this is the fault of the police…

    • But there is a reason that people resort to drugs and it’s abuse. You can’t blame that on voters,etc. it’s an environmental and societal situation of the reservation.

  • The sherrif’s department and prosecutors in Humboldt County don’t care about Natives
    In the area. They never did and they never will. Just like John Waynes quote. You must know it so I will not repeat it. My nephew was murdered in Humboldt county and nothing has been done to investigate the homicide.

  • How do u all seem to assume it was drug related?

    • Playing the percentages not many sober people go around Stabbing other people

      • Oh yes they do. All you need to do is go back years, murders being committed before drugs where such a problem. Point being too much time being spent on why or where unless the why and where is part of the investigation. We have a seriously big problem that is out of the bad neighborhoods and spreading.

  • Was this domestic violence?how sad another poor soul lost to violence.condolences to the family.so many deaths,it just breaks my heart.

  • Of all the people on this site G-MA you are the nicest person I enjoy your comments there is a ray of sunshine in each comment thank u G-Ma.

  • I must show my children and G-babies that their is a better world out their,and they have the choice to change the world for good,ie- been ing a good soul,kind,honest,helping someone less fortunate than our selfs.weve always been givers,taking tons of kids in our home feeding them loving them it may be the small things that matter.thanks for your sweet comments I read yours as well.One thing is clear we love our home!!

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