Body Found in Blue Lake Casino Room

According to information coming across the scanner, a body has been found in a Blue Lake Casino room. The individual has been confirmed dead and the ambulance has been cancelled. The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department is on the way to the scene.

To be clear, this has not been identified as a homicide. A medical death might require law enforcement’s assistance for various reasons.



  • I guess the deceased petrson had to push the button one last time.

  • Overdose most likely. Very sad how much black is being consumed by Americans.

    • Since America is growing it’s own cannabis Mexico is concentrating it’s efforts on growing poppies. A kilo of heroin sells for $2000 in Mexico and for $50,000 in New York.

  • The Coroner is required to investigate “all violent, sudden, or unusual deaths; unattended deaths” (if deceased hasn’t been attended in the last 20 days by a doctor or RN with specific training) etc. Spelled out at great length in the California Government Code § 27491 at

    The Sheriff’s deputy at this call just now requested that the Coroner phone him, probably for the details to determine how deep of an investigation the coroner may decide will be needed, such as an autopsy or not.

    • i thought so…however a loved one, 57yo, unexpectedly blew his head off – suicided in his home in sac. he lived in sac only a few months and had been married 7 weeks, was wife’s home.
      he was not under any dr. care, hadn’t seen a dr in many months. he always suffered depression, and was an untreated, using and chronic alcoholic.

      wife came home to find him.
      she had him cremated.

      no autopsy.

      his fam & i will always wonder……

  • Just so sad this keeps happening.another lost soul.may god bless this family.

    • Come on, people, what is the point of speculating how this person died? The possibilities are endless. Living things die. Can’t you at least wait until the cause of death is known to start your worthless, insensitive, sarcastic commentary – or your hand-wringing about the demise of society? Good friggin’ grief!!


  • Prostitute drugged him..

  • Wish all involved in the hiker incident, safe passage and a good nights rest when they arrive home. Am a country guy and wouldn’t wish that situation on someone I didn’t care for. Scary and a great lesson learned. Humboldt is beautiful but can be unforgiving at times.

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