Arsonist Destroyed Equipment for Fortuna Kids, Say Police

Batting cage, arson, Fortuna

Destroyed structure [Photo by Tina Taylor]

To see how to help replace the batting cage, please go to the bottom of the story.

Press release from Fortuna Police:

On November 3, 2016 at about 12:30pm, officers responded to Rohner Park for a report of a suspicious fire.

During the course of the investigation, officers and fire personnel determined that a fire was intentionally set to the single story structure.  A fire at this same structure was also extinguished two weeks earlier. During that incident, the fire caused only minor damage.

The involved building was designed with a storage loft and was used for the storage of field equipment, netting, baseball uniforms and batting practice equipment.  The damaged is estimated to be $17,000.00.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the department at 707-725-7550 or the department’s anonymous arson Tip Hotline at 1-800-47-ARSON.

Attempts are being made to replace the loss. Already fencing has been donated and, according to the Eel River Little League’s Facebook page, “If you would like to donate, please go in to any Umpqua Bank branch and tell them [it’s for] Eel River Little League / Fortuna ASA softball donation fund.”



  • Fortuna’s becoming quite the lil terrorist town, scary

  • Wow come on insurance found out it was fraud so they wouldn’t replace it lol and this has been well posted find something else to post come on how about the vichles in the ocean out at the cove left for the oil to leak into the ocean and for the owners not to care or get help to get them out!!!!!

    • I have heard nothing about this being insurance fraud. I have tried to get information on this Shelter Cove car incident but so far nothing factual. If you know of something, please contact me at

    • amimissingsomething

      @Old News……You are such a dumb arse. FPD has proof now that it was arson. The city has 10K deductible and will have to pay for it out of the general fund. Do something positive and donate to the cause. It will help all of our youth and FPD stay after this one. One or two of the people who did this have probably told someone.

    • The vehicles were removed the day after they got stuck.

  • So disgusting that someone or someones would do such a terrible act. What are people thinking? Anyway terrible to say the least and it’s the kids who suffer most 🙁

    • @ Humanityfirst, the problem is, they don’t think, they get a wild idea such as lets go destroy something & then act on it!!!!

  • Yeah go ahead and rebuild it now so the perp can come back and finish the job and then you can ask for more donations to rebuild it again. How about catching the person or person’s doing this first?

  • Never build with wood. Replace with a green storage container(as in background). If it had been metal, all the contents would never have been harmed. Who’s idiotic idea was it to build in wood?? Now the City is paying for the poor judgment call.

  • Have they any idea who did this selfish thing?when they do,they have some work to do fixing their mess.and then never be allowed on said property again.or a sign that has the names of the guilty people for everyone to see.

  • Are there no security cameras in that area?

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