27-Year-Old Man Dies in Thanksgiving Day Crash

Davna Reynolds mugshotThis is a release from the California Highway Patrol. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On 11-24-16, at approximately 11:30 PM, a 2011 Toyota Tacoma was driving southbound on Henderson Lane, north of Foothill Boulevard, in the Covelo area of Mendocino County.  According to her own statement and admission, Davna Reynolds was driving the Toyota, with a passenger [a 27-year-old male] in the right front seat. 

For reasons still under investigation, Reynolds made a turning movement in the Toyota toward the west side of Henderson Lane and collided with a six foot tall wire fence supported by wooden posts.  A portion of the fence became dislodged from the property it was attached to and was dragged by Reynolds in the Toyota.  Reynolds came to a stop in the Toyota at a gravel driveway that was approximately 600 feet from the location of the initial collision with the fence. 

At some time during the collision, the passenger, who was seated in the right front seat, sustained a fatal injury.  Emergency personnel arrived on scene shortly after the Toyota came to a stop and pronounced the passenger as deceased on scene.

Davna Reynolds was subsequently arrested as a result of this collision and the circumstances which lead to the death of her passenger are still under investigation.  Alcohol does appear to be a factor in this collision and further details will be released by the California Highway Patrol when the investigation is complete.  The identification of the passenger is currently being withheld pending the notification of next of kin.

Remember to always designate a sober driver, especially now that the holiday season is upon us.  Buzzed driving is still drunk driving.



  • Sad.condolances to the family.

  • No excues for driving drunk. Cant stand drunk drivers. Now someone is dead. For what? Cause you decided to drive drunk.

    • Your right THERE’S NOT ONE REASON A PERSON SHOULD DRIVE DRUNK!!THESE people are selfish,and only thinking of themselfs.

    • Alcohol does not appear to be a factor.
      Lack of the ability to read may be a problem for you.

      • It says does appear to be a factor!!sorry but I can READ,thanks thou

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        It says alcohol is not suspected. How they can be that sure without a tox report is beyond me. Buzzed driving may be IMPAIRED driving but it is not drunk driving unless booze is involved. If there is serious research done on vipers vs. juicers while driving I will ride with the “viper.” Or be the driver.

        • It say DOES appear to be a factor. Other reports talk about an open container and several empties falling out of the vehicle..

      • It says DOES, not does not.

      • Alcohol does appear to be a factor

      • Alcohol does appear to be a factor in this collision and further details will be released by the California Highway Patrol when the investigation is complete. Maybe you should reread yourself.

    • [edit] It says alcohol DOES appear to be a factor. Keep brushing up on those reading skills.

  • Where’s that chump troll saying how alcohol is the Devil’s piss?

    • Honeydew Bridge Chump

      You said it for me!

      Marijuana related crashes and dui are up in all devil’s lettuce zones.

      Let us agree that lettuce kills and only a full deployment of all military branches can end the terrorism.

      • Oh yeah…that’s the answer…instant death by military firing squad for the evil cannabis herb! All hail Jeffery Sessions! We only have to kill off 20,000,000 ‘Mericans to clean this place up….right?

        • Honeydew Bridge Chump


          The terrorist growers are armed with illegal weapons and most likely would take hostages if their lettuce was threatened.

          That alone creates a stalemate for law enforcement, being outnumbered by terrorist groupings.

          The solution is one giant push to root them from their holes, but done with resources that deter their ability to take hostages in an act of desperation.

          One swoop with all of them brought to justice for their actions and terrorist groupings focused on the destruction of communties, family values, environment, and open disregard towards taxation.

          Capture all the growers, and make them pay for it.

      • Actually, opioid related traffic fatalities are down in Colorado….

        • Honeydew Bridge Chump

          But devil’s lettuce is up, also in Washington.

          Lettuce Heads shouldn’t be driving!

          I think we’re parked, man!

  • Avoid getting into a vehicle with someone who is intoxicated or impaired. The life you save may be your own.

  • under the bridge, but this is no joke I know people in Covelo who have gone through this and I remember this guy a few years back that would hang out on the honeydew bridge all the time and he went off the road and killed himself close to honeydew/petrolia, be safe everybody

  • You people are sick stuff happens in life and you know what adults are aduts that make thier own decisions. End of subject! Yes this was a bad decision, but you know SHIT happens

  • Hey NNN, It’s people like yourself that condone this behavior. You make excuses for these people whom make these CHOICES to drive under the influence. You are why this continues to happen. I will assume you drive under the influence often and therefore you find nothing wrong with it? For you to speak so lightly about a DUI causing death as in SHIT happens….I highly doubt you would feel this way if it were your mother, girlfriend, sister, daughter innocently driving home and they are struck by a DUI driver and killed!!! Would you then say “SHIT” happens??? Wake up and quit enabling this issue and the people continuing to drink and drive.

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